The Twilight Saga

Bleeding Distraction  


Bella did not find Jake. Instead she found a disctraction. A disctraction from the pain of Edwards departure... Will she kill herself before Edward returns?



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Chapter 2: Comment Page -2

Chapter 3: Comment Page -7



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ik it is but its true!!!!! and i swear i am going to kill Edward if he doesnt come and help Bella soon
i love this!!!
i have a story with bella doing the same thing but it has a completly different plot lol

Chapter 3

I was running. The forest wiped around me missing me by centimeters. The sky darkened quickly as I ran through the familiar forest floor. Nothing had changed yet everything was different.

She was like gravity. She was my gravity. She held me to this earth like the sun pulls on the earth. She was my sun. She was my inner universe. She was my only sunshine. She was the light that brightened my darkened life.

I knew and felt where she was. It had something to do with the bond formed between mates. It was an electrical charge that could not be put out. It pulled her to me and I to her. I could still feel the heat of her touch on my cold skin.

It was a flame that could not be put out. It was hard to think about how at first I had to be so careful knowing that one touch would make her my drug. Now she was not only my drug but the reason behind existence itself.

I ran knowing I could not stay away. I was too selfish. I needed her by my side. The breeze fastened as I increased my speed. I needed to see her just once. Then I would decide. Would I stay? Or would I leave once more?

This would give me the answers I coveted. Emmett thought I knew everything… I had lived for a century but this bond… I had no idea what I needed to do. I did not know what I would see. This is what scared me the most.

Had she moved on? Did she forget me just like I had wanted? It would be fair… But my feelings towards her would never change. I do not think I could handle her being with someone else. It had been a fear that had led me to stay. The fear of her finding and forming a family with someone like… Mike Newton.

Had she formed a family? I considered this for a moment. Knowing Bella she had not. It was not something I had not discussed thoroughly with her but it seemed like she was the type to wait things out and see were they lead.

She considered all paths except when it came to someone she cared about. Then she would not hesitate to put herself in harms way. She was very selfless in that subject. Other’s needs came before hers. She was the maternal, protective figure in her family. I had seen it over and over again as she had taken care of her father. The way she spoke about her parents was as if she was the adult and they were the children.

I laughed humorlessly and realized were I was. I was at the meadow. I looked at the perfectly shaped meadow. It was different. Ah, it was winter. Everything was waiting to be reborn in the spring. Just like my feelings for Bella. It was not that they had died, but they had stayed there inside me until spring came, which was to me, until Bella came.

I ran faster knowing it would not take long until I found her. I reached her house and jumped up the window in less than a second. I looked into the room sure that this was not hers. Everything had been changed. Her books were gone while her shoes had turned from normal to heels and flats. They were perfectly lined up against her closet. I looked around. Her sheets were black and pink. Her walls were full of posters of bands I had heard of but seemed too depressing to listen to.

It shouted PAIN at me. Everything was so different. Her CDs were broken and in a trash can at the opposite end of the room. Her walls were a dark Pink almost Red. Her computer had been changed to a red and black one. Her cloths were now all short and too electric for a casual day here in Forks. The only thing I could find that was still decent was a pair of jeans too tight to be modest.

All the shirts were low cut V necks. They were very tight fitting. Then I smelled it. It was very faint but it was very familiar. After tasting her blood I knew what it perfectly smelled like. I flitted towards her small desk and opened the first drawer. It was locked which was very strange. Now in close proximity I could smell the blood. It was more that just a small cut which was what I expected from Bella.

I broke the lock and opened it horrified at what I found. Knives, scissors… They were all stained with the same liquid. Alcohol. A human would’ve missed the hidden smell of blood. I could also see the stain at the edge of the sharp ends. They all smelled and looked the same except the one in the corner. It was unclean and fresh with blood that smelled like it had been there since this morning.

The possibilities swirled in my mind. I knew the answer before I admitted it. I dialed the number I had memorized long ago. I called Carlisle.

The conversation passed in a blur. I could hear his shock as he too knew the only possible answer.

I knew this was all because of me. I had led her to this. I had caused her to harm herself. The guilt hit me hard. I felt as if my soul tore. If my heart was beating it would have stopped.

I smelled something else then. I looked down to find a planner. I opened the little book smelling her fresh scent on its cover. I read it carefully.

Party at Tyler’s house.

That is were she was and were I was heading.
why did you stop there?!?!??!?!??!??!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

more ASAP now!!!! love it
Thank you Sofia!!!

Me niether ;) *evil grin*

Awesome-----sweet--------really emo------------------ is what ur story is!! I <3 UR STORY!
Thank you! :))

loved it!!! :D
love it
more please
update soon
Is your profile picture a toilet? If it is that's pretty cool lol! :)


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