The Twilight Saga

Summary: Bella and Edward have been friends for awhile now. They are like best friends. There is a secret though that no one knows. Bella has a crush on Edward. Bella doesn't know if Edward likes her back though and is afraid to ask him out. She really likes him but, will he ever find out or will he find another girl to take her place? ALL HUMAN

Should I write this???

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Continuee sounds good but Advice, give it a twist, something surprising cause I have seen lots of FF with simmilar plotlines, so it would catch more people's attention
Good Luck and update me, Ill add you!
write it
You are such a great author!
Hi Brianna, I like the idea but as EinuCullen (EddieLover) says there are a few stories like that so you will have to be very careful if you want to be unique and original, I know you can do it, it will just take some time, i still like the idea, just give a surprising twist and it'll be great.
please write it!!!!! it sounds really awesome!!!!!
Chapter 1 (Part 1)

Bella POV

It was the first day of senior year. Finally, the day has come! One more year of high school. My friends and I have been waiting for this since elementary school. My friends were Alice, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper and Edward. Alice Emmett and Edward were related. Jasper and Rosalie were twins. Jasper and Alice are dating and Emmett and Rose are dating. Edward is my best friend. Everyone thinks we should date but, I don’t have the guts to ask him. I have liked him since 5th grade.
Let me explain the story on how we all met. We were on the playground in second grade. There was this kid, James, who pushed me on the ground because I was sitting at the big tree reading. I didn’t have any friends. He pushed me and a little boy named Edward came over and yelled at him them told the teacher. He got time out for it.
“Do you want to play in the sandbox with me and my brothers and sisters and friends?” Edward asked me. “My name is Edward Cullen. What’s yours?”
“Okay, I’ll play with you and my name is Isabella Swan but, I don’t like that name. I want people to call me Bella so, call me that.” I said to him.
“Okay Bella. Come on and play with us then.” Edward said. He grabbed my hand and we went to the sandbox. Since that day at the sandbox we have been best friends. All of us have been.
that was sooo cute
anyways more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
i love it.
post more soon!
aaahhhwwwwwwww i love it!!!! more soon please!!!!!
Awwwwwww!!!! plzzz post more soon thats so sweet!!!:D
Chapter 1 (Part 2)

