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A 15 year old girl named Summer Sky, moves to a city near Chicago with her god-mother, Elizabeth, and her sibilings, Kyle(12) and Jaelyne (10). There mother died when they were young, Summer was 7, Kyle was 5 and Jaelyne was just 11 months old. There father died just 2 years after.



Chapter 1: Flash back



I woke up in the middle of the night, once again, after a nightmare. Ever since my parents died I've had no life in me.



I was at school doing my work when I was called to the office.

I got up slowly and walked out the door. I walked in and saw my dad there. His eyes wher red, which was not good at all.

"I am sorry but your mom just died." The principal said for my dad.

I didn't talk, I just sat down.

My father grabbed me and hugged me. I was always a daddy's girl but I was always with my mom. My mom always stayed home with me while my dad worked.

"How? Why?" I kept repeating.

"She was in a car accident on her way back from the store."  My father explained.

Little Kyle as we called him came into the office my father told him this time.

We both went home to find a parade of people in the front yard. Many had black clothes on.

I got out of the car. They all walked towards us. I noticed my god-mother running toward me. She grabbed me and hugged me. I saw my grandmother in her wheel-chair.






I was crying now.  My father's death was alot different. He died because of a heart-attack.

I was 9 years old when he died. My aunt Ana told me to live with her but I wanted to travel with my god-mother. So far I have gone to the Amazon, Egypt, Peru, Honduras, Mexico, and China.

I got up and walked toward the window. I climbed onto the tree next to my window. I climbed the tree to the top and laid there. I watched the sky. Then I heard someone yell.


I recognized the voice as my god-mother, Elizabeth.

I quickly climbed down and jumped into the window and saw her standing at the door.

"Hi." I said and added a innocent smile.

"Get ready Brian got a job in Alaska and we are moving Saturday.

I sighed. at-least I have 2 days to get ready for the long drive. I live in Maryland and we have a long day. I heard Skippers bells. I smiled.

Skipper came in my room. I loved my little dog.


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Dark Love (Sequel to Black Rose)

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Chapter 2: The Move

It's the day of the move. It was finally Saturday. Yesterday they gave me the saddest news ever. We aren't taking Skipper because the trip will take a-lot of time.
"Your aunt Kimberly is going to meet us there." I Too bad we are going to mail every thing there and then go in a plane to Alaska.
Then we are going to our new house in Hooper Bay, Alaska.
The school we are going to go to is near the house.
I looked outside the window for the last time.
Then I looked up the tree and decided to climb it one last time.
I climbed to the top and looked at the neighborhood. I saw my school that I was proud to leave from.
"Summer, time to go! Where are you?" Elizabeth said.
"Here." I sighed.
I climbed down the tree. I jumped from the branch to the ground.
"Are you happy to go to Alaska?" Brian asked.
"Yes." I lied.
"Where's Skipper?" I asked.
"I'm sorry we already took him to the shelter." I looked at him.
"I- When?"
"A while ago."
I grabbed my suitcase and walked to the taxi.
"May I take that?" The driver said.
I gave my suitcase to him and got in the cab. Brian sat in the front and Elizabeth sat next to me. Kyle next to her and Jaelyne sat squished next to him.
~~20 minutes later~~
We finally arrived at the airport.
Jaelyne got out first and I opened my door.
I grabbed my suitcase from the trunk and walked into the airport.
~~On the plane~~
I sat at the edge . Jaelyne and Kyle sat in my row and Elizabeth and Brian sat in the row in front of us.
I fell asleep for most of the ride.
I woke up 8 hours later.
The attendant came by and asked me, "Do you want anything to eat?"
I didn't really feel hungry until now. "Yes."
She gave me a menu. I looked through all the food selections. I saw the Mozzarella Sticks, my favorites.
"Can I get the Mozzarella Sticks?"
"Sure." She left.
She came back with my lunch 5 minutes later. "Thank you." I said.
She left. I ate quietly. I dipped each Mozzarella stick in the salsa and ate it.
When I finished I opened my book bag and took out my Sketch pad. I started drawing. I drew a Rose. I got a black crayon and started coloring the rose.
I used to always draw a black rose when I was 10. One day my teacher told me it meant depressed or death.

