The Twilight Saga

The people in this story are all from my life. Only first names will be used. Last names will b made up. I rate this story PG-13. Plz leave comments! Suggestions are welcomed and will most likely be used in this story, I say the more the better!




No, he will not die, not tonight, not ever. I ran through the vast forest, jumping from tree to tree, running so fast it felt like i was flying. Even though he wasnt mine he wasnt going to die and i was going to make sure of that.


Chapter 1

I awoke to searing pain coursing through my vains. My heart was beating so fast I couldnt feel it, yet I could hear it. I dont know how long I layed there, in some dark, creepy place, before the pain started to stop. It went from my fingers and soon the only pain was in my heart. Then everything stopped. Just as fast as it had started all the pain stopped, along with my heart. I sat up and opened my eyes, no wonder it was dark. I was in a bed room, that wasnt mine. The walls were black and the carpet a dark navy blue. I jumped up out of bed, moving with incredable speed I had to stop and think. What was I? I tried to remember what the last thing I did was, if it had any thing to do with what I was now. I tried my hardest to remember but nothing came to mind. I sighed and gave up. I decided to get out of the house, it gave me the creeps. I found a door and walked up to it, if you call practacly flying walking. I wiggled the door handle but it didnt open. I got frustrated and ripped the door off its hinges. A scent hit my nose then. It was the most beautiful scent I had ever smelled before in my life. My throat burned for the taste of the smell. I ran down the hall and into the living room. There on the couch was a nice body pulsing with blood. With that thought I knew what I was. A vampire. The thought made me happy. Ive always wanted a way out of my old life and this was it. I smiled and made the mistake of taking a deep breath. My throat burned even more and I couldnt hold back anymore. I lunged for the bodies throat. I didnt know who this person was or if they were helping me in anyway, all I knew was tht I was hungry and that this person was my food. My teeth sunk into the persons neck and with all the strength I had I sucked the life out of this person. All I heard was a gasp and then nothing else except their heart beat slowing. Once the body was dry I picked my head up from its neck and looked down at the person I just devoured. I didnt even reconize the face yet it was so familer. I shugged it off and took the body and hid it in the cellar. There was somthing animalistic about me and I didnt really like it but then again I did. Confusion on my face and many thoughts running through my head I exited the house and started down the road, where I didnt even know....






Plz tell me what you think! excuse the grammer and spelling im not the best. :P

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i like it!! interesting so far. post more soon!!!

Chapter 2
I walked for hours down long winding road, that seemed to lead to no where, before I finally found a corner with the street name. 44th street. Oh yea that really helps, I thought. I sighed and kept walking. I was really late at night and everything seemed so...dead. No restraunts were open. No street lights were on, nothing. I kept walking even though there were sturring the shadows. I kept my self on full alert. Every movement, every whisper, every beat of a heart was noted in my head and stored. Then all the sudden every movement stopped. I froze in place, not sure if i should run or not. A noise made my head snap to the side. Then a flash of light hit my eyes. I held my hand up to protect my face from the light. It didnt burn but it did bother my eyes. Just then everything went black and the wind was whipping against my face. I didnt know what was happening but i felt safe. I opened my eyes and looked around. Everything was zooming by so fast yet i could tell every detail of everything i was passing. The trees that were scarce were I was in the city were starting to show more often. Finally the wind stopped and i was put down.
"Come on hurry up before they find us." A low voice said. I looked up and saw a pair of bright green eyes staring down at me.
"Are you coming or not?" He said. I nodded my head and stood up. I watched as he walked away into the dark. Who is he? I thought and followed him into the dark.

Sorry its so short thought this was a good place to leave off.
omg!!! hmm wonder who he is??? post soon!!!

