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This story just popped into my head so dont critisize me plz!!! It's about Edward and Bella but they are best friends. They have known each other for their whole lives. But what happens when Bella and Jasper get close? Really close? What will Edward and Alice do?


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Note: This takes place in 2005. And all the characters are in 3rd grade :) But later on, they will be older so I can add romance. The families are down below. (the ages next to the names are during the begining of the story.)



Cullens: Carlisle- 35, Esme- 34, Edward and Alice- 8(their twins)

Swans: Charlie- 37, Renee- 33, Emmett- 9(flunked 1st), Bella- 8

Hales: Jason- 39, Sally- 34, Jasper and Rosalie- 8(their twins)

Blacks: Billy- 45, Sarah- 41, Rachel- 13, Rebecca-10, Jacob- 8



Me and Bella. Bella and me. That's how it's always gonna be. Best friends until the end. Or so I thought.


Ch. 1- Sworn Enemies (edward pov)


"Edward! Edward!" I stop my bike. I look back and smile. Bella was calling me. She was my best friend. Her, me, Alice, Jasper, Rose, Emmett, and Jacob. We were called the Unstoppable 5(Im not sure where the 5 came from though. There were 7 of us). Our parents were good friends too. Guess their friendship rubbed off on us.


"Edward! Edward!" she called again. "Edward, wait up!!" I wait until she catches up. When she finally does, she pants really hard. "Gosh, Edward. Cant you slow down? Not all of us can ride bicycles that fast, you know." True. Bella couldnt ride bicycles. Not after.............. the accident.




Bella and I were on our bikes. It was a week after her 6th birthday. She had just gotten a brand new bike. Alice and Rose were jealous. We were going to the park


"Come on, Bella! We're almost there!"




I hear her fall onto the street. I abandon my bike and run over. But I got there too late. A semi truck ran over her legs.






"Edward, you were thinking about it, werent you?" Bella asks. I shake my head. "Dont lie to me, Edward Cullen. You were thinking about it, werent you?"


I nod.


"Why wont you listen to me? It wasnt your fault. Okay? IT. WASNT. YOUR. FAULT." She rolls her eyes. She's so beautiful when she does that. "Gosh. And besides, Im walking, arnt I? I can run too. Its just biking."


"True. Sorry, Bells. I'll stop thinking about it now." I sigh. "Anyway, what did you do today?"


"Oh?" She looks at the ground, blushing. Blushing? "I hung around with Jasper. I didnt do much..........hehe...............yeah.....................Um, well, I gotta go now. See you later, Eddie boy." She winks and she runs off. I just stand there.


What did she just say? Hanging around with Jasper? What? Blushing? No. No way. It cant be. Im just imagining. No way. Does Jasper? My thoughts were interupted by Alice.


"Stop daydreaming, Edward!!!!!! Its a crisis!!!!!!! LISTEN TO ME!!!!!!!!" The mad woman was shaking my shoulders real hard. I couldnt take anymore of this.


"WHAT DO YOU WANT YOU MAD WOMAN?!?!?!?! CANT YOU SEE IM VERY DEPRESSED RIGHT NOW?!?!" I lost it. Totally lost it. Alice bugs me at the worst time possible.


"Sorry!!! But its a crisis!!!! Jasper Hale is in love with Bella!!!! Eeek!!!!!!!!!! And Bella might love him too!!!!! EEEKKKKK!!!!!"


"I know............" I moan. I dont need to be reminded. Wait. But why do I feel this way? I dont love Bella............ or do I? She's my best friend............ isnt it sort of wrong to love your best friend? But then again......................My head started to hurt from thinking too much.


"Edward, we need to do something. You know I love Jasper, and I know you love Bella. So we are going to stop them." Alice stares deeply into my eye." Understand? I'll speak caveman for you. Me. You. Jasper. Bella. No love. Capishe?"


"But......but how?" I was real nervous about this. I felt small and wimpy compared to Jaz.But after a few seconds, that fear was replaced by anger. Then, pure hatred. I was burning with fury.


