The Twilight Saga

Bleeding Distraction  


Bella did not find Jake. Instead she found a disctraction. A disctraction from the pain of Edwards departure... Will she kill herself before Edward returns?



Chapter 1: Comment Page -1

Chapter 2: Comment Page -2

Chapter 3: Comment Page -7



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I will Cierra! <3
omg i cant beileve they actually argued make bella be hard to get make bella be hard to get plz it will make edward see his mistakes just plz make her hard to get plz plz plz plz
Just for you I will oh and there will be someone replacing Jacob! Alex will be the other love trianlge! <3
That was a naughty place to cut off from!
I loved it :)
That was so amazing and tense!
Update soon pleasee! :D
I will abby! <3
Love it.. the tension is just greta but.. what happen to charlie??????? more ASAP
You'll find out very soon! <3
I will <3
OMG! No not the skittles!
Very SOON! <3
Yes, Bella must feel horrible. Thank you for reading! <3 I will update soon! <3


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