Chapter 3: Hooper Bay

After what felt like forever, we arrived.
I got up and got my backpack and walked down the aisle.
I got off the plane and ran in the airport. It was snowing. I never thought it could snow in the end of May.
Jaelyne and Kyle followed me.
"Welcome to Hooper Bay, Alaska." Elizabeth said.
"I researched this town yesterday, the population of this city is 1,012 and it is mostly cloudy and rare to see the sun here and there is a bay nearby our new house." Brian said.
"1,012!" I said."What a small city."
"Yes." Elizabeth said.
"What a samll city." I repeated. "Let me guess the school were going to is Hooper Bay high school?" I asked.
"Wow." Was all I said.
We walked to the conveterbelt and got our suitcases. Then we got in a taxi cab that was a van and went to our house.
We pulled up to the new house. It was huge compared to the old house.We walked inside. I saw the huge living room and I could see the kitchen from here. The stairs where next to the door and there was a closet there too. I walked upsatirs with my suitcases in my hand and saw a light purple room.
"I call this room." I said. I stared at the double door. I walked closer and closer until I was in front of it. I turned the knob and opened it. I was surprised to see a closet, a huge one.
I stepped in and there was a whole row for shoes another for clothes that can be folded and then storage. Then on the other side it was for hanging clothes.
Next to the clothes was another door. I walked and saw a bathroom. It had a Jacuzzi tub and a shower. The rest looked normal.
I walked out and ran out the room.
If this is my room, I can't imagine the master bedroom.
I walked into the door next door. Kyle was in this one.
"This is amazing." I looked at his closet. It was a sliding door. I opened the door and just saw a shelves and a place to hang clothes.
"You should see my closet. Actually go see my bathroom." I said.
I walked back out and headed to the other door.
I could tell this is the Master bedroom.
Elizabeth came in.
"You like your room."
I ran to the bathroom and saw a jacuzzi like mine and a shower also like mine but the difference is that she had two sinks and double mirrors and everything.
I walked out and ran to my room.
I grabbed my suitcase and opened it.
I took my clothes and hung it up.

Chapter 4: First Day part 1

I got up and stretched.
"Summer, time to get up." Elizabeth said.
"I'm up." I said.
I got up. I ran to the bathroom and took a 10 minute shower. I changed into a long sleeve shirt that had a orange bird on the front and grabbed some jeans.
I grabbed my bag and walked out.
I looked outside and saw many kids walking by.
Elizabeth was in the kitchen making breakfast.
"What's for breakfast?" I asked.
"Bacon and eggs."
She gave me the plate.
I ate quietly.
I finished in 5 minutes.
"Finished. Thanks. Bye."
"Brian is going to drop you off."
Brian came down stairs.
"It's okay I can walk." I said.
"If you want." Brian said.
"Brian," Elizabeth started. "take her to school."
"No don't worry. I can go by myself. How hard can it be to follow people?" I said.
"Alright." Elizabeth said.
I grabbed my bag and walked out the door. I waved back at Elizabeth.
I heard a few foot steps behind me.
I looked behind me and saw a girl.
"Hi." I said.
"Hi." She said.
"I'm Summer."
"I'm Jenny."
"Do you go to Hooper Bay high?"
"Yes. Are you new?"
"Well welcome." She said.
"Hi Jenny."

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Chapter 4: First Day part 2

"Hi Anne. This is Summer."
"Hi." I said.
"Hi." She replied.
"Where's Ana?"
"With Alex. Of course. Welcome to Hooper Bay."
"Ana is her twin." Jenny explained.
"And she's dating the hottest boy in school. Alex." Anne added.
We entered the school.
"I better take you to the office for you to get your locker combinations." Jenny said.
"Okay." I said.
"See you later Summer." Anne said.
I waved.
Jenny took me to the office.
"Hello, I am Summer Sky."
"Oh Ms. Sky, I have all you need here." She pulled out alot of papers. "This is your locker number and combination, This is the map of the school, and these are all of your classes." She gave me the papers.
"Thank you." I said. We turned to leave.
"Oh, Ms. Sterling," Jenny turned around to look at her. "Please help Ms. Sky around today."
"Okay." She smiled.
We walked out.
A looked at my classes.

