The Twilight Saga

This is a story about Jacob and Bella being friend but one day every thing changes. They just thought they both were gonna be friends forever but they just realized the feelings they had for each other. Then some thing goes very wrong.

Bella's pov chapter 1
I have known Jacob since I was like 6 years old. I've been going to charlie's house like almost every summer. When I would go to Charlie's for the whole the summer the only person I would play or talk to was Jake. Jake and I are really close we tell each other every thing no matter what but one day I was able to tell some thing was wrong with Jake but he wouldn't tell what was wrong. I was starting to worry about him so I went to Jake's to ask what was bothering him. When I showed up at his place no 1 was home I was wondering where he was. I just went back home and I saw that some ones car was in the parking lot. I went home to find out who's car was parked in front of the house. When I walked in the house I called my dad to see where he was at and when he answered back he said he was in the living room. My dad was in the living room with 3 other people from la push I've never seen them around la push before. My dad said that they moved here frome florida and they just came by to say hi. My dad told me there names were Sue, Leah, and Seth the teenaged girl looked about my age so I asked if she wanted to come to my room with me she said yeah sure. We went into my room and I told her about it here and the school here was kinda big and had really nice people. She had to go home like half an hour later I told her I would see her at the party they were having at la push.

Jakes pov chapter 2
I was to scared to tell Bella how I really felt about her after how many years of us being friends I think Iike her more than a friend now. I had to leave the house to think for a while I left a note for billy it said I'd be back in a bit dad I jsut got to go out and think for a little while I won't be long - Jake. I knew billy was at my friend embry's for a while so I didn't bother to go and tell him what my problem was and why I was acting so weird. Most days I would go hang out with the guys just to get my mind off of bella for a while. They noticed some times some thing was bothering me so they asked me what was wrong so I just said nothing I'm fine don't worry about it. I had to find some way to tell bella the truth I was still at the beach and I lost track of the time so I just headed back to the house before my dad would show up. No 1 was at home yet when I got there so I just ordered pizza while my dad was still gone but then I heard some one at the door and it was my dad coming from embry's. When my dad walked in he asked if I was ok and if some thing was on my mind I said ya I'm ok and nothing was on my mind but he knew I was lying and just dropped the conversation.

Bella's pov Chapter 3
I woke up the next day and went to skool for only like half a day. I could only think about why Jake was acting so strange these past 2 day's he wouldn't answer any of my calls. So I ditched 4th period and just took off from skool and I was on my way to la push to see Jake. It took me about 30 minutes to go to la push but when I finally arrived there I went to Jake's shed to see if he was in there. He was in there just sitting around it looked like something was bothering him so I opened the door and went in by Jake. He just looked up at me and smiled really big at me. I went to go sit by him and he didn't look so sad any more. He was asking what I was doing there and I told him I didn't really want to stay at skool. So I came to la push to hang out with him and we just sat there for about an hour talkin and after a while we took our Motorcycles to go out riding. We rode our motorcycles to the la push beach and we found a place to sit then it looked like he was had some thing on his mind. So I asked him after 5 minutes of silents what he was thinking about and all he said was it was nothing and he would tell me later on what it was that he was thinking about. We headed back to his place after a while and when we finally got there some of his friends were there they looked mad at Jake for a while. Jake just told them we were hanging out and nothing else like he wasn't suppose to be by me or some thing. They ened up yelling at each other after a while they were telling him that he better not have told me any thing. Jake got mad and told them to leave they told him to calm down so that he won't hurt me but he said he would never do that to me. He seemed like he calmed down after a while and said sorry after the guys left from his place. He was acting so strange after they left the house again I can tell he was thinking about some thing. I asked him what was bugging him like once again and this time he was about to tell but then I saw Leah heading to the door when I looked out the window. He was leading us to the couch when he heard the door bell he got up and left to answer it.

