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I have no clue whwere the first went!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1




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Haha...well I guess I could try to get one more chapter up tonight just for you if youd like?:))
Yes....PLEASE TRY!!! LOL. That would be awesome!!! I like it a lot and am eager to see what happens next. :)
y did u stop there post really soon
Haha okay ill try:)
I Love THIS. please PLEASE keep me updated add me if it's easier for you. but PLEASE do so I would love too continue reading your story :)
YEAUP I AM ROCK....................LOL
Haha!If your talkin about me thanks:)
please write more...=[
Chapter 2a

Oh my. I woke up and I was already nervous and I had 3 hours befor e school!!!

I guess I will just have to put my big girl panties on and go...

I walked into the bathroom and turned the water on hot and undressed and stepped in..the water was painful at first but then it was more like a numbing mind easer.

After I got out of the shower i saw that alice had left me a note-

I picked your outfit for school out for you,,hope you like it babe...after you get dressed come to my room and I will do your hair and make up for you if you would like...:)

I lokked at the out fit and I automatically liked it because it was stunning and i did not even have to wear that also ment that i would not have to make myself look like even more of a fool in front of Edward than I already had...

~Cell phone beep

Edward-Hey!!Meet me at the back of the school...Alone!I have somthing to tell you...
Edward- ;)

Okay thats weird...either he hit the wrong button or I am dreaming....but oh well.....a girl can always hope!

I put my out fit on and loved it-

Maybe just maybe I could some how capture Edwards attention...I hoped.

I walked into Alices room and sat down and she was very quite and she immediatley started straightining my hair.

After she spent about ten minuates straightning it she curled it into ringlets.

Then she put my make up on and then she finally said something-

"So how is this goin to be between you and Edward?"

" I honestly do not know Ali....But he wants me to meet him behind the school alone..before so..i guess we will see..."

I thanked her and gave her a hug and then I walked down stairs and grabbed my purse and sun glasses and car keys and drove to school.

I arrived in the parking lot about 20 minuates later...I had to go by starbucks...i needed coffe to get through the day!
omg i wanna c what happens btwn bells and ed siked!


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