Sky, Summer
Grade: 11
Calculus II
French II
English II
World History
Fine Arts
Physical Education
Tech. Education

"Hey cool your in some of my classes." Jenny said.
"Which ones?" I asked.
"Calculus, French, English, Biology, and Physical Education. Anne is in World History with you. Ana is in Tech Eductaion. Alex is in Fine Arts."
"Let's go. Don't be afraid of the Calculus teacher. She is scary in the beginning. Then when you get to know her she is very funny."
We walked in the classroom.
"Why are you-!" Then she saw me. "Hello and you are?"
"I'm Ms. Robinson." She turned.
"I guess you can sit next to Jenny for today."
I smiled.
I sat next to Jenny. I always loved sitting in the back.
I took out a sheet of paper.
I started drawing a black rose.
"What are you doing?" Jenny asked.
"Drawing a rose." I said.
"But it's black."
"My old teacher told me it means depression."
"Your depressed?"
"Because my parents died when I was young and I am left with my brother and sister."
"That's sad. My father died when I was 1 years old."
"My mom died when I was 7 and my father when I was 9 years old."
"My mom is getting married soon."
"How do you feel abut getting a step-father?" I asked.
"I think hes great."
I looked down at my almost completed rose.
I heared someone clear it's throat. I looked up to see Ms. Robinson.
"What's this?" She said.
She took my drawing of the rose and turned back to the class.
"I see there's another artist in the class." She starred at me.
I noticed there was five people starring at me.
I blushed.

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Chapter 5: Lunch.

Finally Lunch.
I walked in the cafeteria.
"What time is dismissal?" I asked.
"3:30." Ana answered.
Anne's twin,Ana, has been nice to me today.
"Hi twin." Anne said as she sat next to me. "Hi Summer."
"Twin, Alex is about to come please."
"Did I miss something?" Jenny said.
"Oh I'll tell you later." Anne mouthed.
A guy came up next to Ana. "Hi."
He starred at me. He had light purple eyes. Weird.
I smiled.
"I'm Alex."
Alex looked back at Ana.
"I'll see you later." Alex said and left.
Alex ran out the door.
I looked down and smiled.
I didn't notice when Ana walked over behind me.
"Never talk to my boyfriend!"
She made me jump.
I closed my eyes. "He talked to me first!" I yelled back. "And stop yelling in my ear!"
I looked at her dark blue eyes and they looked very annoyed.
Ana walked away.
"Sorry about her. Something has been bothering her for the past 3 or 4 months, but I don't get what." Anne said.
"It's okay."
Jenny got up and looked at me. "Let's go to class."
"Okay." I got up.
We walked down the hallway. "Why's Ana so...." I chewed on my cheek as I thought of the right word. "Mean?"
"She is very protective of Alex."
We reached the Biology lab.
"Hello I am Ms. Lockwood."
"I'm Summer."

i think alex likes her!!!
Chapter 6: Art

Finally I get to Fine Arts class.
"I am Ms. Roberts. Welcome to Fine Arts." The teacher said.
"I am Summer."
"Alex has a canvas next to him that is unused. You may go and start drawing." She said.
"Okay." I walked up the aisle and sat on a stool next to Alex.
"Hi again." Alex said.
"Hi. I don't think it is a good idea if we talk."
"Don't worry Ms Robert doesn't mind."
"No I mean Ana got mad earlier."
"Really? I'm sorry."
"It's okay. I don't mind."
I grabbed a black color pencil and started drawing on the paper in front of me.
A started by drawing a rose then darkening the lines. And I color in very lightly. I colored the edges very dark and made it look like it was fading.
I was so into the drawing that I never heard Ms Robert come over. "Summer, his is beautiful!"
I smiled and blushed. "Thank You."
"What inspires you to draw so beautiful?" She asked.
"My mother died when I was 7 and then my father died 2 years after and I was left depressed, I would take my mind off of my parents by drawing a black rose and this is the best I have ever done." I explained.
"Well I think this could when an award in the State Art Contest."
"You really do?" I asked.
"Yes. Don't doubt your skills."
I laughed. "Where is the contest taking place at?"
"At Juneau, the capital. It is only a few hours away but maybe we can just mail it there. I'll call later to get the details."
The bell rung. Jenny told me the last 4 classes are half and hour long.
Next I go to P.E. sadly.
I hate Gym. I can't play. In Maryland I would always get hurt. Basketball: I got hit in the head. Badminton: I got hit on my pinky and I hit myself on the head. Kickball: When I was running to first base I got hit in the face. Hard. Volleyball: I got hit on the nose. Soccer: I was about to kick the ball when someone came from behind me and I fell down and almost broke my leg. Baseball: Because of the soccer accident I couldn't walk or run much after it so I almost broke my leg again. This was only the first half of the year there.
I walked slowly to the gym which is all the way in the basement. Has any of these people heard of elevators?
Jenny hopped next to me.
"How was art?"
"Awesome. I might win a contest with my drawing."
"That is awesome."
We were at the doors of the base ment hall.
"Jenny can I ask something?"
"How many people go to this school?"
"401students and 25 teacher."