Jakes pov chapter 4
I didn't go to skool today cause all I could think of how I was gonna tell bella my secret and how I feel about her. The guys were tired about hearing about bella all the time. They kept telling me to tell her how I felt about her now but I was to scared to tell her cause what if she didn't feel the same way about me. I would have to figure out how I was gonna tell her the truth about how I really felt and see how she felt. I went in to the shed to think and to wait till she got out of skool. But then after a while I heard some one out side of the shed but didn't bother to see who it was. I just sat there thinking and then I heard some one come in the door but then I saw bella standing there so I said just smiled when I got up to ask what she was doing here she asked me what it is that's been bothering I told her nothing. She walked toward me and sat down next to me so we started talkin for a while but then we descided to go and ride our motorcycles for a while. We were ridding for a while but then we ended up at la push beach we a place to sit for a while. We just sat and talked for a while but it was getting kinda late so we headed back to my house. When we left on our motorcycles we arrived at my place after a while. When we got their I saw my friends in front of my place they were mad when they saw me with bella so when we got off our bikes. I walked in up to them we and sam told me that I better not have told her any thing about us being werewolves or I would have been in big trouble. I told them we were just hanging out and nothing else so they can just chill out cause she doesn't know any thing yet. We just stood there yelling at each other while bella stood behind me just watching us. After a while they left so bella asked if I was alright I told her I had to tell her some thing so we headed the couch and sat down. When I lead her there we both sat down but then I heard the door bell ring so I got up to answer it and bella just sat there waiting for me.

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Chapter 7

Jake’s pov

I was still waiting for Bella to come over so I called Jared, Quil, Embry and Paul to hangout with for a while. They all said yeah that they wanted to hangout wit for a while so we I waited for them to show up. They all brought different game systems for us to play with I got the PS3 and we all played call of duty 4. When 1 team lost we all got into an argument then we just stood there glaring at each other for a long time. I didn’t even notice that Bella was at the door waiting for me. She asked to talk to me alone so I just stayed silent the whole time and just followed her out side not saying and thing to each other. The next thing I knew was that she was smiling at me and she looked kind of nervous and she took a deep breath in and she said “Jake I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said the other nite.” and that well I have my answer an that it is I love you too Jake.

I was really happy when I heard her say that she loves me too I didn’t know what I was thinking I just bent down and kissed her but then I noticed that she kissed me back too. Then when we finally pulled a way from each other we were both out of breath and just smiled at each other. When I heard Paul call out my name real loud I turned around and he said that they were gonna head to the beach now and he’ll see us later. I just shook my head ok and Bella and I went into the house and watched movies for a while.

Bella’s pov

After I told Jake how I really felt about him we kissed for a while but when we pulled a way we were both out of breath and just smiled at each other until I heard Paul call his name. He told Jake that he would meet us at the beach later I looked at Jake and he just shook his head yeah to Paul. We headed to Jake’s house when all of the boys left and we watched movies for a while but when they were finally over. Jake and I headed down to the beach and we saw the guys there with Seth. When Seth saw me he waved so I waved back but when Jake saw him wave at me he looked a bit jealous. I just told him that Seth and I just met like a few days ago when they first moved here. When I reassured him he didn’t seem that jealous any more he calmed down a bit. I felt eyes on me and when I turned around I noticed that everyone was staring at me and I started to blush and hid my face in Jake’s chest. They were laughing when they saw me blush and hide away from them cause I didn’t want them to see my face.

After about 2 hrs I told Jake that I had to head home and cook Charlie’s dinner for him. I said bye and that I would see him tomorrow and he said ok and gave me a quick hug and kiss good bye. When I got home Charlie was on the couch watch the game and he heard me come in and said that he ordered pizza I told him that I could of cooked dinner for him. He told me it was ok and that I needed a brake from cooking cause I cook every day for him. So I just grabbed a piece of pizza and ate it before I went to go talk to Charlie when the game was over I asked to talk to him for a while and he said yeah. I wanted to talk to him about Jake and I and see how he felt about me dating Jake and if it was ok.

Chapter 8
Charlie’s pov

Since that day Bella came back from Jake’s she’s been acting weird. She hasn’t talked about him since she came back from visiting him like just a few days ago. Bella just hasn’t been her self since she talked to Jake. I was starting to worry about her cause she wouldn’t really talk or even eat. I was gonna ask her what was up? But she said that she had to go to Jake’s and talk to him really quick.

I said ok and she took off to Jake’s to talk to him about something. After Bells left I went to go and see what was on TV I waited for Bells to come home for about and hour. I was starting to wonder what was taken Bella a long time to come home. When I got up I got a call from the office they said that it was an emergency. So I left the house and headed to the police station to see what was going on. When I arrived at the police station I saw someone that I thought I would never see again. I walked up to him and I asked to him and I asked why he was back in town? He just kept looking at me and then he said he was here for Bella. I was standing there in shock I also felt mad, and sad at the same time. He was still looking at me for my reaction and then he said can I take my sister with me?

