The Twilight Saga

Bleeding Distraction  


Bella did not find Jake. Instead she found a disctraction. A disctraction from the pain of Edwards departure... Will she kill herself before Edward returns?



Chapter 1: Comment Page -1

Chapter 2: Comment Page -2

Chapter 3: Comment Page -7



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did something happen to charlie
love the story
More More More More More More More More!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soon Soon Soon! <3
omg..... i lost my dad when i was 7 ik what its like but im happy i have my girlfriend and shes trying to help me alot.
It is really hard :) I never had a dad and I know the feeling :)
oh im sorry to hear that..... :( i was just like Bella at the beggining of the year..
yeah life can really change in a short amount of time :)
:) yes it can
I know huh~! they are both so stubborn! <3
So many questions I know~! :)
I know it is going to be hard Paula :)
I will! <3


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