The Twilight Saga


One night of fire and blood and pain. One night of fighting and death. One night of abandonment...that one night changed my life forever. My name is Marie Evans, and this is my story...

Chapter 1 coming soon!

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When I woke up in the morning, I felt completely disoriented. I sat up and had no idea where I was. But then, all that happened last night came flooding back to me, the force of it knocking me back down. Some of it made me feel like crying again, especially when I remembered having cried. But when the memories of Drake, of his soft caresses, his protective embraces, his loving words, his breathtaking kisses....when they started to flood my mind, I just closed my eyes, smiling as I relived each moment. After a moment or two, I realized that Drake was no longer lying next to me. I opened my eyes and looked around, feeling the space next to me to check whether it was warm, meaning he hadn’t been gone long, but it was cool.
“Morning sleepy head,” Drake said as he came into the room.
I nearly fainted when I looked at him. He was soaking wet from head to toe dressed in nothing but a pair of low-slung black jeans. His naturally bronzed body glistened because of the moisture and the light and his dark hair was stuck up in cute random spikes from where he had towel dried it. I couldn’t quite believe I had kissed this stunningly gorgeous boy yesterday, never mind told him I loved him and slept in his arms.
“Morning,” I smiled, rubbing sleep out of my eyes.
“You’re hair looks awesome in the morning,” he chuckled, coming over and ruffling it even more with his hand.
“Liar,” I laughed and stuck my tongue out at him, “anyway, you’re hair is messy too!”
“Yes, but my hair is wet,” he smiled, “it has an excuse.”
“Whatever,” I laughed, “Why is your hair wet?”
“It’s raining out,” he shrugged.
“Then why were you outside,” I pressed, sensing he was hiding something.
Drake just stayed silent. I wriggled over to the edge of the bed and looked up into his eyes.
“Tell me,” I demanded.
“I slept with you in my arms, Marie... warm, soft and alive. Stavo sognando di voi. I woke up, and all I could smell was your blood. You’re warm, rich, sweet human blood, spiked with the effects of your body preparing to transition, making it smell addictive... It was breathtaking... I wanted to drink from you so much, but for one, I promised never to hurt you, and secondly, you were asleep, meaning I would have had no access to your mind, telling me when to stop...” he said, his voice barely above a whisper, as he stared at the opposite wall, “so I ran...I went out and hunted until I was full. Then when it was late enough, I went shopping and bought you some clean clothes. I mean, I know you have what you bought yesterday, but I thought I’d get you a choice...”
“Why didn’t you ask...” I whispered.
“What?” he said.
“You should have just woke me...told me how badly you wanted my blood...I wouldn’t have minded letting you drink from me...I wouldn’t mind...” I said, getting to my feet.
“Marie... amore mio... you don’t know what you’re saying....” he murmured.
“I know exactly what I’m saying...” I said, stepping close to him.
“I could hurt you...” he whispered, but his eyes, which were slowly turning black, were fixed on my neck.
“But you won’t...” I whispered.
“Marie...” he groaned, wanting to protest, but wanting my blood more.
“I love you...” I whispered, “I want to do this...”
Drake’s eyes were now fully black and his fangs were elongated. I placed my hands on his waist and looked into his eyes without fear, only love. He bent his head so his mouth has mere centimetres about my neck. He paused for a little while, just breathing in the scent of my blood.
“My Marie....amore mio....vita mia....anima mia...” he whispered, kissing my neck after every two words.
He kissed my neck softly and slowly for a long time, before wrapping his arms around me and pulling me to the bed, where he sat with me on his lap, one leg either side of his body. He murmured something, to quiet for me to hear before I felt two sharp stings as his fangs bit into the soft flesh of my neck. The pain was immediately replaced by the most amazing rush. It was like nothing I had ever imagined. My mind was filled with Drake...with how much he loved me, cared for me, wanted me... There was the most wondrous sense of giving as my life blood flowed into him, nourishing him. I felt him moan softly against my neck, and in a movement faster than a blink, I was laying back on the bed. Drake was on top of me, using his hands to pin mine above my head, still drinking from my neck. I could feel his body against mine, but he was supporting most of his weight on one knee, so I wasn’t crushed. All of this was noticed with a very small fragment of my mind, the majority of my mind was focused on the amazing feelings that were coursing through my body. It was like, the feelings you get when making out with someone you adore, yet times by a million! I could barely breathe with the intensity of it.
I love you, Marie... Drake said.
Except...he couldn’t have said it...I could still feel his lips busy at my neck. Maybe he had more in common with Stefan Salvatore than last name and vampirism.
Drake... I tried thinking, wondering if it would work.
Yes...we can communicate by thoughts when exchanging blood... his thought voice sounding blissfully happy.
Why does it feel this good... I moaned internally as another wave of pleasure went through me.
The endorphins in my saliva, they make you feel pleasure rather than pain. It can become addictive though...
Mmm I can see why...
I moaned in protest as Drake pull his head away from my neck.
“Sorry baby,” he smiled and stroked my cheek, “but if I take any more then I’ll have to give you my blood, and that would start the transition. And there’s still a lot about vampires I need to explain before you decide.”
“Like what?” I asked, letting him pull me so we were both sitting up.
“Like how it’s not as easy as they make it seem on films and TV and in books. Being a vampire isn’t an escape, it’s a lot harder than being human. Yeah there are some perks, which I will tell you about, but you need to hear the bad stuff first...” he sighed.
“OK...but first, can the human please have some breakfast?” I smiled.
“Sure,” he chuckled and helped me to my feet.
lol, I'm glad you like it
Next part should be longer lol
awesome!!!!!plz keep me updated!!
awesome!!!!!!!!!! i love it!!!!!!!!
Awwww it's so cute and adoreable and just AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Im squeeling! Awww! This is so good, and so well written!
aww luv iht cnt wait o4 more,keep me updated
Hey guys...i know its been ages! and if anyone is still getting updates from this I don't know bt I am trying to write more today!


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