The Twilight Saga

This is like Jacobs story its all in his point of veiw,, im gonna post a lil thingy, then ill have chapter one up, later tonight.

I watched her walk away with him, and walked back to my car, getting in and driving off my side of the Treaty line. I looked back into the rear view mirror, as i drove away, a tiny tear escaping every time i saw them my heart broke in two, then four,eight, then eventually nothing, i would be picking up these pieces for the rest of my life. Sometimes i wondered if  she ever saw this in my eyes, my heart breaking as i watched her walk away. She knew i loved her but yet, she still chose to come around, she chose my fate, My curse.




Chapter 1


I saw his shinny car pulling in my drive way, They stepped out dressed in black of course, i walked out and greated them, as friendly as possible. Bella hugged me tight, a tear falling from her eyes. We went inside waiting for everyone else. Seth ran up to me"Its time" he bowed his head and went to the back, as i followed along with the cullens, i walked to the front falling to my knees at the coffin, as the preacher began.
"We are here today to remember our dear friend Billy." i tuned out most of the rest of it, it hurt enough, I need not see everyone crying and all. It had finally happened I've lost everyone, Mom, Dad,Bella..To be honest it hurt worse to think i had lost bella forever then to be knealing infront of my fathers castket i knew he was well, where he was. I smiled a tiny smile, then i felt someones hand on my shoulder.
"Jake, come on, please stand up" Bells i knew her soft touch and her sweet voice, then i heard the preacher call me up to say a few words, i rose to my feet, heading for the pedestal..
"My dad was a great man" i paused for effect."Honest, Caring,,," the rest is a blur, going through the process, thanking everyone for coming, going back into what seems like emety house, as most people would agree, it was just different now.


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i really like it! update me please! thanks! please continue its AWESOME! aha

Thanks and no problem

this was so great!-not great awsome! please continue :D

Thanks! and i hope to post a chapter(short) everynight
I like it
Chapter 2
His teeth sank into her neck, i heard her ear percing wails."NO!" i screamed out, but they didn't stop, they were taking her life essence from her,she wouldn't stop screaming, i jumped up and landed on the floor,covered in sweat. Just a dream i thought. I couldn't get over these dreams, nightmares,Either Dad, or her. I pushed myself off the floor, glancing at the clock..3:04 a.m. I went down stairs and got some water, another long night, broken hearts, broken dreams. Would this ever get better? I paused on my way up the stairs back to my room, a beautiful picture of all of us: Her, Me,Charlie, and Dad. I slammed my fist into the wall,the glass shattered and fell to the floor along with the picture, My heart falling with it. I went upstairs, and my phone was ringing:
"hi- jake-im sorry-its so late" bella she had been crying
"Bells whats wrong?"
"Edward, and i got in a fight, can i come" My heart sank to the ground, seeing bella knowing she'd probably just leave with him, hurt, but seeing bella in this much pain hurt worse.."Yea, of course bells" i tried smiling but it didnt work"See you in a few" i hung up the phone.
"Knock,knock" i heard soft knocking and ran down stairs, opening the door, the sight i saw was horrific. Her hair was a mess, tear stains being run over by the tears,still running down her eyes. She ran into my arms, i wrapped my arms around her softly, letting her get it all out. She cried for what seemed like hours before going to lay on the couch. i wouldn't ask her about it tonight, i'll ask her when she feels  better, not such a tender heart, she had fallen asleep, so i turned leaving my heart behind, once again to the sleepless night.
i like it can u pls update me and post more :)
thanks and ill keep you posted

*editors note!:Thanks to all! if you wanna know why its not been updated comment me! thanks Sara<3*


Chapter 3


I Woke up to a note from bella.


Sorry, i wont return, for now at least, edward come to find me and i didnt want to wake you!

You were sleeping so well, call yous later

For now



I sighed, why couldnt she just leave my life? Why couldnt i just forget her? Oh right, we spent countless time together as kids, for all of it to just be left behind for, no other than, the one and only, Edward Cullen, Vampire at that, Ugh."Bella Bella Bella" what would i ever do? No bella, No dad, and no pack. I was offically and old man at the age of 18, wow jake get a life, that was it theres nothing here left for me i would leave, go somewhere new, maybe find a new pack, or just new friends, maybe a girl that would take my mind off bella. Telling bella would be a mistake so ill just pack and go...


I slowed down reaching the edge of North carolina, smelling the familiar scent of my kind, new friends i thought, i'd never find any, ran cross content and still hadn't found a pack, now that i had this was going to be akward. A few hours later i had'nt run into anyone yet, eventually i laid down to take a nap. Yawning slightly as my eyelids closed, i was out like a rock,


My eyes burst open, they were all around me, having no idea who they were i jumped up growling. Bad idea, they all growl'd back , i backed away behind a tree phased and put my close on going back out.

"I''m only looking for a new pack, brothers, needed i've recently lost my father, and best friend, I've decided to start over. Can you help?"

Still silent there growling slowed to a stop.


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