The Twilight Saga

Alice is Bella's sister, Bella is just moving back to Forks cause her mom said they can't deal with her anymore. She is a major player and has a secret... Her personality is basically the same though. Emmett and Edward are brothers. Rosalie and Jasper are the Hales. All Human! For now!!!!!!!!


"Edward, it's like you have poured bleach on my heart erasing all the ones before. All I care about is you, only you. I love you. Now that you know my secret, tell me do you still love me?"


Chapter one- Really? You have got to be kidding me.

You could say I played the field to describe my love life, but you would be understatng things.....
I was the most beautiful thing you could have layed eyes on and I could have anyone I wanted, besides Tom......
He was my one and only true love. We were together forever it seemed like. Until he decided I was too much of a hassle becase everyday some guy hit on me. Like I could help that! To try to make him jealous I slept around and he never seemed to care. He didn't even tell me he was moving to Ohio, I found out from my latest conquest. I was so used to the routine that I became the school player (but the girls called me something else) I felt bad for what I was doing but it was the only way to cover the pain. My loving mother couldn't save me anymore from what I had done She sobbed the whole night when she told me I had to leave.

My plane landed.
The idiot I had made-out with earier approached me as I left the plane. He shoved his hand up my skirt.
Then I spotted Charlie face purple, running over.
He grabbed the guy and said "I'm the police and are you aware that this girl is seventeen years of age! I am going to have you arrested!"

The guy jumped back, startled.

"Hey dad let it go it's fine" I tried to calm him.

"The hell it is! Alice you agree with me don't you?" He turned to my pixie sister.

I gave my Alice the most warm pleading smile.

She then spoke "Dad it's too late he just ran away."

Charlie turned around and swore "F***! Bella will you try to behave yourself! You need a change and by the looks of it, that pig didn't get the idea from out of the sky. Why don't you watch how your sister acts."

Oh yes Alice was perfect. On the outside. Alice was just as bad as me in someways, or she was until she found Jasper.

As we walked to the car Alice and I chatted about her best friends Emmett and Rosalie(who were together) Jasper of course and Edward. He was single, Alice had told me we were very much alike but he wasn't as flamboyant about his love life as I was. I had seen his picture before, gorgeous was the only way to describe him.

I had to have him.

This was going to be fun...............


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wow! this will get a little catty! especially when they r both players! hmmm every guy hitting on bella and her giving in and theres edward doing the same thing! u need to write more soon
As we pulled up to my new but not so new home, I realized it was exactly the same as I remembered it. Two-story white house with a cozy feel. If it wasn’t for Alice it would look the same on the inside, but no she changed this Washington original house into a chic New York City style Loft.
I then entered my fabulous pad with my sister and Charlie.

“So, What do you think? It’s been a while since you visited and my new-found decorating sense took over. Jasper thinks it’s too much and Dad doesn’t care….” Alice blurted out while I put my hand up to stop her.

“Alice, it’s beautiful, you are awesome and very talented. I still can’t believe I’m here.” I replied

“Me either Bella, me ether.” She softly sang.
Charlie was already on the white leather couch watching football.

“Wait Alice how can you afford all this stuff? I know dad is the chief of police but come on.” I told her.

“Well did I mention that Jasper is super rich? Well he is and he loves to spoil me!” she giggled.

Hmmmmm…Maybe Edward can give me presents too….
Images filled my head of me and Edward then. Oh man! I needed to see him in person! NOW!

I took a deep breath. Not now Bella, all in good time. That reminds me I needed to call Jake.
We had been best fiends forever. He would visit me all the time in Phoenix. Just recently he told me he wanted more. I didn’t want to hurt him but I did love him, in a way.