A/N: I researched this school actually it's called Hooper Bay School it has grades from pre-k to 12
Go here to see the school.
i'm also a 'pure-hater' of sports!! XDXDXD
nice work!! :))
I found this and I thought about Summers drawing so I thought you will like to see how it looks like so here it is: Photobucket

Chapter 7: After School.

During tennis I got hit by the ball and then racket. Then when I went to get the tennis ball, I got hit by a baseball.
"Are you okay?" Jenny asked.
"Yes. I am very used to this but it still hurts." I said.
"Are you very clumsy?" She asked.
"'Very' is an understatement."
"Than yes?"
"Yes." I answered.
"Can you even run without falling?"
"No. I got hurt at my old school which means I can't run or walk alot anymore." I said.
"I feel bad for you."
"Let's play I spy. I spy with my little eye, a very evil face coming this way." She said.
I turned and I saw what she was talking about.
"Is it Ana?" I asked sarcasticlly.
"Yup your turn." She said continueing sarcasticlly.
We laughed. I stopped laughing when I felt the pain in my chest.
"What's wrong?"
"I think he hit me with that stupid bat really hard."
Then I remembered. "Ana." I whispered surprised.
I turned to see her coming right to me. "I think you should hide." Jenny suggested.
"Me too." I looked around and I found nothing except kids.
"Summer!" I heard Ana roar.
I was too late. I bit my tongue.
"I told you to never talk to Alex! He's my boyfriend. I heard people saying that you were going to take him away from me!" Ana looked at Jenny. "Which will never happen?"
"Ana!" I yelled.
"Don't talk to me like that!"
I rolled my eyes. "I went to art and I was put next to him and I told him what you did after you left at lu-"
"You What!"
"Whats wrong?" I said sarcasticlly."
"He hates when I do that to people."
"Then why do you do it? If he brakes up with you, it will not be my fault."
"Oh yes it will! You told him!"
"What's going on here?" The coach said.
I didn't pay attention to the coach.
"Ana aren't you supposed to be in Biology?"
"Do not speak to me in thazt tone missy!" The coach said.
I bit my lip to keep myself from laughing.
"Is she bothering you Ms. Sky?"
"Ana. Out. Now." The couch said.
"But nothing. Out. Now." He repeated.
I waved bye. I smiled evily.
Jenny starred at me.
"Everyone in this school is afraid of her. But no one has ever said that to her. Are you trying to get your self killed?"
"I am not afraid of her. I can take her."
She smiled. "I am happy your on my side."
I smiled too.

I finally went to Tech.
I found Anne by the door of the classroom. Next to her was Ana.
"Oh no."
"Ana please be nice to someone for once." I heard Anne ask.
"Fine but I can't be nice to her."Ana said and turn to me.
I walked in front of her.
"I am not afraid of you. Do all you want nothing will change?" I said.
"Something will change." She threatned.
"What?" I asked.
"Your face will be bruised up when I am done with it."
"I am still not scared of you."

thats GOOD she said that to Ana!!
no wonder everyone is afraid of her-she's such a monster!!
lol nice!! she got scolded hard by the coach!!

i wonder what Ana's upto...
Chapter 8: Stand up for each other.

