The Twilight Saga


Shelby is a new girl in Forks with a rough life, abusive parents, and weird best friends named Nessie and Kevin, Shelby soon find out the world she lives in isn't a nice cup of a Sunny day but a mysterious world full of ledgendary creatures and some of the people she loves just might be one of them...


Disclaimer- These characters are not mine except for a couple that belong to the wonderful mind of Stephenie Meyer


Warning- if you do not like cursing i advise you not to read this, bad language is only used in certaint spots (not a lot at all) but this story is rated PG-13 due to chapters in the book or things that come later on. 


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Chapter 1

Fairy Tale


        I sat in my room listening to my favorite song by Paramore. The meaning of it made sense to me and my made up world is a fairy tale. My parents aren’t always sober and my older brother, Tyson, is off at war.

        My ‘family’ and I had just moved to Forks, Washington. I don’t see anything in this place. Personally, I think my parents picked this place because they can get drunk, scream and yell and not get caught.

        But hey, that’s me. My brain works in different ways. I’ve always been the weird one, but, boys still like me because I’ pretty. I’m not typical pretty no I have blonde hair, and bright blue eyes that you see on movie stars-but theirs aren’t real.

        My hair comes 2 inches past my shoulders and it makes me look really stupid. Calling a blonde person stupid is a really bad stereo type. I’m 16 and I really hate being 16 and blonde. All the Senior boys think they can hit on you because there older. I mean come on!

        I don’t take it too hard any more when other girls call me stupid because I know there just jealous. I’m not full of my self I’m confident and it makes me mad when someone try’s to make me feel bad about my self.

        Right now I’m building an imaginary world from the surrounding wilderness. It isn’t that bad. Yea the weather sucks and it’s cool but the scenery is amazing.

        It is about 12 o’clock at night or 12 in the morning whatever you want to call it. My lights were out and I was just staring at the ceiling of my room. I kept wishing Tyson would come home and I kept adding things to my imaginary world.

        In my eyes the world I made was beautiful. There was a nice log cabin in the middle of land with ton’s of woods around it and the sun was out. On one side of the property there was land and mountains. On the other side there was a beach with islands in it.

        Tonight Tyson and I messed around playing with the fire flies.

        Tyson and I goofed around outside and watched the stars at night. My parents weren’t even in the equation. They lived on the other side of the world and they had no money so they couldn’t come and visit me.

        My world was also filled with dogs and wolves. I was invincible to the world and there was nothing that could harm me no matter what.

        I opened my eyes and realized I was still in Forks, Washington and my life still sucked. Slowly, I drifted back to my world and fell asleep.




It felt like a couple of minutes but my alarm went off and I had to get ready for my first day at a new school. I got some things from my boxes and put them on. It was a pair of blue skinny jeans and a black long sleeve shirt with a plaid blue vest over it. The hood was lined with fur. Not real fur, that fake stuff.

        I went out and warmed up my black Ford truck. It worked in just about anything and it is good in just about everything including gas.

        I went back inside and grabbed a water bottle and a blue berry pop-tart. I went back out to my car and left. I heard the same song I was listening to last night, “Brick by boring brick” by Paramore.

        I drove to the school and noticed there aren’t many people here. I weaved in and out of people as I tried finding a place to park. Nothing here was good except one car. It was a black SUV. The same kind you would find in an action packed movie except this car seemed more elegant.

        Checking to make sure I had everything I went threw my bag at least 5 times. My schedule in my hand and my map in the other. Making my way to my first class a kid stopped me.

        “Hi, you must be new...” She said. I nodded.

        “Yea I’m new.” I said to her. I looked up expecting to see a preppy kind of girl but instead I found a girl who looked normal. She had dirty blonde hair and gray-blue eyes.

        “I’m Emily.” She said putting her hand out for me to shake. I smiled already starting to like this girl ‘Emily’. She seemed nice and she wasn’t afraid to approach a new person.

        “I’m Shelby Snyder.” I said to her.

        She smiled back. “Do you need any help finding anything?” She asked looking at my schedule in my hand. Her face lit up. “We have 1st and 4th period together.” She said happily to be the first person in school to meet the new toy. “I’ll walk with you.” She said.






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Chapter 4- page 2

Chapter 5- page 3

Chapter 6- page 4

Chapter 7- page 5

Chapter 8- page 8

Chapter 9- page 14

Chapter 10- page 23




Enjoy the story and tell me what you think!!

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ik the first chapters not that good but it leads up into the good parts, its almost like an emotional rollercoaster...
yea sorry i kinda made it sounds like that didn't i? No it's in Shelby's PoV
thank you so much im trying to get a banner done so could you help find a person who'll do a banner for me? and thank you thats really nice... i can't wait to read yours..
This is great! Please continue with it! =)
thank you jojobean
AWESOME!!!!! i LOVE it!!!!!! PLEASE post more and keep me updated!!!! THANKS!!!!!!
alright i promis i will! -smiles-
awesome, keep me updated, :D, and just a little correction, nothing major and im NOT criticising you, i love this story so far, you wrote that Renesmee had golden eyes in the second chapter, she actually has chocolate brown and im gathering you made her dye her hair, lol, cauz it used to be bronze. Anyways i loved it! 8D
yea i can't find anyone online who actually looks like that so i just chose someone cause i don't know how to crop them...-smiles- sorry
its fine, really, :)
Chapter 4

A couple minutes later we arrived.

