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A 15 year old girl named Summer Sky, moves to a city near Chicago with her god-mother, Elizabeth, and her sibilings, Kyle(12) and Jaelyne (10). There mother died when they were young, Summer was 7, Kyle was 5 and Jaelyne was just 11 months old. There father died just 2 years after.



Chapter 1: Flash back



I woke up in the middle of the night, once again, after a nightmare. Ever since my parents died I've had no life in me.



I was at school doing my work when I was called to the office.

I got up slowly and walked out the door. I walked in and saw my dad there. His eyes wher red, which was not good at all.

"I am sorry but your mom just died." The principal said for my dad.

I didn't talk, I just sat down.

My father grabbed me and hugged me. I was always a daddy's girl but I was always with my mom. My mom always stayed home with me while my dad worked.

"How? Why?" I kept repeating.

"She was in a car accident on her way back from the store."  My father explained.

Little Kyle as we called him came into the office my father told him this time.

We both went home to find a parade of people in the front yard. Many had black clothes on.

I got out of the car. They all walked towards us. I noticed my god-mother running toward me. She grabbed me and hugged me. I saw my grandmother in her wheel-chair.






I was crying now.  My father's death was alot different. He died because of a heart-attack.

I was 9 years old when he died. My aunt Ana told me to live with her but I wanted to travel with my god-mother. So far I have gone to the Amazon, Egypt, Peru, Honduras, Mexico, and China.

I got up and walked toward the window. I climbed onto the tree next to my window. I climbed the tree to the top and laid there. I watched the sky. Then I heard someone yell.


I recognized the voice as my god-mother, Elizabeth.

I quickly climbed down and jumped into the window and saw her standing at the door.

"Hi." I said and added a innocent smile.

"Get ready Brian got a job in Alaska and we are moving Saturday.

I sighed. at-least I have 2 days to get ready for the long drive. I live in Maryland and we have a long day. I heard Skippers bells. I smiled.

Skipper came in my room. I loved my little dog.


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Dark Love (Sequel to Black Rose)

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Chapter 22: Moving into a new world.

Alex was right my mom was waiting outside.
I am starting to feel like he is hiding something from me.
I walked up the stairs and into a guestroom which is now my room.
It was my favorite shade purple and it had a strip that went around the room that was baby blue.
"Welcome home." Mom said. Alex came into my room.
I looked at my clock. It's 7pm.
"We got to hurry and pack we're going to Italy in an hour." I said.
"I'm done." Alex said.
I walked to my suitcase.
I took out all my clothes and stacked it on the bed.
I went to opened the closet doors.
It was big. It was like my old one but a little bigger and had a table that had cabinets underneath. There was also a wall that was a mirror at the end of the hall- like closet. I noticed another door. I opened it and saw a bathroom.
I walked back to my bed and grabbed my shirts. I hung them up. My pants I hung up to.
I looked through the dresses.
I grabbed a baby blue one that had a little Cinderella design on it.
I also grabbed a pretty yellow.
I saw found a bloody red one I wore at a party last year.
I very pretty light purple dress that had a flower design around on the skirt and crystal flowers on the top. It had a ribbon belt separating both.
I kept searching and found a darker blue one. had roses on it made of crystals.
I couldn't find another one.
So I walked to Rebecca room's.
She was sitting on her bed.
"Becky," I said. She smiled. "Can I borrow a dress?" I asked her.
"Becky. Nice one. Sure." She got up and walked to her closet.
She came back with a white gown it had red flowers all over the dress. It was beautiful.
"You will need it." She said.
"Why?" I asked.
"I can't tell you. But you will enjoy it. I've seen it happen to many girl, like my sister." She said. She looked down to the ground.
"What about your twin, Anthony?"
"Oh I had an older sister. Her name was Cathy." She said.
"She was killed. Burned alive. I think they will tell you."
I looked back at my watch. It's 7:45 pm.
"I better go and pack." I said.
I grabbed the beautiful gown.
"Bye." She said.
I walked out and to my room.
I packed everything I needed.
It was almost 8 now.
I walked downstairs and saw Alex by the door.
"Let's go." I said.
"Bye." I said to everyone.
"Be safe." My mom said.
Anthony drove us to the school.
There was a small bus there waiting.
I saw Elizabeth, Brian, Jaelyne, and Kyle there waiting.
"Bye Anthony." Alex said. Alex had my suitcase.
Did you hunt today or did you runoff when I told you to?" Alex whispered.
"Oh I did. It's just I don't think we need so much room in that bus." I said.
He chuckled.
"What's so funny?" I asked.
"There is 7 people going."
"I know that bus is for 10 people oh. Okay." I said understanding.