I went outside to meet Edward at his car. He drove me to school every day. I was wearing a purple shirt, black jeans and a black vest. It was my favorite outfit. Edward was wearing a black button up shirt and faded grey jeans.
“Good morning sunshine!” Edward sang.
“You’re so funny….” I said sarcastically. Edward knew I was not a morning person.
When we got in the car Walking On Sunshine was playing.
“We think we are funny this morning now don’t we?” I asked. “Remember, I’m the master of revenge. Don’t mess with me.”
“I am funny.” Edward said “And you know it.”
I smiled “Only sometimes. But, at least my form of revenge isn’t stealing someone’s crayons.”
“I can’t believe you still remember that…” Edward said “At least I didn’t spend my second grade year, well half of it, reading Green Eggs And Ham on the playground.”
“Well, if I didn’t do that, we wouldn’t be friends today.” I said.
“Friends?!” Edward exclaimed “That’s it?! Just friends! I went semi formal shopping with you in the 8th grade and we are just friends? I think I’m more like a best friend.”
I laughed. “I’m sorry Eddikins you are my best friend.”
“Thank you Bellekins!” Edward said.
By this time we got to the school. Edward opened my door and put his arm around my shoulder. This was normal for us. Everyone wondered if we were dating but, we weren’t Edward was taken by Anna, His girlfriend. I hated her so much. She was jealous of how much Edward cared about me. Rose and Alice didn’t like her either.
“Hey, hey, hey senior year baby! Let me hear you cheer!” Emmett said.
“Um Emmett…” I said “No one is cheering.”
“You’re alone on this one dude.” Edward said.
“You guys are boring. I need new friends.” Emmett said.
“Boring? You are calling me boring? Video game contest after school, your house.” I said.
“You’re on!” Emmett said “Everyone better come.”
“Okay guys come on” Jasper said “Let’s go to class. Senior year here we come.”
By time lunch we were all exhausted.
“Who knew senior year would be so much work!” Rose said.
“I don’t know but, you’re lucky you’re not in English with Edward and I….the notes we took….so many…words!” I said.
“That was terrible.” Edward said.
We went into the lunch line and Edward and I started talking.
“What do you have next?” Edward asked.
“Gym and physics.” I answered.” How about you?”
“Gym and calculus.” He said. “Gym will be fun this year.”
“Physics won’t be. Calculus is terrible. I already had it.” I said.
“Are you doing track this year?” Edward asked.
“I don’t know. Probably because I’m supposed to be the captain.” I said “How about you? Are you doing football?”
“Yeah. It’s my last year here. Why not?” Edward said.
“That’s pretty much how I’m thinking.” I said.
We got our lunches and went to our lunch table.
“Oh Edward!” Anna called “Come sit with us!”
“Anna calls.” Edward said “See you in gym.”
“Okay.” I said. He gave me a hug and I could see Anna was mad.
I went to the lunch table with Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rose.
“Mrs. Princess over there looks mad about that little embrace over there Bella…watch out.” Emmett said.
I laughed. “She would be out before I got a foot near her.”
“True.” Emmett said.
“Why don’t you guys date again?” Alice asked.
“Because we are just friends!” I said.
The truth is that I really do like Edward. I like him more than a friend. I have always had a crush on him. He’s so nice to me. I never have had the guts to tell him though. I don’t want anyone else to know either. I turned and looked at Edward and Anna. Edward waved to me. Anna saw and gave me a sly smile and kissed him. I rolled my eyes and turned around. She was so stupid.
“Hey Bella” Emmett said “Are you aware that John has been watching you for the past 3 minutes?”
“What?” I asked.
I turned over to his table. He was staring at me. He gave me a little wave. John was like the bad boy of the school but, still had good grades. He was considered the hot guy. I saw him get up and start walking towards me.
“He’s coming!” Rose and Alice squealed. I could see Edward watching the table from the corner of my eye.
“Hey Bella” John said.
“Oh…um…hi John.” I said “How was…your summer?”
“Great. A lot of fun.” He said.
“Awesome. “ I said.
“Yeah but, I wanted to ask you something.” John said.
“Shoot.” I answered.
“Are you and Edward dating?” He asked.
“I don’t think we are if he is sitting with Anna and kissing her.” I answered.
John smiled. “Sarcastic now aren’t we? I like that.”
I blushed. “So, why did you want to know if Edward and I were dating?”
“Oh yes well I was wondering if you would go to homecoming with me?” He asked. “I didn’t know if you and Edward were dating. I didn’t want him to have to come beat me up or anything for me asking you.”
I laughed and shyly put a strand of hair behind my ear. “Sure.” I said “I’d love to go to homecoming with you.”
“Great.” John said “Here’s my number. Call me sometime.”
“I will.” I said.
John kissed my hand and walked away.
“Whoo-whoo Bella!” Jasper and Emmett cheered.
“Shut up!” I said.
“Awww she’s blushing!” Emmett laughed.
“Ugh! I’m going to gym. See you guys later!” I said.
I threw my tray away and went to my locker. I saw Edward get up as I was leaving. Once I got to my locker he was coming up behind me.
