The Twilight Saga

Summary: Bella and Edward have been friends for awhile now. They are like best friends. There is a secret though that no one knows. Bella has a crush on Edward. Bella doesn't know if Edward likes her back though and is afraid to ask him out. She really likes him but, will he ever find out or will he find another girl to take her place? ALL HUMAN

Should I write this???

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Playlist for story (just to name a few)

Baby (Feat. Ludacris)- Justin Bieber
That Should Be Me- Justin Bieber
Come and Save Me-Gloriana
Teardrops On My Gutiar- Taylor Swift
Today Was A Fairytale- Taylor Swift
First Dance (feat. Usher)

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this sounds really good! :D
please post more soon!
omg!!! this is so amazing cant wait for more!!!!!!!
i love it
write more
I love it
update soon
Anna needs to be scared by vampires and werewolves!!!!!!!!!!! and keep me updated.
Oh my goodness Im sorry! This is an all human story! I knew I thought there was something I didn't put up! I'm sorry if you thought this was a vampire/werewolf story. It's an all human story.
this is nice!!!! i love it!!!! Anna should learn her lesson for treating Bella that way..
more. O_O
Chapter 2

Edward’s POV

I couldn’t believe Anna. I have my best friend crying on me because of her. Why didn’t I see this coming? I’m so stupid. I should’ve been able to stop this before. Bella stopped crying and I drove her to her house. I walked her up to the door. She had a few cuts on her face.
“You don’t have to come in with me.” She said.
“Yes I do.” I said “You’re not getting in trouble over something I started.”
“You didn’t start this. Anna did.” Bella said. “Don’t do this to yourself.”
“I just sat there and watched my best friend in the world get hurt and cry for a half hour. Don’t expect me not to do something about it.” I concluded. “Now let’s go in and explain everything to Charlie.”
Bella shook her head and opened the door. Charlie was sitting on the couch watching TV. Most likely a football game. He could find one at any time of day.
“Hi dad.” Bella said.
“Hey Bells how-“Charlie looked up and saw she had cuts on her face. He got up and ran over to her. “Bella! What happened? Are you okay?!”
“I’m…I’m…fine….for right now…I got into a fight at school…I have detention for the next month.” Bella said crying. I hated seeing her cry.
“You got detention?! The other person got you detention! Who was this other person?” Charlie went on a rant.
“Charlie, Charlie please hold on a minute.” I said “”I started it.”
“You guys fought!” Charlie screamed.
“No, never!” I said “She fought Anna. I didn’t know that there was so much hatred between them. I could’ve stopped it before it happened. I didn’t know anything would happen though. I’m so sorry it had to happen this way. It’s my fault though. Don’t blame Bella for anything!”
“I guess…I won’t…”Charlie said “But, if it ever happens again Bella….you will be grounded for 3 months.”
“Thank you dad.” Bella said. “Can I go over Edward’s? Emmett wants to have a video game contest.”
“Sure, be home by 8.” He said.
“Okay dad. Bye.” Be waved. We walked out the door to my car and went to my house. While they were setting up the video games I went to my room to call Anna.
“Hey babe!” She answered. I hated when she did that. “Is Bella is crying? At least you thought I was more important and talked to me.”
“You’re not more important and Bella stopped crying about a half hour ago. Bella is more important than you. That’s why I’m breaking up with you. No one talks to my best friend like that.” I said.
“Wait, what? You are breaking up with me? Over Bella!” Anna screamed.
“Yes, I am.” I said “Find a new date to homecoming.”
“Ha! Any guy would go with me.” Anna said.
“Okay, good luck with that.” I said.
“Wait, you’re not breaking up with me for Bella….are you?” Anna asked.
“No! For the last time we are just friends!” I explained.
“Yeah whatever. I always knew you were cheating on me with her….good bye Cullen.” Anna said. She hung up before I could answer. Did people really think we were dating? We weren’t dating. Bella and I were just best friends.

Bella POV (about 2 weeks later)

Most of the scars and cuts went away. The detention wasn’t as bad as I thought. They kept Anna and me in separate rooms though. I also got my seat changed in physics. Edward got a new girlfriend who I liked. Edward taught me how to dance. When I was in his arms, I felt like I was supposed to be there. We danced to Come and Save Me by Gloriana.
"You're a great dancer." Edward said "I didn't know you could dance so good."
"You too." I said.
Edward's girlsfriends' name was Amber. She was really nice. I went dress shopping with Rose and Alice for homecoming dresses. I got a knee length, mint green, strapless dress with silver heels. Then, John came to the house to pick me up. We met Alice, Rose, Emmett, Jasper and Edward at the dance. Edward didn’t have a date, he just came with us. Edward and I danced to Baby by Justin Bieber. Then, a slow song came on. It was awkward going to dance with John even though I liked Edward. We danced to Your Call by Secondhand Serenade. After we danced I looked around and couldn’t find Edward.
“Hey, do you guys know where Edward went?” I asked the gang.
“He’s over there.” Rose pointed. He was dancing with Amber.
“Oh…..okay….”I said.
The dance ended and I was waiting for Edward. He was talking to Amber. Her friends her driving her home. Edward finally came to the car.
“Did you have a nice night?” Edward asked.
I took a deep breath adn sucked it up. "Yes." I said "It was fun." Even though I really wanted to say. "No, because I wish I was Amber..."
OOHH FIRST! aww poor bella! can edward just put it in his head that he likes bella already???


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