The Twilight Saga

This is a story about Jacob and Bella being friend but one day every thing changes. They just thought they both were gonna be friends forever but they just realized the feelings they had for each other. Then some thing goes very wrong.

Bella's pov chapter 1
I have known Jacob since I was like 6 years old. I've been going to charlie's house like almost every summer. When I would go to Charlie's for the whole the summer the only person I would play or talk to was Jake. Jake and I are really close we tell each other every thing no matter what but one day I was able to tell some thing was wrong with Jake but he wouldn't tell what was wrong. I was starting to worry about him so I went to Jake's to ask what was bothering him. When I showed up at his place no 1 was home I was wondering where he was. I just went back home and I saw that some ones car was in the parking lot. I went home to find out who's car was parked in front of the house. When I walked in the house I called my dad to see where he was at and when he answered back he said he was in the living room. My dad was in the living room with 3 other people from la push I've never seen them around la push before. My dad said that they moved here frome florida and they just came by to say hi. My dad told me there names were Sue, Leah, and Seth the teenaged girl looked about my age so I asked if she wanted to come to my room with me she said yeah sure. We went into my room and I told her about it here and the school here was kinda big and had really nice people. She had to go home like half an hour later I told her I would see her at the party they were having at la push.

Jakes pov chapter 2
I was to scared to tell Bella how I really felt about her after how many years of us being friends I think Iike her more than a friend now. I had to leave the house to think for a while I left a note for billy it said I'd be back in a bit dad I jsut got to go out and think for a little while I won't be long - Jake. I knew billy was at my friend embry's for a while so I didn't bother to go and tell him what my problem was and why I was acting so weird. Most days I would go hang out with the guys just to get my mind off of bella for a while. They noticed some times some thing was bothering me so they asked me what was wrong so I just said nothing I'm fine don't worry about it. I had to find some way to tell bella the truth I was still at the beach and I lost track of the time so I just headed back to the house before my dad would show up. No 1 was at home yet when I got there so I just ordered pizza while my dad was still gone but then I heard some one at the door and it was my dad coming from embry's. When my dad walked in he asked if I was ok and if some thing was on my mind I said ya I'm ok and nothing was on my mind but he knew I was lying and just dropped the conversation.

Bella's pov Chapter 3
I woke up the next day and went to skool for only like half a day. I could only think about why Jake was acting so strange these past 2 day's he wouldn't answer any of my calls. So I ditched 4th period and just took off from skool and I was on my way to la push to see Jake. It took me about 30 minutes to go to la push but when I finally arrived there I went to Jake's shed to see if he was in there. He was in there just sitting around it looked like something was bothering him so I opened the door and went in by Jake. He just looked up at me and smiled really big at me. I went to go sit by him and he didn't look so sad any more. He was asking what I was doing there and I told him I didn't really want to stay at skool. So I came to la push to hang out with him and we just sat there for about an hour talkin and after a while we took our Motorcycles to go out riding. We rode our motorcycles to the la push beach and we found a place to sit then it looked like he was had some thing on his mind. So I asked him after 5 minutes of silents what he was thinking about and all he said was it was nothing and he would tell me later on what it was that he was thinking about. We headed back to his place after a while and when we finally got there some of his friends were there they looked mad at Jake for a while. Jake just told them we were hanging out and nothing else like he wasn't suppose to be by me or some thing. They ened up yelling at each other after a while they were telling him that he better not have told me any thing. Jake got mad and told them to leave they told him to calm down so that he won't hurt me but he said he would never do that to me. He seemed like he calmed down after a while and said sorry after the guys left from his place. He was acting so strange after they left the house again I can tell he was thinking about some thing. I asked him what was bugging him like once again and this time he was about to tell but then I saw Leah heading to the door when I looked out the window. He was leading us to the couch when he heard the door bell he got up and left to answer it.

Jakes pov chapter 4
I didn't go to skool today cause all I could think of how I was gonna tell bella my secret and how I feel about her. The guys were tired about hearing about bella all the time. They kept telling me to tell her how I felt about her now but I was to scared to tell her cause what if she didn't feel the same way about me. I would have to figure out how I was gonna tell her the truth about how I really felt and see how she felt. I went in to the shed to think and to wait till she got out of skool. But then after a while I heard some one out side of the shed but didn't bother to see who it was. I just sat there thinking and then I heard some one come in the door but then I saw bella standing there so I said just smiled when I got up to ask what she was doing here she asked me what it is that's been bothering I told her nothing. She walked toward me and sat down next to me so we started talkin for a while but then we descided to go and ride our motorcycles for a while. We were ridding for a while but then we ended up at la push beach we a place to sit for a while. We just sat and talked for a while but it was getting kinda late so we headed back to my house. When we left on our motorcycles we arrived at my place after a while. When we got their I saw my friends in front of my place they were mad when they saw me with bella so when we got off our bikes. I walked in up to them we and sam told me that I better not have told her any thing about us being werewolves or I would have been in big trouble. I told them we were just hanging out and nothing else so they can just chill out cause she doesn't know any thing yet. We just stood there yelling at each other while bella stood behind me just watching us. After a while they left so bella asked if I was alright I told her I had to tell her some thing so we headed the couch and sat down. When I lead her there we both sat down but then I heard the door bell ring so I got up to answer it and bella just sat there waiting for me.