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I HATE MY SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE DISCONNECTED THE WHOLE COMPUTE SYSTEM and I HAD HALF A CHAPTER DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FEEL LIKE KILLING SOMEONE RIGHT NOW! (But I am not one of those people)
Chapter 23: Italy

The plane ride was so boring. I am so happy to be in Italy. In the plane Alex was about to kiss me but Elizabeth interrupted us.
As we pulled up to the hotel, Alex whispered in my ear, "Me me outside at midnight. Make sure they think your asleep use your speed to come unseen." He said.
I nodded.
We walked in.
I had my suitcase in my hand.
The man behind the counter gave me a key.
It had a number 4 on it.
I looked around the hotel looking for room 4.
I saw Alex find his room.
I walked up and saw my room right across from his.
I opened the door and saw a really antique looking room.
I put my suitcase on the floor and looked out the window.
It's just 9 pm so I have 3 hours until I meet Alex outside.
There was a knock at the door.
I ran to open the door.
"Hey." I said. Elizabeth was right there with Ms. Roberts.
"Go to sleep now you need all the rest." Ms. Roberts said.
"Wheres Jaelyne and Kyle?" I asked Elizabeth.
"Sleeping." She said.
They both walked away.
I sighed.
I turned the lights off and sat on my bed.
I played a few games on my Ipod Touch.
I looked at my watch every few minutes.
"Finally." I whispered to my self when it was finally midnight.
I got up quietly. I ran to the door. I locked it and ran outside with all my speed.
There was Alex sitting on a brick wall surrounding a fountain.
I smiled and walked toward him.
"Hey." I said.
"Hey." He replied. "I want to take you somewhere."
"Where?" I asked.
"You'll see."
He grabbed my arm and put me on his back.
"Close your eyes."
I shut my eyes.
After a few minutes he spoke. "We are almost there hopefully." He said.
He stopped. I smelled something like another vampire. I opened my eyes enough to look through my lashes.
I saw the forest surrounding us.
Alex started running again. "Close your eyes." He said.
"Fine. I hate surprises." I grumbled.
"Well you'll like this one." I heard the smile on his face.
I could still smell the vampire scent.
"I think we're here." He finally said.
"Yay." I said.
He laughed.
"Alessandro Ermete." He told someone.
I heard footsteps. It sounded like the stranger is human. But there's more humans around him.
A few seconds later I heard a door then more footsteps. The footsteps got closer.
"You can open your eyes you know." Alex told me.
I opened them and I saw a gate with 7 guys in front of us.
"Come in." One of them said.
The gate opened and there was the huge mansion.
I looked surprised.
I felt the wind again as Alex ran.
We were at the door in no time.
The guards opened the door. These guards were vampires.
"Alessandro!" I heard.
Alex let me down.
"Aurora!" He yelled. A beautiful girl came out of the top of the grand staircase.
She wore a sapphire blue dress it had a crystal more like diamond design.
She starred at me as she reached the bottom.
"Summer this is my sister, Aurora."
"Hello Summer." She said.
I expected her to talk Italian but she speaks English.
"You speak English now?" Alex asked.
"Are you kidding I speak many languages." She told him. She looked at me. She looked confused. "She's one of us."
"Yes. I turned her after she was shot." He told her.
"While you were being turned what did you see?" She asked me.
"Goddess Diana." I said.
"Well did she say anything to you? It's okay I am queen of vampire."
Alex and I starred at her.
"After you left, I was in the council but then the queen was killed and they put me in charge. Now I am protected until the next one comes." She explained.
"Goddess Diana told me I will be the most powerful vampire the world has seen." I told her.
"Amazing." She said. "Let me see your hand." I stretched out my hand.
She looked at the deer shape in my hand.
She looked up to meet my eyes. "Your the next. That means my job is done." She said sadly. "Well until your married."
I looked at her.
"Your marriage will make it official."
"Were you married when you became queen?" I asked.
"You got married without inviting me." Alex said.
"I didn't know where you were. It was 65 years ago in 1955."
"My name is Alex Gilbert now. I've lived with a doctor, he was recently married to Summer's mother which was supposed to be dead but is now a vampire like Summer." He said.
"How are the twins?"
"Sapphire and Ruby are great but they miss you."


Chapter 24: Aurora part 1 sneak peek

I watched outside as it was becoming dawn.
"Alex it's almost dawn." I said.
"Okay. I'll see you later come to the art contest please." Alex said.
"Okay. See you there." Aurora said. "Bye Summer. It was nice meeting you."
I smiled.
We walked outside and looked up at the dark blue sky.
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