The Twilight Saga


Part One

“Izzy?” I heard the beautiful masculine voice behind me. I sighed and turned around. Eddie was standing on the last step of the great staircase holding a black leather jacket. “You okay?”


I walked towards him. I considered telling him about the deal I just made but I thought otherwise. Rose seemed like the type of girl that didn’t make idle threats. And her eyes had definitely screamed threat.


“Yeah. I’m okay. I just…nevermind.” I shrugged. “Are we still going to the field?”


He smiled but I could tell he was still worried about me. “It’s a meadow and yes, we are still going.”


My lips twitched. I honestly didn’t see the difference between a meadow and field but whatever. He walked forward until we were about an inch apart. He gently stroked my face from temple to chin and raised my head up so I was looking into his eyes. All I could focus on though were his plump lips. It was so quiet that I bet he could hear my heart racing. The terror of his family diminished quite a bit when he was this close. I could think of nothing else besides the sheer closeness of him. I stared into his beautiful, worried eyes.


 “Seriously though, what’s the problem?” he whispered.


“Nothing, at the moment,” I smiled shyly.


He smiled arrogantly. “Is that so? Well, then what was the problem a few minutes ago?”


I sighed. “Your sisters…they have an amazing way of making a good impression,” I said sadly.


Before my eyes, I saw his eyes darken with anger and his jaw clench. His hand was frozen against my face. “What did they say?” he whispered fiercely.


I paused. Eddie seemed really angry, and I didn’t want anyone to get into trouble just because I don’t have tough skin. “It was nothing, I promise.”


“I don’t care. I want to know.”


I sighed. “Can I tell you later? When you’ve, um, calmed down?”


He stared at me for a second, and then I felt the tension flow out of him. He smiled but it didn’t reach eyes. “Fine. But as soon as we hit the path, you’re telling me. Agreed?”




We walked to the huge window behind the stairs in the back of his house. I quickly realized that it was actually a door, like the one in Eddie’s bedroom.


His family’s backyard was huge, complete with a gazebo, a hammock, and a six car garage. Lining the yard, or double-acre, was the edge of dense woods that stretched for miles and miles. There was a narrow dirt pathway that Eddie said we’d be taking.


“How far away is this field…meadow, again?” I asked, remembering my dream where Eddie was biting my neck with inch-long fangs. Not that I believed that could happen, of course.


“Umm…about two miles,” he said sheepishly. I looked at him. “If you get tired, I’ll carry you,” he smiled.


I pictured Eddie carrying me through the forest in his strong arms and all my fears melted away. “Ok, then. I’m ready,” I said, walking briskly toward the forest entrance. Eddie fell into place beside me.


I felt silly for being scared around him. We were just two normal human beings taking a walk in the woods. What’s the worst that could happen? 



A half a mile later, and I was already tired. The path was unused and unkempt. Vines, low branches, and tall grass clung to my ankles. Leaves and twigs whipped my face. Not to mention that the used to be sunny day turned into overcast with a promise of rain.


“You know we can reschedule this field trip if you want,” Eddie said quietly, easily striding through the brush, as if he were walking on a cloud. “It looks like it’s about to rain and we still have a mile and a half to go, sooo….”


“Well, I mean, you said you’d carry me,” I joked, still tripping over branches.


Suddenly, Eddie stopped short, making me slam into the back of him. He didn’t move so it was like running into a brick wall. He turned so he was facing me with a mischievous look on his face. “You are absolutely right, Izzy.” Before I could protest, he swept his arm under my knees making them buckle. He caught my neck with his other arm, so I landed comfortable in his massive arms. When the shock wore off, I found myself staring into his smiling face and twinkling green eyes. His eyes still mystified me. They were always a different color, always matching what he had on. Weird.


“Hello, Beautiful,” he said deeply and quietly, making me blush. “That is what Izzy is short for, right? Isabella?” I nodded. “Then, your name is technically Beautiful in Italian.” He looked me slowly up and down, my face reddening deeper. “It fits.”


I gulped down the sudden heat between us. The moment was very intimate; him holding me behind my head and knees. “Th-thanks,” I whispered.


He laughed. “You’re welcome.” Suddenly Eddie stiffened and his head snapped up, quickly scanning the woods around us.


His tension made me nervous. “What is it?” I asked. Eddie looked down at me with a regretful expression, making my fear worse.


“He’s here,” he whispered.


I looked around us. “Who’s here?”


Eddie sighed, like he already accepted defeat. “Jacob. Jacob Black is here.”









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CHAPTER SEVEN NOW UP....FINALLY. :) sorry for the wait
added a bit

thanks! im thinking about combining all the chapters into one big discussion but i don't know.


cool. i just combined chapters one through four. the rest of the chapters are separate. i'll combine them later.

i was so happy when i seen your meassage saying you finally posted a new chapter!!

you didn't disappoint...another Amazing chapter!!!

really looking forward to more =)


NEW READER really awesome keep writing plz plz plz plz i loved it
THANKS. I just added an extra part to Chapter Seven. Enjoy!

chapters 5-8 are being combined into one discussion. since this discussion will be irrelevant, it will be deleted tomorrow, april 6, 2011. THANKS FOR READING.




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