All of a sudden Alice was waving her hand in front of my face “Bella? Bella? Come on, I redecorated your room too!”she pulled me up the stairs and led me into a room next to hers.
I walked in and stood in awe. The walls were a strange mix of royal blue and purple. There was a massive king-sized bed in the middle of the room with a tan comforter and heaps of pillows. The floor was hardwood, with a maple dresser and desk. On the desk was a laptop, and above it was a wooden board with pictures of my friends from Phoenix, Jake, mom and Phil, Charlie, Alice and Jasper.
On the opposite wall from the bed there was a closet, a massive one at least. This was amazing.

“Do you like it? I’m dying here. I mean we can change things if you like…” Alice’s voice faded

“Alice, I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s perfect. I love it! You don’t know how much this means to me. I feel welcome, thank you.”

Alice started crying and came and hugged me. “Oh Bella, you’re home, you’re home! I’ve missed you sooo much. I had to take of Charlie all by myself.” She laughed.

“Well, it wasn’t much different on my end Alice. Mom is just a big four-year old!”I laughed with her.

She released me. “Okay Bella unpack and settle in. You are not leaving me again. Oh and tomorrow Jasper and the gang are coming over to meet you. You have a lot of things to get caught up with, so I love you. Goodnight!"

“I’m not going anywhere Alice and I love you too. Nite!"

It was hours since I said goodnight to my sister. The clock read 2:48am. I was almost settled in but I still needed to catch up on my “work.” My relationship with Jacob Black was not just friendship it was also business.
As I picked up my locked jewelry box I stumbled upon something underneath. It was a letter addressed to me. I opened it.
My dear Bella,
You really did not think I left you because of your desirability, did you? I found your jewelry box. I can’t deal with something like that, no matter what the reason. Unacceptable could not cover it. So that’s what you were doing out at all hours of the night? I guess I’ll never really know what was in that mind of yours. You seem to be doing well though; boys’ desires’ are finally being met. I’m moving to Ohio Bella. If you think we still have a chance your wrong. Jacob should feel ashamed for encouraging you to do this. I will always love you, In a way.

I shook with sobs. How could I be so stupid! I had slept with all those guys for what then? That wasn’t even In his mind as he left me. It was all because of me! My stupid job that I would feel guilty for if I didn’t fulfill my purpose.

I grabbed a bottle of Vodka from my bag and took a swig.Ahh that’s better.

I called Jake. We talked for hours. By the time I fell asleep the sun was rising and all the vodka was goe.
i like it and bella is way different! please keep me up dated on your story please!
iits really gOOd
haha BAD Bella!
I like it :)
thx i just really wanted a player bad girl bella story
I like it please keep going!! :P

claire m. cullen<3
i really like ur story but plz plz plz don't copy mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
don't worry i promise i won't im already done i just need to post it
can u plzzzzzzzzzzz post it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please write more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 2- The friends

I awoke to find Alice shaking me. “Bella! Bella! Wake up! What have you done? You get here and what do you do? Drink a bottle of vodka? It’s two-o-clock! I left here at nine thinking you would be up any minute! You’re not even dressed! My friends are coming over in ten minutes!”

“Alice, shut up I have a little bit of a hangover.” I slurred.

“A little bit! You still sound tipsy! When did you go to bed? Oh never mind that! We need to get you dressed!” she yelled.

“Ughhhh I am perfectly capable of dressing myself Alice, hangover or not. What time did you say it was again?”

“Two-o-clock!!!! Hurry! Hurry!” she pushed me into my closet.

I pulled on my favorite bleached light blue jeans and black stiletto pumps. I had on a hot pink bra, so to have a little fun, over that I put on a see-through black linen tank-top. I combed my hair and even with the circumstances I looked hot. I then finished it off with brown eye-shadow, mascara, eye liner and lip gloss.

I walked into my room to see it a mess; I guess I left it that way after my little meltdown. I then noticed my jewelry box open on the floor. S***! I ran over to it and locked it. I hope Alice didn’t see. Strangely Tom’s letter was not anywhere to be found. I started cleaning up my mess when the pounding head ache appeared. I took three aspirin and washed them down with a swig of tequila. I had bought so much alcohol while waiting for plane to board in Arizona. I was a sucker for stuff like that, plus the guy who worked there gave me a discount.

