The Twilight Saga

Bleeding Distraction  


Bella did not find Jake. Instead she found a disctraction. A disctraction from the pain of Edwards departure... Will she kill herself before Edward returns?



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You don't have to :)

Chapter 6

I walked towards my truck. Charlie promised me that in a few months he would get me a new car. I was terribly exited. Though this truck had personality it just wasn’t me anymore. I was a different person. I was changed. This car did not represent that. I needed something that looked like me now.

The path to school was one I memorized so I texted all the way. Angela and Jess were planning a trip to Seattle. We were going to be getting our dresses tailored and fitted.

I had decided on a loose silk blue dress with a diamond strap on one shoulder. The heels were Nina. They were simple with straps but went great with the costume.

I drove into the parking lot and examined my surroundings. There was a red convertible near the front office. I ignored it and parked across from it. Today I had chosen a very tempting outfit that would send my dad into conniptions.

The dress barely made it mid-thigh.

I carefully maneuvered myself and got out my truck. My heeled boots clanked across the pavement.

I saw Alex make his way towards me. He was the hottest guy in school. Even I had to admit that he could take on Edward’s looks. He was tall and blond. His eyes were like the sky. Gray and Blue but gentle. I knew I should fall for him like every other girl but I knew that my heart would only belong to one.

“Hey Bella!” he called out.

“Hey Alex!” I called back.

“Umm… Can I ask you something?” He seemed nervous and clammy.

“Sure, is something wrong?” I started to get worried.

“No… Um… Would you be my date for the dance?” His face turned red and he seemed to be dreading my answer. I thought carefully.

Then it came to me. I would hurt them just like they hurt me. No matter what it takes I will not give up until he hurts so much he will want to die. I was surprised at the rage but I welcomed it.

“Sure Alex!” I answered enthusiastically. Idiot, I thought in my head.

“Really?!... I mean awesome! I’ll pick you up at seven!”

“Would you mind walking me to class?” I have to admit I was over doing it.

“Sure!” He pulled me and put his arm across my waist. I put on my fake smile.

I could already see the glares from all the girls. I already could hear the gossip as we walked through the halls.

…Can you believe her…?

…First Cullen now Alex…

…the Cullens are here…

…I wonder what Edward will think…

Alex walked me up to my first class…Government.

“I’ll see you at lunch,” he added with a smile.

“See you there,” I replied. He gave me a small smile and started to head off to his class. That’s when I saw him.

He was walking right towards me. I turned on my heel and went into Government. I was begging God that he would not sit next to me since I was the only one in the class who did not have a class partner.

Many of the students wanted to be able to sit next to their friends during class time so the school changed its policy. You get a class partner who will sit next to you in all your classes. I was fine since there weren’t enough students to pair me with one, but now that he was here I knew I would have to be his class partner. But maybe I could use it to my advantage. He would have to be my partner and I could hurt him everyday for the rest of the school year. Life was suddenly looking brighter.

I endured it. We barely talked unless it was work related. I ignored him he ignored me. But it was too much. My heart was feeling torn.

I decided that hurting them was hurting me. I tried to be nice but they were cold. A part of me wanted to tell him I loved him but another part of me wanted to hide it…make it the one secret I would never tell.

That is when the journals started. At first it was a letter to him that I would never give. Then it became constant letters of what had happened at school and how much I missed him. I kept them hidden in the draw I used to hide my knives in.

None of them saw through my charade. The Cullens were like before. Ignored and feared of. Alice would not even stand a hundred yards near me. It was as if she was trying to block me away.

Dear Edward,

Today is the day of the Snow Ball Dance. I wish you could be my date but I am going with Alex. He is very nice and compassionate. I know he likes me but I do not like him back. I love you Edward. I wish you could see that. But you can’t. I hide it too well. My dress is the color you would love. I chose it because it reminds me of us and our love. But that time is long gone. My heart breaks every time you ignore me. My heart shatters every time you look away. Your cold manner makes me hurt even more. I can’t write. I have to go change. I love you.



I quickly put on my dress. I had to admit I was exited. But something in the pit of my stomach wanted me to stay here with my dad.

He was sitting calmly at the loveseat but I wanted to hug him. To tell him I loved him. To tell him he was the greatest dad in the world. I shook my head. I dismissed it as the hormones. I wish I would have not. I wish I could go back to that moment. When he turned to find me dressed and ready. When his eyes glowed with a fatherly spark. When he embraced me. When he kissed me in the cheek and handed me over to Alex. I wish I could go back.

I walk towards the car. I look back at my dad in the porch. The urge is stronger. I feel tears in my eyes. But I turn and get in the car. I take one look back to find him there standing in the light of the house. I wished I had gone back.

“What’s wrong?” Alex asked.

This pulled me out of my reverie. I laughed. What a weird moment!

“Nothing!” I smiled and looked outside. I followed the stars as we drove. What a weird moment… I kept repeating to myself.

As soon as I saw the school all my worries disappeared. I could see the white, gray, black, sky blue, decorations we had put up. It was beautiful.

I smiled and stepped out of the car. All eyes were on me. I knew I looked good but I did not know how good until I saw what the others were wearing. I think I might have looked too good.

We stepped inside the building and I saw who was there. I guess the Cullens actually are good con artists. They were dancing along with some other lucky freshmen couples who I decided could come since they were so cute together.

I spotted our group immediately. The girls were wearing red, pink, and aqua dresses. They looked gorgeous. I smiled and Alex led me towards them. I had to remind myself not to let the Cullens presence affect me.

Then I get a feeling. A deep feeling of grief. I felt myself freeze. At the same time I hear a shocked gasp from behind us.

No one realizes what’s going on except for me and the Cullens. Alice is starring at something far away. Her eyes are open in shock then she looks at me. It takes one look and I know something is wrong. The crushing grief resides but I can feel the weight of it on my abdomen.

Her eyes are open in shock and that is the last time I see her because the crowd swallowed them all and I was brought back to reality.

I needed air so I excused myself. Then I felt the urge to call Charlie. I did not know why but I needed to talk to him. I needed to know he was alright.

I take out my phone to dial. My hands are shaking. My eyes feel wet. I am about to click dial when a cold hand reaches my phone and crushes it. I look up in surprise. Alice is standing there her face still a mask of grief.

“He’s gone.” It takes two words and the world goes black.

Her Dress:

Authors Note: This chapter is a shock I know! It was very hard trying to write it! But I hope you guys understand. I knew something had to give. Bella was going to be too stubborn and so was Edward so something needed to happen to make them go back together again. Please comment!<3
When you FINALLY update, YOU HAVE TO DROP THIS STUPID BOMB!!! Why? Why? Why?
I'm sorry! But I had to :(
i love the new chapter! <3
please post more soon! :D
I will :)
lol! :)
No worries :)
did something happen to charlie
love the story
More More More More More More More More!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soon Soon Soon! <3
omg..... i lost my dad when i was 7 ik what its like but im happy i have my girlfriend and shes trying to help me alot.


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