The Twilight Saga

 I walk down the stairs with Alice holding my hand. Looking down, I notice everyone smiling at me. I feel like I'm special and everyone loves me. But I specifically said no parties. You know Alice, she doesn't listen. Edward stands by my side and I look at him. He's pale. But I love him anyway I can. For presents Emmett, well, already installed it in my truck. Insulting as it was calling it a piece of junk, I said, "Hey, don't hate the truck". Alice gave me this emerald green dress for the party. Rosalie handed me my present and said,"its a necklace". "Alice picked it out". Charming isn't she? But as Esme handed me my gift I slightly started tearing it open. As soon as a drop of blood touched the floor, Jasper had a frightening look in his eye. "Paper cut", I explained. Before anyone had moved, Jasper dashed toward me! Edward was luckily there to push him back into the piano, breaking it. Wow. What a waste of money. Anyway, Edward had also leaped in front of me pushing be back towards the wall. Landing on a glass table and tearing my arm. Bleeding down.... Haven't I already bled enough? Emmett the others held Jasper back. Alice quickly went up to him. "It's ok Jasper its just a little....Blood.
Everyone looked at me as if they were trying to help me, or tear me apart. Carlisle rushed over and announced to get Jasper out of the room. That day was unexpecting indeed.

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What do you mean nice summary? The story was incredible!
Isn't this the scene from the movie in book form? Just wondering!
Nope. I just decided to do it in her POV


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