The Twilight Saga

Chapter one
                                                Take my breath away

    The light was slowly creeping in through my window. I had been up for a total of 30 minutes.

 I heard jake enter the front door around 6:00. He and my parents were down stairs talking. I slowly

got out of bed. I slipped on my black ripped skinny jeans, and blue tank top and my blue converses. I

headed down stairs. My hair was in a messy bun. Jake smiled as soon as i came down stairs.

    " Look what the lock ness dragged in. " Uncle Emmett teased from the couch.
    "Shud up" was the only thing i could think of this early.

Aunt Alice was looking at me disapprovingly. It was probably my clothes. I headed to the door, school

was starting today and i need to hunt.
    "Where are you going?" my dad said.


I ran out the door and headed into the woods. There was a clearing of elk by the bay. I took down a

large one. once my stomach was full and gushed full of blood. I sat on a

big rock out by the bay. I say to large masses moving across the bay. Were they bears fighting??

That's when it hit me, it was Seth and Leah. Seth must have said something wrong again. It seemed

like Leah had been getting frustrated with me a lot since i turned 17. I wonder why. I felt something

warm touch my shoulder. I jumped. Jake chuckled. I smaked his arm.

    "Dont scare me"

    "Sorry honey" It set butterflies in my stomach for some reason when he said that. Oh well i guess

    "Why are you watching Seth and Leah fight"
    "Its comforting"

    "sure sure" Jake said. I looked at him he looked frustrated.
    "what are you doing here" He looked hurt when i said that

    "Do you want me to leave"

    "no i meant why are you out here, i thought you were talking to mom and dad."

    "Oh i came to hang out with you."

    "Oh ok"

Finally Leah though Seth into the lake , and saw us watching her. Shes barked a laugh.

    "I'm going to head home, gotta get ready for school. you ready?"

    "Yeah i just gotta get the clothes Alice bought me."
    "OK see you at the car."

    " Sure sure" was his normal reply it sounded like he said something else but i just ignored it.  

                                          Chapter 2
                        Meeting those big green eyes

    The Volvo was quiet as me and Jake drove to school. Mom was in collage dad worked as a doctor

with grandpa. School was going to be boring, Ive already learned anything these mortals could

possibly teach me. Yet somehome i was still egar to have my first day.

Jake was going, so was Seth and Leah. Uncle Emmett and aunt Alice were going to just in case. We

pulled into the parking lot. Humans stared of course, who were theses strangers. It was 3 weeks into

the semester. We started walking into

the school. Jake had third and forth period with me. uncle Emmett had first. The rest i had to my self.

We all had lunch together. The bell rang i gave Jake and Alice a hug

while the rest of us went to class. Uncle Emmett sat by me.

    "Nessie, can we wrestle after school"
    "You know that's not going to please mom"
    "I'll handle Bella"
    " Moms beaten you how many times and you've still lost" I giggled. Suddenly a tall brown hair boy

with bright green eyes walked in. He looked down at me and winked. I giggled again.

    "your blushing" I hit his arm.

    "I am not."

Class started and we all had to write a paper about our self's. I wrote about Jake my

best friend, the books i love to read, my parents my friends.

Although i couldn't mention that they were werewolf's and vampires. I turned in my paper before

anybody else, and so did Emmett.

    "so what are you doing after school"
    "Nothing why"

    "Oh no reason just wondering"

I rolled my eyes. The bell rang for second period. I picked my bag up and headed to calcules. I sat in the back row, I was doodling on a piece of paper when i heard the

chair pull out next to me.

    "Hey" I heard a soothing voice

    "Um hi" i said looking in to bright green beautiful eyes.

    "My names Michael" He smiled
    " I'm Renesmee, nice to meet you."
    "Pleasures all mine renesmee" He said my name so perfect.

Our teacher walked in and gave us a work sheet we had to work on together. His blood smelled off

a little. I wasn't understanding it, but i decided it was a good thing it was off.  

    "Do you want to hang out this weekend" He looked hopeful

    "Sure, what are we going to do?"

    "We can hang out at your place or go to the movies."

    "Movies would be cool."

    "cool its a date" the bell rang he winked

Jake was at the door, ready to walk me to lunch.

    "Boyfriend??" he asked

    "No its my best friend Jake" I replied.

    " Oh well see you tomorrow"
I got to the door Jake smiled, we got to the cafeteria to fine Emmett,Seth, Leah, and aunt Alice

waiting in the corner of a room for us.

    " Nessie you have a date???"

Everybody stared at me. I started to blush

    "Kinda" Leah frowned at me. Ive gotta talk to her about that. Jake looked sad. what was that about.

    "can i get you dressed for it?" she asked hopeful

    "Um if you don't go over the top i guess" She was excited

The rest of the day went by fast, Jake was quiet in biology and in civics. I wonder what got into him.

Hes been acting all different since my 16th birthday party and then on my 17th he got even stranger.

Ugh boys i thought to my self. We pulled up in the driveway. Mom was at my door instantly.

    "So who's the date?"
    "Alice" i groaned to my self. Mom gave a im sorry look to Jake. Seriously is there something i

don't know. Dad was by mom in the same second.

    "His name is Michael."  

    "Whens he meeting you?"

    "Saturday at noon"

    "Im going to lay down im super tired." I gave Jake a hug and then headed up stairs.

Edwards P.O.V

    Nessie gave Jake a hug and headed up stairs for bed.
        "She knows something is up Jacob."

        "She doesn't know you like her, and she still doesn't know your her imprint, but she can tell

you've been acting different"

        "What should i do?"

I thought about it, I want nessie to have a choice, but i dont want her with anyone else.

    "Well, i think you should wait"  

    " I dont know man."    
    "do you want my daughter or not?"
    "Of course i do but..what if she doesnt feel the same."