I heard murmuring downstairs and I figured it was the tv. As I left my room I called to Alice, “Alice, I totally forgot I made Jake a promise to come see him at three-thirty”

“Ughhh Bella! Can’t you change the time to later?”I started desending down the stairs then.

“ I know he won’t budge. So sorry I can’t hang with your friends longer but OH hat reminds me I left my birth-control pills in Arizona! Can I borrow a couple of yours until I get more?” I stopped when I realized we weren’t alone.
In the living room stood Alice giving me an Oh my gosh I can’t believe you just said that look. There was a blond girl there, almost as beautiful as me, looking me up and down. I could tell she hated me already. Then there was Jasper, I remembered him from my wall of pictures. He was handsome of course but not my type. Then next to the blond girl was a muscular big guy he was closer to my type, but I redirected my attention because I knew who was next.
He was gorgeous. I sighed in relief on the inside but on the outside I was calm and smug. His deep-green eyes seemed to penetrate deep into my tortured soul. I wanted him to pick me up and kiss me everywhere. Then I noticed he was just as excited to see me as I was to see him according to his lower midriff area. (cough) I smirked. Actually all of the guys seemed to be in awe at my presence.
“What kind of girl do you think I am Bella? And anyways you know he is dating Leah Clearwater?” Alice stumbled.

“Why would he want her when he can all of this?” I motioned towards myself and laughed. “Besides who are you to talk Alice do you remember Jeremy? And Steve and…..” she interrupted me while Jasper looked at her.

She laughed nervously, “Sure Bella I have your back.” She walked over to me and stepped on my foot without anyone noticing.

“Now let me introduce you to everyone.” She pulled me over to where Jasper was. “Bella this is Jasper. You will be seeing him a lot.”

Jasper laughed and shook my hand. “It’s so very nice to meet you Bella. Now Alice can relax.”
We all laughed then. “ Same to you Jasper. Alice has told me so much about you.” I smoothly spoke.

The big muscular guy then walked over to me giving me a slap on the back. “Don’t be intimidated I’ll make sure Alice doesn’t make you meet all of us formally. I’m Emmett and this is my girl Rosalie.”

I nodded nonchalantly and said “What’s up?”

“You are ay cooler than Alice said. Actually all she told us about you was that your great and we would see the rest for ourselves.” He laughed.

I looked over at Alice and replied “Is that so?”
She sheepishly grinned and shrugged. Emmett let go of me as Edward approached.

He was smiling the most beautiful crooked smile. “Well hello there Bella. I’m Edward.” He stuck out his hand.
I just stood there for a moment and then shook his hand. OH! It felt like I was being melted by his touch.
“Hello Edward.” I seductively purred.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh. Looks like Edward’s in love!” Emmett laughed.

Edward then let go and blushed. I laughed “Well what do you guys do around here?” I asked.

“Well we were all going to go and show you the Cullen’s house and stay overnight, like a little party. Well actually we do it all the time but then you decided you needed to make a house call for Jake.” Alice spat, but she couldn’t keep a straight face. She burst out laughing and we all joined her.

“I’m confused. is Jake your boyfriend Bella?” Edward asked.

“Err. No.”

“Oh yes Edward Bella is quite the little player. When she leaves at night to go see a guy she won’t remember his name in the morning.” Alice spoke at first as a joke but then it just turned harsh.
Everyone fell silent.
I looked down to my shoes. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t tell them your secrets. Don’t! I chanted to myself. I could feel myself crumbling.

“Excuse me.” I whispered. I left the room and entered the kitchen. I gripped the counter for balance and I heard whispering in the living room.

I heard someone approaching, expecting them to be Alice but when I turned around it was Edward.


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