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i like it
Hey thanks for reading. Sorry I haven't been able to post I've been real busy with skool. I'll post when I can.
Hope you had a great holiday.
charpter 5

Leah's pov
I was just walking arond La Push when I saw a few people on the beach talking to Seth so I went over to say hi and it looked like Seth was mad that I went over there to say hi. I walked over by him and said hi to the other guys and asked who ever one was after I told them my name was Leah and I was new around La Push and just didn't really know every one here. Some boy named Embry said that he'll show me around some the places he likes to hang out at so I said ok how bout tomorrow. He said alright and he said that he would come and pick me up at like 5:00 P.M. I left a while later and headed around town and while I was heading home I saw bella heading to a house so I thought I would go and see if she wanted to hang out with me for a while so I followed her to tha house but I don't think she saw me. When I was headed there I saw some boy come out and greet her and then they headed into the house. Like 20 minutes later I was at the house and knocked on the door then some one ansered the door. When he answered the door I said hi my name is Leah and he said hi and I saw Bella on the couch just watching us. I waved to her and she waved back but then again I wanted to stay and talk to them a while but I heared my phone ring and answered it and it was Seth I had to go home.

Jakes pov

When I was just about to tell Bella the truth about how I really felt about her I heared some one at the door so I told her to wait and that I'll be rite back so she just sat on the couch waiting for me. I answered the door and some teenager was jsut standing there when I answered tha door she said hi and that her name was Leah and that she was new here she looked inside of the house and waved to Bella and it seemed like they knew each other already. Then she told me about her brother Seth but I think I already met him at the beach just before I came home to see Bella cause she said she would be over after school. After a while of talking with Leah her phone started ringing so she answered it and said sorry but she had to got home now and that she'll see us around. After she left I went back by Bella and she was asking me what I wanted to tell her and I was afraid at first to tell her so all I did was sit there and she said to just tell her the truth. But out of no where I just said I loved her and that I wanted us to be more then friends she just sat there staring at me. I couldn't take the silence any more I asked her to say some thing and she said that she had to go and think about it for a while aand she'll see me tomorrow and that she might have her answer by then. I jsut said ok and that I'll see her tomorrow and then she went out the door and I heard her take off in her truck. I really wanted to know what she was feeling and how she felt about me but I won't be able to find that out till like tomorrow. I hope she doesn't stop talking to me and that she's not mad or any thing like that I don't know what I'd do if I got her mad at me.
hey sorry it's kinda short but didn't have enough time to post any more.
Thanks I'm still working on chapter six. I need more readers can u tell ppl to check out my story pleez?
well to tell u the truth it needs a little work u added some words that dont need to be there and did not have words were they needed it. but other than that i liked it.
i love the story!!!!!!!!!! dont stop!!!!

but maybe you should but in some paragraphs so thats its easier to read
Hey guys thanks for reading my story. I've been busy with skool so I'll up dated on Friday if I have enough time.
This is just going to be in Bella’s point of view

Chapter 6

Bella’s pov

I had no idea what to say to Jake when he said “Bella I’m in LOVE with you “I didn’t really know what to say. I mean Jake and I have been best friends since we were little kids and now he’s having feelings for me. We waited there in silence for maybe a minute or two but then he finally broke the silence. He wanted to know if I felt the same way about him like he feels for me. I mean I like Jake but I kind of think I’ve been feeling the same way about him for the past 3 weeks.

I told Jake that I had to go home and cook dinner before Charlie shows goes home. Jake said ok and that he’ll see me tomorrow I said bye and gave him a hug. I told him before I left that I would have my answer tomorrow. He said ok and gave me a hug before I left. I walked to my red truck and headed home to make Charlie’s dinner before he came home.
When I was done making dinner I heard him parking out side and when he first walked in he called my name. I yelled back and said I was in the kitchen and he came in and I placed his dinner on the table and I got my food and sat at the table with him. We just sat there in silence and when we were done eating I washed our dishes.

I went to my room and just sat on my bed listening to my iPod and thinking about what I was going to tell Jake. I stayed up kind of late thinking about how I feel about Jake and what I was going to tell him. Then I just realized that I am starting to feel the same way about him I am in LOVE with Jake I never thought this would actually happen. I feel asleep like some time later and slept a long time I woke up around 1 or 2 p.m. I got up got in the shower and when I was done I got dressed and headed to La Push. When I was finally at Jake’s I knocked on the door and Billy answered the door and greeted me. He told me that Jake was out back in the shed with some friends of his. So when I went in the back I saw him and some other boys talking and they were arguing about something. I knocked and asked to talk to Jake alone for a few minutes so when I walked out side he followed me. When we were out side of the shed I told Jake that I've been thinking a lot about what he said and that I have my answer and it is......
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr that is soo mean
Hey I was just letting you guys kno that I won't be able to post till some time next week.
Thanks for reading my story and all the wonderful comments.


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