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What would happen if Bella had a secret which lead her to leave Edward instead of Edward leaving Bella in New Moon. This isn't a normal twilight fanfic






Black Heart




I thought my life was wonderful, but I guess wrong. I had a wonderful family and friends, even an awesome boyfriend. But I released that I was a danger to him although I would have thought it would be the opposite. With him being a vampire and I a human.  But when I looked into my boyfriends eyes, as I sat next to him, I released that humans are the cruelest creatures in the whole world. We fall in love, but then we break our partner’s hearts for the fun of it. And most of all, we kill each other for fun and to see the life be drained out of our own kind. We are the cruelest, even though vampires say they are; they are wrong. Something’s that vampires don’t know are that some humans having black hearts. If you ask a human what that means, they would just shy away from you, but if you were lucky they would tell you that black hearts are the worst ever. Though people don’t release this, but black hearted people are usually the most skilled workers and killers all over the world. We the humans are the cruelest thing alive on this planet called Earth.



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glad you like it
this soundz good. I was going to start writing my own fanfic that involves the girl leaving the guy, it is rare to see it because the guy always leaves!!! you should totally write it.
This sounds awesome you should totally write it!!!! Ive never read one where bella leaves edward so i totally approve plz write it and keep me updated!!!!!
cool u should write it
thxs and sure thing
ok thxs and good luck with your fan fic
more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
thxs more tonight maybe
thxs and ok more tonight
awesome!!! i cant wait!
Keep going definitely !! and update me when u write more please ?!?!


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