My wife came up behind him. She hugged him and whispered in his ear.
    " I promise you jake, shell love you."

    "How do you know." He whimpered.
    "If imprinting is anything like the love i have for edward then Im 100 % positive she will love you."

    "Sure." was all he could say not even his usually playfull sure sure.

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Post more soon!!
really really good i agree jake and nessie need to just get together as a couple already micheals an idiot. post more soon plz.
plz rite more plz i like a lot
update soon!!!!!!! this is so good
Dear Nessie,
Be back soon, had to go wolf for an hour.
Be careful, and keep Leah busy please.
Love Jake

Huh.. i wonder why i have to keep her busy. I walked down stairs. Leah was pacing.

"hey Leah,whats up?"

"The counsel is determining weather the newest member of the pack will be with Jake or Sam today."

" Oh cool , why is this important."

" Hes my imprint." she exploded.


"Yeah , its where a wolf meets there soul mate, its like your made for that person and can never be apart from them."




"why have you been upset with me lately"

"Oh sorry about that, its just.. well..."

"come on you can tell me anything."

"Your so blind!"


"haven't you notice how Jake looks at you Nessie?"


"well you should, the boy is practically in love with you, don't tell him i said that tho because hell rip me in two."

" ok i wont" i laughed.

We sat there for hours talking about girl stuff, the new guy coming in his name was levi.

They met in the woods. I told her about what happen with Micheal ,and how i felt about Jake.

"That's great."

"yeah keep it to your self tho."


"I Dont think hes going to feel the same way, im not that pretty. Practically ordinary. "

"you are anything but ordinary honey"


"There's no point in pursuing him anyways, he'll imprint sooner or later then ill just be another person in his life"

"that's not true, im sure things will work out." It sounded like a double meaning but suddenly

Jake came through the door at that second followed by a tall dark, bronze hair guy

"he's in"

"yes!" she jumped up.

He picked her up and swung her around. My house was full of werewolf's. embry came over and through me over

his shoulder.

"I got a sack of potatoes"

"hey!!! Are you calling me fat."

" no never" he said while laughing. He dropped me.

"yall want to go to the beach for a bond fire party tonight,its to celebrate Levi's joining us?" Quil asked.

"Sure" everyone said at the same time. I walked over to jake and intertwined our figures.

My parents came walking through the door, my moms eyes went straight to me and jakes hands. I slightly

shook my head no, and she pouted. I asked if i could go and of

course they said yes.

I went up stairs to get my swimsuite, and other things. I was in my closet trying to pick a swim suite, i ended

up with my rainbow bikini . I started to shove things back in

my dresser draw when i found my old baby books. I was looking through them, when i noticed something Jake

was in all of the pictures. It hit me then, what Leah was

saying about imprinting. That you could never be away from the love of your life. Wow, he really did love me. I

heard someone coming up the stairs i quickly shoved the

books in the closet. Jake was suddenly wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Hello beautiful"


"ready to go?"

"Sure sure" he smiled down at me.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, and slowly started to get closer to his lips, My bottom lips was a

centimeter from being between his lips, when suddenly, Seth came

bounding in the room.

"ready to go."

"Yeah Seth were coming." Jake growled

My face was red.My dad chuckled at jakes expression as we were leaving the house. We got in the car, seth

was bouncing up and down.

"calm Seth" I said

"but i get to see her today"


"My imprint, Katie"

"Ohhhh. gotcha"

Jake threw him a what the heck look.Jake's hand was in a fist on his seat. I laid my hand on it. He looked over

at me. I looked the other direction.

We reached the beach to find that everybody was already having fun.

There was a bonfire already starting, and some people in the water.

Jake got out stuff out of the trunk and we walked on to the beach, I stripped down to my bikini. Jake picked me

up and ran me into the ocean.

He yanked me under water. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. We rose to the


"I love you Nessie"

"I love you to Jake." He smiled. we swam back to shore. We laid out our towels and laid on the. We were

not 100% alone but mostly alone.


"yea Jake"

"You know about imprinting right"


"Well i wanted to let you know that, well.."


"Oh alright im just going to come out in say it, i imprinted on you."

"I know"

"Jeez you don't have to yells i was just sa..." I pressed my hand to his tell him to stop.

"I know Jake."

"How did you find out??"

"I found out on my own."


He laid back on his back now deep in thought now that he was taken off guard. I leaned over to him, He kissed

my fore head, i kissed the tip of him nose, he kissed the tip of mine and pressed my lips to his.

He kissed me back. Out lips fit perfectly together our tongues moved around each other at the same time.

We pulled apart, he smiled at me. He looked confused for a minute, then suddenly. he pulled me up.

We started walking to a spot on the beach were there was no one around it looked

kinda like a cover but full of sand. I stared out at the ocean. When i turned Jake was staring at me.

"what" i giggled

"renesmee" Oh no he used my full name somethings up

"yeah Jake."

He got down on one knee. My little heart was about to hit combustion. He had a ring case in his hand.

"Renesmee Cullen, I promise to love you everyday,I promise to keep you out of harms way, i promise to

never leave you, i promise your the only one that could have hold over my heart, will you except my promise


My mouth was just hanging open, it wasnt a proposal but it was a promise that someday we might.

"yes Jacob black i will." He slide a diamond ring on my right hand.

we spent the rest of the night, laying on the beach, talking kissing, he asked me to be his girlfriend just to varify

, i said no he looked hurt and i kissed him and said im

much more than that, he brightened up at that. Last thing i remember was laying on jakes chest, talking.
post more soon
omg!!! is so ahh I <3 it!!!!!
awww i loved it please post more soon!
This is awesome...can u update me...the ring is beautiful!...:)
update soon
i love it i cant wait for the next update


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