The Twilight Saga

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This is about Bella being bitten by a unknown vampire in New Moon after Edward left…

What will happen when there’s no one to help Bella as a newborn?




Stories songs : Angles Cry by Mariah Carey, Vanilla Twilight by Owl City






Preface –



This pain will sooner or later kill me. I know it will but it will never go

away. I’m all alone and I don’t know what to do. What am I going to do?

Where am I going to go?







Cullens : Vampires

Charlie : Human

Bella : Human then vampire

Blacks / La Push boys : Werewolves


Chapter one – Bitten

Bella’s point of view


Sad. Pain. Loneliness. Empty. Lifeless. This is just some of the things I have felt after Ed…he left. He told me that would be the last time I would ever see him. Why? I don’t want it to be the last time. I miss him, I love him. My life is empty now, it took me forever to just to start talking again. Jacob is a great friend but the hole is still there. Both Laurent and Victoria are dead because of Jake and the pack so I know about him and all his friend being wolves. Charlie is at work and he said that he has to work late tonight. I miss Ed…him. I need him with me. I can’t even sleep in my own bed because it’s soft and warm, I need hard and cold so I sleep on the wood floor every night but it’s not the same as him. I can’t take it anymore! I grabbed my keys and left for the Cul…their house. My truck started up nice and loud like always. As I was driving I started flipping through the radio stations. I remember he would go through them then tell me how bad the reception was. My eyes started to tear up and my vision was getting blurry so I pulled over. For about a half hour I sat there and cried before being able to drive again. I started the truck up and drove for around five minutes to their house. As I pulled in the driveway I started thinking about everyone and how I miss them and how I wish they never left. I stopped my truck and got out then walked up to the front porch. I walked around to the backyard and next to a big tree was a huge bolder, I went over and sat on it. Sometimes I wish Jasper would have gotten out of Emmett’s grip and around Edward that night. Just as I thought that I saw to red things that looked like eyes in the woods. They were getting closer then a man with blood red eyes walked out, you could tell he was a vampire. Pale skin, great looks, blood red eyes, and I bet if you put him in the sun he would sparkle. He walked slowly up to me and grabbed my neck. “Are you scared?” he whispered in my ear. “No” I whispered and next thing I knew it felt like I was flying. When we stopped we were in the middle of the woods somewhere. Before I could say anything he was gone. “Wait!” I yelled but it was too late. I just stood there not knowing what way to go to get back. Out of no where there was a lot of weight on my back “You should be scared” the man said right before biting into my neck. Before I could think about what was happening my whole body was on fire and I screamed. The man jumped off my back then said “I told you to be scared” Before running away. “Wait” I whispered before I couldn’t talk and the pain took over.


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Looooooove it!!!!
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POST MORE, POST MORE, POST MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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