I just told him that she doesn’t know about him and that he should come home and tell her who he is. He shook his head ok and got in the car with me I told the guys that I would take care of him and they didn’t have to worry. We got in the car and headed on our way home. The drive was silent he didn’t talk at all then I finally asked him why he wants to take Bella away from me? He looked at me and he said cause she shouldn’t be living this kind of life. After he said that we were finally in front of the house, I noticed Bella wasn’t home yet.

So once I parked the cruiser in front I told him to go and wait in his old room till Bella came back home. Once he went up stairs I went in the living room to wait for Bella to come home from Jake’s. I turned on the TV but wasn’t paying attention to what was on after a while I heard the door open and heard Bella call my name. I yelled back and said that I was in the living room she said ok and that she had to tell me something. She came by me and looked nervous she was playing around with her hands then she said “how would I feel if she started dating?” I just looked at her and asked who the boy was the she liked she said something but it was to quiet for me to here. So I said what did she say cause I couldn’t here her the first time she said it so she said it louder this time she said Jacob Black. When she said that she liked JACOB BLACK I was so mad that I yelled YOU LIKE JACOB BLACK!!!!!!!!

I knew I shouldn’t have yelled at her but I lost control she looked at and went running out of the living room and went up stairs. I felt bad for yelling at my only daughter and hurting her feelings I guess that’s what he meant when he said “She shouldn’t be living this kind of life” I was starting to think he was right. I heading up stairs to apologize to Bella but when I knocked on her door there was no answer. So I just walked in the room and saw him holding her I was so mad I yelled and said YOU GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF MY DAUGHTER!!!!! When I said that Bella looked at me she looked scared of me.
Chapter 9
Bella’s pov

I was heading home after a I went back to Jake’s and told him what if Charlie got mad when I told him that I was dating. Jake was so sure that Charlie would never get mad at me I started to believe him so I headed back home after talking with Jake. Jake would always know how to make me happy when ever I was sad or even nervous that’s why I would always go to him when ever I was nervous or sad.

I finally arrived home after a while and saw that my dad was back from work or where ever it was that he took off to. I parked my car and went inside and called to see where Charlie was at I yelled dad where are you and he yelled back and said he was in the living room. So I went in the living room by him and sat down and started to play with my hands not looking at him and said “dad how would you feel if I started dating” and he looked at me and asked who the boy was? I said really quiet Jacob Black but my dad didn’t here me. So he asked me to say it again so I said it louder this time and said Jacob Black.

After I told my dad that I like Jacob he looked at me and yelled “YOU LIKE JACOB BLACK?” I just sat there and said yeah but I knew that he was mad. I felt sad cause of my dad yelled at me so I got up from the couch and ran up stairs to my room and closed the door and sat on my bed crying. I sat there for a while and just cried and I heard someone come in but I didn’t even bother to look up and see who it was I just felt their arm go around my shoulder so I just cried in to there chest but they didn’t seem to care.

I was still crying but he didn’t care he just held me till I was calmed down. Then I heard knocking at my door but didn’t wanna answer it and they knocked again but they just walked in. I already knew it was my dad at the door so I heard him let him self in to my room and I hear him yell “YOU GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF MY DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!
When he yelled I was scared I just looked at my dad but I can tell that he saw that he scared me now I have never seen him act this way before. I was even scared to look at him now he has never acted so mad before.

When I finally looked up I saw the person who was holding me for the first time and he looked kinda like me. I was shocked he finally looked down at me and said hi Isabella I’m your older brother. I looked at my dad then back at him. I told that my parents said that my brother died long time ago. He looked sad when I said that I looked at my dad and asked him why he lied to me? He just looked at me and he was about to say something but he decided not to. He looked down and said he never me to find out that my brother was alive. I got mad and said I THINK I HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHO MY OWN BROTHER IS AN THAT HE’S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the first I ever yelled at my dad.

After what just happened I was so mad I took off from the house an stayed over at a friends place in La Push. They asked me what happened and I told them the whole story about my brother coming back and my dad telling me that he was dead all these years. I started crying after telling them the story and well I guess I must have fallen asleep.

When I woke up I decided to go to Jake’s place and tell him what happened. When I finally arrived at Jake’s his dad Billy answered the door and told me that he wasn’t home. So I just said ok and to tell Jake that I really need to talk to him cause it’s important. I left after I told Billy to give Jake my message he said ok. So I headed back to Leah’s house she was such a great friend for letting me stay over last nite she listened to me after I told her every thing that happened yesterday.
:D really good!
Thanks for reading my story guys and I'm still working on the next chapter so it might take a while
I love it!!! i wish i could read more though


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