"Good, Eddie boy. Get angry. Now, meet me at "the place" in 0900 hours. We will discuss our plans later." And Alice vanishes. But I didnt notice until after. All I could think about was how much I hated Jasper. And at that moment, I made my vows. #1. I will eat all my veggies to grow strong. #2. I will never give up. And most important: Jasper Hale will not lay a hand on Isabella Swan.




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SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRST 2 POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE UPDATE
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i loved it
thnk u! soon u will c jazz and ali admit their feelings too........ hehehe......
loved this chapter NEW READER by the way. Can't wait for next
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THIS IS CH. 11 REPOSTED. I accidentally deleted the first one. :P


I had the best dream ever. It's been a long time since I was able to sleep peacefully. I smile at Edward,who was sleeping with the face of an angel. He was so beautiful. And he was all MINE. I lightly roll over to check the time. 5:30 AM. Am I early or what. I sigh.

Edward starts to wake up. He smiles at me and gives me a kiss.

"Good morning, love." He cradles me in his arms. I giggle.

"Good morning. And how was your night?"I ask.

"Best night in my existence."

"Really?" I ask surprised. Yesterday was the best night ever? He really does love me. "Dont you have any other nights that were better than that?"


"Oh." I smile. "You know it's only 5:30 in the morning right?"

"Yeah. But Id rather talk to you than sleep." Edward runs his hand through my hair. He was really gentle, unlike...... I stopped myself before I let that thought continue. I focused on Edward's eyes; emerald green like Esme's. They were so beautiful.

"Thank you for being here. Without you....." I hesitated. Should I tell him about the nightmares? Or should I wait?

"Without me what?" Edward asks. He stared at me intensely. "Bella, you know you can tell me anything."

"Without you, I would have had another nightmare." I whisper, barely audible.

"What do you mean, nightmare?" He asks. I couldnt tell him. He would hate Jacob. I couldnt ruin their friendship. No way was I going to be selfish and ruin their friendship just so he could comfort me

"I have dreams about people coming after me." I lie. "They seem so real, and I couldnt do anything about it. You make me feel safe." I hope he buys my lie. Unfortunately, he knows me too well and knows Im lying.

"Bella......" Edward sighs. I guess I have no choice but to tell the truth. I bite my lip.

"I-Im sorry, Edward. If this ruins your friendship........" I bite down harder.

"What friendship? Bella, I dont care about anything but you. If someone I know is bothering you, Ill always be on your side."

Edward POV

"O-okay, then." Bella bites her lip again. I rub her back, encouraging her. "So, um, you remember when I was dating Jacob last year?" Yes of course I would remember those painful months, when Bella was with him. I hated Jacob then, but quickly made amends when they broke up. That reminds me, why did they break up?

"Well, you see... um..." Bella hesitates again. "7 months ago, I was sleeping over at his place because I was sick and Charlie, Renee, and Emmett had to go to Hawaii for some reason and Charlie didnt want me to be alone for 3 days. So I went over, and saw him with Jessica." What?! He cheated on Bella?!?! What person in his right mind would do that??

"I knew she would be over, since the two had a chemistry project to work on that was due the day after. But she.... and he......... were............." Bella looks down. I just stare blankly. "I got mad and threw some stuff. I think one of the objects was a coconut..... but yeah. And that's why I didnt move on. That was half the reason why I declined Jasper."

I hug Bella tightly. I rub her back over and over again.

"I promise to never do that to you Bella. That guy's a lunatic for doing that. Ive been waiting for you since 3rd grade. It's unlikely for me to even consider that." I lift her head and lightly kiss her.

"I know. Which is why I kissed you back last night."

"And how do you know that? Did you stalk me or something?" I teased.

"No, it's just that every girlfriend you had, it was either they broke up with you or moved away. So I knew I could trust you not to break my heart." Bella said. I kiss her again.

"And you're right. You can trust me not to break your heart." I tell her. I glance at the clock. 7:10 already? I pull away from Bella, knowing we had to go to school. She understood. While she was in the bathroom, I changed into the spare clothes I brought. Bella came back after a few minutes. I pick her up and twirl her around in a circle. 