When it was finally time for dismassal, I grabbed my stuff and walked to the door.
Jenny was waiting for me at the door.
"Wait, where do you think your going?"
"Home." I said.
"No if your saying your house is a hospital you are correct."
"Please just move at of my way before you even get hurt."
"Me get hurt."
"Yes. If you hurt me your messing with the police which my gaurdian is."
"Wheres your parents? Oh wait I know, they abandaned you when you were just a baby."
That did it. I had a temper when I was younger and it could come back when ever. "Don't you dare talk about my parents. They died when I was little." I grabbed Ana By the arm and squeezed it very hard.
"Summer Sky!" I heard someone yell.
"Elizabeth." I said.
"It is you first day and look at what you are doing."
"She was making fun of my parents." Elizabeth looked surprised and turned to Ana.
"You do not even know her parents. They died when she was 9 and she was there for her fathers death. Never make fun of my sister."
"She is lying." She said innocently.
"I really hate people who act like that." I said.
Anne and Jenny came in.
"Ana we gotta go home now. Momma will be very angry."
"I thought I was going to walk you home."
"Whos this?" Elizabeth asked.
"This is my friend Jenny and Anne is Ana's way nicer sister." I said.
"Welcome to Hooper Bay." Jenny said.
"Thank you. Would you like to come to our house for a while?"
"I'm sorry but my step-mother would kill me if she knows I didn't go straight home." Jenny said.
"Tomorrow?" I asked.
"Maybe. I'll ask tonight."
"Okay later Summer. Oh and Alex is looking for you." She said walked out.
"Whos Alex?" Elizabeth asked.
"A boy I met today and the reason I have been arguing with Ana. Alex is her B.F. and wants to keep it that way."
We walked out and saw Alex at the corner ahead.
"Hey Summer and family member." He said looking at Elizabeth.
"I am very sorry about Ana. She wasn't supposed to treat you like that." Alex said.
"It's okay, Alex. Don't worry about me. I'm not scared of her."
"Jenny told me everyone in this school is afraid of her."
"That is true, well it was."
"I guess I am the future hero then." I joked.
"Can I talk to you in private?"
I looked at Elizabeth she took 10 steps back and turned back to the class room.
"I don't know how to put this." He said nervously. "I feel very nervous around you I have never felt this way to no one not even Ana."
"Why do you date her anyway?"
"I can't tell you. I want to ask if you would like to have dinner at my house sometime?"
I looked down. "I don't think it's a good idea right now."
"I can wait."
"Then you will have to be very patiant." He smiled.
I laughed.
"Bye." He said.
"Bye. Help Ana with her temper please." I blurted.
"I'll try." He started walking backwards.
Elizabeth came back.
"Yes." I smiled.
"What did he ask?"
"He wants to take me to his house for dinner."
"And you said?"
"Not right now because of Ana."
One reason I loved Elizabeth is because she understands me.
"I have a surprise for you at home let's go."
"Alright." I ran to her car hoping she got me a car.
We got home. I threw my books on the couch.
I saw a black shape go across the room.
Thats when I saw him coming toward me.

Chapter 9: He's back!

"Skipper!" I yelled.
I picked him up and kissed him on the nose.
I've had Skipper since my mom died.
"Your welcome." Elizabeth said as she entered.
I ran to her and hugged her tightly.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you." I said.
She smiled.
I took Skipper upstairs to my room.
He jumped on top of my bed and laid down.
I laughed.
I looked out the window and saw a tree right next to the house . The branch came right under the window. I got on the fat branch and sat there.
"Summer!" I heard Brian yell.
I jumped into my room and ran downstairs.
"Hi Brian." I said.
"I got a call from the school."
"From school?" I asked.
"Yes they said that they were told that you stole something."
"Me, steal, serieously, and on my first day?" I said.
"Maybe trying to make a good empression. To people."
I think I already did by standing up to Ana. "I actually stood up to the bully." I informed.
"She really did I caught her almost in a fist fight when I came to her class and she has many friends now." She winked at me.
"That's great but are they like you?"
"Jenny is great and Anne is nicer than her twin Ana which is who I stood up to."
"Be nicer then."
"I am shy and your saying that I am being bad. I can barely talk with out looking down."
"And you almost had a fight."
"Ana started it I promise. Her boyfriend talked to me and she got pissed at me. And he was being nice to me. All he said was hi."
"He keeps saying sorry to you for her behavior right?"
"Elizabeth were you eavesdropping?"
"Um, no."
"Guilty!" I yelled.
"I was curious."
"Curiousity killed the cat." I laughed.
"You remember theat saying?"
"Yes. Why?"
"You act just like you mother. She used to say that to me. A lot."
"Really?" I asked.
My mother's name was Juliet and my father's name was Keith.
I smiled.
I walked upstairs and laid on the bed.
I then remembered that Jenny had given me her phone number.
I grabbed the phone that was put in here.
I looked through my bag until I found the pieve of paper.
I dialed the number.
"Hello." She answered on the 2nd ring.
"Hi Jenny."
"Oh hi Summer." She said.
"Brian, my god-mothers husband, came home mad because he got a call saying I stole something."
"Really? I'll take a guess and say that Ana told the principal."
"Guess what?"
"What?" She asked.
"Alex asked me to have dinner at his house. But I said no because of Ana probs." I informed her.
"You are so lucky." She said.
"I Really wanted to say yes but I just couldn't." I said.
"Ana would be so jealous." She said.
"I know. It was funny when Elizabeth found Ana and I about to fight.

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