The Twilight Saga

Bleeding Distraction  


Bella did not find Jake. Instead she found a disctraction. A disctraction from the pain of Edwards departure... Will she kill herself before Edward returns?



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Chapter 2: Comment Page -2

Chapter 3: Comment Page -7



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Chapter 1

I sat there just staring out my window. I watched the leaves change colors and the sky darken and lighten.

The months dragged on but meaning to life was gone. Things changed around me but nothing in me changed.

I stood up ready to go to school, trying to numb the pain with distractions, but nothing worked. It was still there. Throbbing and eating me alive.

It was an incurable disease, but worse… It was eating at my soul.

I walked down the stairs but tripped at the last one. My wrist hit the corner of the counter. I caught my fall but pain soured up my arm.

I lifted it up but the blood made my head spin. I grasped a towel and put it lightly on the wound.

Then I realized what had just happened.

I took off the towel and stared at the wound. Just for a second…just for a moment… the pain was gone.

I looked at the blood that was now dripping on the floor. This was it. The distraction I had been looking for.

The blood stopped making my head spin. It flowed freely and hit the pale white kitchen floor in a down pour.

I smiled. Things would change now…. I would make sure of it.
This is intersesting. Please contunue.
I will :)
wow really good! update soon
I will Bella :))
nooo bella
cant wait to read more
Please Update me This is cool!
thank you Terri! :))
I really like this.
Please update soon!
I will :))


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