"How do I look?" She asks.

"Perfect." I let her go and we walk down the stairs. Emmett was eating cereal and Rosalie was reading Vogue.

"Uh, hello." I say. Emmett and Rose look up.

"How was your night?"Emmett laughs. Bella blushes.

"Stop teasing them, Emmett." Rose giggles. Then she turns to us. "You guys have 20 minutes to eat or we're gonna leave without you." She picked up her magazine and and stuffed it into her bag. She and Emmett walked out to the garage.

"So, what do you want to eat? Lucky Charms or Cheerios?" Bella asks me. I walk over and wrap my arm around the waist.

"Lucky Charms, please."

"I knew you would say that. Why else would we have Lucky Charms?" She laughs. Her voice was so beautiful. We got are cereal and ate in silence. But it was a happy silence.

"Are you done?" I ask Bella.

"Yup. Ill put them in the sink. You go stop Rose and Emmett so we have a ride." I did as I was told. Rose was in the shot gun and Emmett was driving.

"Hey guys." I whisper. "Can you leave without us? I want to drive with Bella, if you know what I mean." I give them a knowing look.

"Sure thing, Eddie." Says Emmett. "Bring my sister to school in one piece, please." He laughs and starts to drive away. I run back into the house.

"They left, Bella." I say. Bella groans.

"They do this every single time!!!! Grrr, those......Ugh!" Bella was my angry little kitten. Sometimes her anger was amusing, and this was one of those times.

"Dont worry, Bella. My Volvo's just a block away. We're not gonna be late." I kiss her on the forehead and we leave the house, walking to the car. I open the passenger door for her.

Since school starts late for us( it starts at 8:30, can you believe it?) I had no worry about being late. We got there at 7: 40. Bella leans her head on my shoulder.

I whisper, "You know, we dont have to go to school today. I mean, it's a Monday, and nobody goes to school on Monday." I wished we had more time to ourselves. I found myself longing for the summer, and it wasnt even the end of our first month back at school! Bella looks at me with her chocolate brown eyes. They were so mesmerizing.....

"Tempting, but we cant. Today is the last day to sign up for the book club." Bella says. The book club? She really did love her books.

"Yes, but if we skip school, you dont have to go to gym......." I whisper seductively in her ear. "We could be all alone... No one would bother us......." I could tell Bella was hesitating. I give her a pleading look.

"All right. Just this once." Bella said. But I had a feeling it wouldnt be 'just this once'. I give her a smile and I drive her away from the school.

~~~~During School~~~~ Jasper POV

It was lunchtime. I walked over to our table. Our meaning Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, Angela, Edward, Bella, Ben and I's table. But when I got there, Edward and Bella were missing.

"Hey guys." I say. "Does anyone know where Edward and Bella are?" I act like this isnt bothering me when it was bothering me A LOT.

"They probably skipped school and are somewhere having fun together." Emmett smirks. I hold back my grimace. "You should have heard them last night. Ha!!!!" Last night? Edward was over? What????

"You mean you didnt hear them. Usually when Im over, I hear screaming from Bella's room." Rose says. She screams at night? Bella? "But last night, I didnt hear a sound. It was like Edward cured her."

"I guess it's a good thing then." I say disappointed. It felt like I had no chance against Edward. He had already won. Alice seemed to suspect something was wrong. She patted my back. Surprisingly, I felt better almost right away. I wonder why. I look at Alice giving her a smile.

"Thanks, Alice. I just didnt get a lot of sleep last night. Im fine." I lie. It's easier to lie than tell the truth. I slowly sank into depression as the day progressed.

Long chapter!!!! Read. Comment. Enjoy! :)

absulutley luved that chapter!!!! Ohhhh looks like someones jealous. Write more soon plz
thnx!! ill post soon
U R A STORY WRITING MASTER!!!!!! ALL HALE THE MASTER. ALL HALE THE MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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