“So, I saw you talking to John.” He said “What was that all about?”
“Oh well, um, he asked me to homecoming.” I said “That’s all.”
“That’s great Bella! You won’t be going without a date. I’ll be keeping an eye out on you though. He’s not the guy I would pick for you to go with.” Edward said.
“Okay dad.” I said.
Edward laughed. “Come on, let’s go to gym.”
At gym, we played basketball. I was a pro at this game. I showed off a little too. While all the other girls sat around doing their nails I actually got into the game. I scored most of the points. Edward and I were on the same team. We were an awesome team.
“Did you practice hoops over the summer?” Edward asked “You did better than last year.”
“Only a little bit. Not really.” I said.
“Well good job.” Edward said. He gave me huge high five. Then, he put his arm over my shoulder and walked with me to my locker. He went off to his class and I could still smell his cologne. I loved the smell of it. When, I got to class, I found out that Anna was in the class. The only empty seat left was next to her…joy.
“Bella.” She said.
“Anna.” I answered.
“Why do you smell like my boyfriend?” Anna asked.
“I was just talking to him…” I answered.
“If you were talking to him you wouldn’t smell like him. Tell me the truth. What were you doing with my boyfriend?!”
“Oh I don’t know, I made out with him!” I said “We were talking and he put his arm around me just like always!”
“Well, he’s going to have to stop that soon. I’m the only girl he can do that too.” Anna said.
“Uh-huh sure.” I said.
“Oh and don’t even think about ever having him hug you again…I’m going to have a talk about it to him. I’m the only girl he can hug.” Anna said.
“Are there any other rules princess? Would you like a foot rub while you’re at it? Leave me alone!” I said.
“Yes, there is another rule.” She said “don’t ever talk to him again.”
“Yeah, like that’s going to happen.” I said “I’ll get right on it.”
“I’m not kidding.” She said “I’m serious. You have a boyfriend now. You don’t have any reason to talk to Edward anymore. Talk to your other little friends.”
“No! He’s my best friend I’m not going to not talk to him.” I said.
Anna hit me. “Yes you are.”
“You did not just hit me.” I said.
She hit me again.
“Oops my hand slipped and accidently hit your big head.” She said.
“That’s it!” I screamed. “I’m sick of you! You keep telling me what to do! You have all summer! I can do what I want!”
“Ms. Swan and Ms. Malory outside. Now!” Mr. Barker said.
We got our things and got up. “Go to the office.”
We walked to the office and Anna tripped me. “Oh my bad. “She said.
“That’s it!” I said. I pushed her.” My hand slipped.”
She slapped me and we went into a full on fight. All of a sudden we had 5 classes of students surrounding us. Edward, Jasper and Emmett broke up the fight.
“Get her away from me!” I screamed
“Edward!” Anna cried “She slapped me when I just said hi.”
“What?!” I screamed “Edward! Who will you believe? Me or her! She tripped me, told me I could never talk to you again, we couldn’t be seen together! Edward don’t listen to her!”
“Bella calm down!” Emmett said.
Then, Mr.Arby the principal came down. Now, we were in trouble.
“Ms.Swan and Ms.Malory. In my office now!” He screamed.
Emmett, Jasper and Edward brought us there. They were still restraining both of us.
“We believe you.” Emmett whispered. “That’s all that counts.”
“Okay, so you got into a fight because?” Mr. Arby asked.
“Anna was telling me what to do then tripped me.” I said “I was clearly defending myself.”
“Anna…were you telling her what to do?” Mr. Arby asked.
“No, I would never ever do that Mr. Arby.” Anna said “People shouldn’t be ruled by others like that. I don’t control people.”
“Wait, are you going to believe her?!” I screamed.
“Well, she does sound truthful…” Mr. Arby said
“She’s not!” I screamed. “She’s lying!”
“Okay, okay well, you are both getting detention for a month anyway so, forget it.” He said.
“I can’t have detention! That will go on my records!” I said.
“I’m sorry Bella but, think before you do things.” Mr.Arby said.
“Oh trust me.” I said “I will.”
Anna and I left with detentions and Edward drove me home. I couldn’t believe he was dating her.
“Will you tell me what happened?” Edward asked.
“I don’t know maybe…” I said.
“Just tell me.” Edward said.
“Okay well, I sit next to Anna in physics. She started talking about how I’m dating someone now and I don’t need to talk to you anymore. Then, we said I couldn’t be near you anymore. Then, we got kicked out of class and she said that we couldn’t be friends pretty much. She’s a jerk Edward! I hate her! I absolutely hate her!” I buried my face in his chest and cried. “I don’t know what to tell Charlie! I’m going to be in so much trouble!”
“Everything will be okay.” Edward said “I’m going to fix this. You being like this aren’t good. If you don’t like her I don’t and right now I hate her. I can’t believe Anna did this to you. I’m so sorry Bella. I’m so sorry.”
I sobbed into his chest in Edward’s driveway for about a half hour. I couldn’t believe I did that. I broke up Anna and Edward and got detention. Great…nice way to start off senior year.


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