“Thanks for driving so fast.” I said to her. She helped me out of the car. I singed in and waited for 5 minutes before a doctor came out.

It was a man. He was so handsome. He had blonde hair and golden eyes like Nessie’s. His skin was so much paler then hers and he looked so young.

“Hello.” He said. “I’m Dr. Carlisle.

“Hi.” I waved. “I’m Shelby.”

“What’s wrong with you today?” He asked politely.

I shook my head. “You have no idea.” I said more to myself. The doctor chuckled. “Uh…last night I hit my head on my kitchen counter and was knocked out. Nessie picked me up this morning. And I’ve been having some stomach pains.”

Carlisle looked at me. “My, that seems to be a lot of problems.” He smiled. “Follow me.” He said and walked threw the doors. “I see you’ve met my grand daughter.” He said.

“Whoa, Nessie is you grand daughter?” I asked feeling light headed.

“Well her aunt and Uncle took her in. Edward and Bella.” He said. The name Bella wrung a bell but, I didn’t bother with it. My head hurt too much. We entered a room.

“Don’t be afraid.” Dr. Carlisle said watching my face carefully. “It’s a cat-scan. We’re going to x-ray your body.” He said. “But unfortunately I can not stay. I have to go home. It’s our anniversary.” He said looking straight at Renesmee like it was her fault.

“Have fun.” I said wishing him luck. I waved as he and Nessie left. A nurse came in and gave me a paper dress. I got changed and she laid me on a bed.

About an hour later I was in a sterile, white room fully dressed, waiting for the nurse to come back with the diagnosis. The nurse walked in and sat down on the paper cot next to me.

“Shelby I have some bad news…” I waited thinking it wouldn’t be that bad. Maybe a week or so out of school or not being able to do gym. “Shelby you have pancreas cancer.”

The last line she said was like getting a slap in the face.

“What?” I said in a daze. This couldn’t be possible. Pancreas caner took its hosts quickly.

“Do you know what pancreas cancer is?” I nodded. “Sweetie, you only have 5 months to live.” She said. I stared at her. I broke into tears. The nurse gave me a little hug and left. I sat in the room all alone. But, that’s how you really are, you live alone, you die alone. Nobody could change the fact, it just was.

I stopped crying and pulled myself together. I cleaned up in the bathroom and went out to Nessie.

“Are you ok?” She asked.

“Yea I’m great I have a concussion that’s all.” I lied to her. She didn’t look to convinced but she let it go.

We went back to her truck and she took me home. “Thanks Nessie.”

“No problem. Here,” She reached into her pocket and got a piece of paper. She wrote down her address. “If you feel lonely or anything come to me. Ok? I’ll always be open to talk.” She said.

“Wow Ness you sound like a therapist.” I smiled. “But, thanks. I’ll come if some things wrong.”

“Ok…I’ll see you tomorrow then.” She said giving me a hug. I stood there watching her car disappear. I took a deep breath and walked to the mail box.

I grabbed everything in it and took out my keys. I unlocked the door. I walked in and saw my mom on the couch.

“Hey mom, I’m gunna die in 5 months!” I said.

“Shut up I’m watchin’ TV.” She yelled. A tear ran down my cheek.

I looked at all the mail. There was an army stamp on one of them. I practically ripped it open and inside of it was a letter.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Snyder,
I am sorry to inform you, but, your son Tyson Snyder was killed in the line of duty.

My heart stopped. Tyson was dead and I was going to die. Tyson was gone forever, I wouldn’t see him for Christmas, I wouldn’t get to say good bye to him.

I howled in pain and no one noticed. I grabbed the piece of paper from my pocket. I ran to my car and got in. I threw the car in reverse.

I sped to the address on the paper. When I got there Nessie was already at the door like she was waiting for me.

“Shelby what’s wrong?” She asked. I had the military paper in my hand. She helped me inside and sat me down on the couch. I handed her the note. She read it and looked at me with the saddest eyes I’ve ever seen. “I’m so sorry.”

She hugged me tight and I wasn’t paying any attention to what was going on around me.

“Shelby I’m so, so sorry.” She said.

“Renesmee what’s going on?” a voice said. I knew it from somewhere. I looked up and I couldn’t believe who I was looking at.

“Bella? Is it really you?” I asked letting go of Nessie.

Bella just stared at me. “Shelby…”She whispered and rushed over to me way to fast. Bella looked so different. “I’ve missed you so much!” She said pulling away to look at my pathetic face. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s Tyson…” I said.

Her eye brows came together. “What about him?”

“He’s gone!” I sobbed hugging her. “He’s gone forever.” I whispered. I hugged Bella for a while longer and she patted my back. I wiped my eyes. “It doesn’t matter. I’ll be with him soon.” I said sniffling.

Bella’s eyes went wide. “You are not committing suicide.” She said.

“I won’t have to…”

“What does that mean?” Nessie asked.

I walked over to Nessie-noticing a whole lot more people in the room including Carlisle. “You know how I told you I was fine?” I said.

She nodded. “Yea but what does that have to do with-”

“I have pancreas cancer.” I said. “I’m going to die in 5 months.” I told her. “Uh Bella do you mind if I crash here
tonight?” I asked turning to Bella.

“Yea. You can stay here as long as you want...have mom and dad gotten better?” She asked.

I snorted. “Are you kidding me Bell?” She frowned.

“I didn’t think so.” Bella said.
always! -smiles- and could you help me find some one to help with someone who makes banners?!


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