Chapter 3
I followed him into the darkness. I could hear his foot steps on the wet floor. Finally we came to what looked like a circle of fire. His footsteps stopped but i didnt see him in the light. I stopped walking and listend. I could hear his breathing next to me.
"What is this?" I asked. The fire flickerd like it liked the sound of my voice.
"Its your home." He said. His voice sent chills up my spine. He walked in front of me entering the circle of flames. His body was engulfed in light. The flame brought out all his features. His dark hair, his skily skin, his beautiful green eyes, and his wonderful smile.
"Are you coming or not?" He said and winked at me. I moved as fast as i could towards him and followed him into the darkness once again. This time the darkness only lasted a few seconds then we came to what seemed lik a neighbor hood in a cave. There was houses and people everywhere. When i walked in everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at me. I froze in place and looked up at the guy, whos name I havent figured out yet.
"This is Angelus. Shes new. Treat her as such." He said and dissaperred. When he left a few girls came up to me. One of them started to talk to me.
"Hi, Im Star. This is Sky, and Kat. Dont worry those arent are real names." Sky was tall with jet black spicky hair and Kat was blonde and short. They looked nothing like Star. She was taller than Sky with blonde hair and black streaks in it.
"Ok, Hi I guess im Angelus."
"Ya thats what Tyler said. We live right next to you with our parents Alice and Jasper." So they were sisters? They didnt look anything like it and Tyler was the guys name? I like it.
"Awesome I dont really have parents." She seemd upset at that.
"You will dont worry." She said and grabed my hand. She practly dragged me down the street and to a very nice looking house. There were some kind of dogs playing in the yard. There smell filled my nose and I started to hiss. Everything about them screamed dangerous. I crouched down ready to spring at them when Star jumped in front of me.
"No they're ok I promise they're not dangerous." Somthing in her voice made me calm down so I stood up.
"Sorry I dont know what got into me." I said.
"Its ok just follow me." She walked into the house. I followed her inside. Ive been following a lot of people today, I thought. When I walked in Star was talking to a beautiful girl with long blonde hair. Kat walked up to me.
"I think your going to be our cousin by the time the day is done." She said and walked off. I looked over to where they were still talking. The blonde lady smiled at me and I smiled back. I guess I was going to have a family before sundown. I liked this place already but not as much as I like Tyler somthing in mind said. I smiled at the thought, knowing it was true.
omg i love it!!! post more soon!!!

Chapter 4

"This is your room. Were just down the hall to the right. You'll meet the rest of us later I guess." Rosalie said. Rosalie was my new 'mom' and Emmett was my new 'dad'. I was happy to have a new family but sad that I couldnt remember anything about my old family. I sighed and entered my new bedroom. It was huge. The bed was queen sized, the walls were a grey- white and the room was filled with comfy couches and all the latest technology.
"Thank you. This is so nice of you." I said turning to Rosalie. She smiled at me and then everything went dark. Then colors and shapes started to form. My thoughts then werent mine. I was in the body of someone else. I felt the need to have a child then. Like I wasnt complete without one. Then I felt pain and saw I was surrounded by guys yanking and pushing me around. Then I felt pain and cold ground. I heard laughing and people walking away. I thought I was going to die the pain was unberable. Then just as I felt my slipping from this life I was lifted and I felt the wind wipping against my face. Just then I jumped from then to now. I was on the ground shaking and breathing hard. Roaslie was above me with Kat staring down at me intensly.
"Are you ok?" Rosalie asked me. I tired to nod my head but I just shook more.
"Take her to her to Carilse." Kat said to her. She nodded and picked me up and brought to me to a house. She just barged in and ran upstairs. A man with blondish hair was standing in the door way of what looked like a mini hospital.
"Whats wrong with her?" He asked. His face was worried as if I was a loved one.
"I dont know. She just froze and her eyes went black then she fell and started to shake." Rosalie said.
"Hm, put her in here." He said and led me and Rosalie to a bed in the room. He bent down over me and starrted to examine me.
"When were you changed?" He asked.
"I dont know I just woke up this morning." I said, scared.
"Hm, Have you eaten?"
"Just once." I was embarssed to tell him that, I still felt bad about the person.
"Ok, When you had ur 'episode' what did you see?" He asked. I felt like I was at the doctors office.
"I saw guys pushing me around, it looked like they were drunk or something and then I felt lots of pain and I remember buttons on the ground and it looked, it looked like you came and saved me." I said. Rosalie was frozen and so was the doctor, Carlise. Carlise looked interested and worried and Rosalie looked sad and upset.
"Are you sure?" He asked.
"Yes, It looked like I had blonde hair to if that helps." I said. Rosalie and Carlise looked at each other then at me.
"Angelus it seems like you can see in the past. Tramatic events to be more spefic." He said. My mouth dropped and everything went black.
omg!! this is very good!!! post more soon!!!!
nope i didnt srry

Chapter 5

It felt like my head was spinning. I could hear tons of voices. Some of them old, others new. Then a familar voice speak.
"Angels! get up!" Tylers voices rang in my head. As if commanded my eyes slowly opened to see his face just above mine. His green eyes peering down into my brown eyes, I thought the world could end right then and there and I wouldnt even notice. Something flashed in his eyes for second but I still caught it, It was love. I smiled and he lifted his head.
"Ok shes fine. I think it was just a overload. Its odd that she fainted since shes a vampire but everythings different now." He said standing up and looking at Carilse. Rosalie looked satified but Carilse was thinking.
"Do you think shes a half-breed? Like Nessie is?" He asked Rosalie. Rosalie bent down and took a good wiff of me.
"Yea shes a half-breed alright." She said. I sat up wondering what they were talking bout.
"Whats a half-breed?" I asked.
"Its a human and a vampire mixed." Tyler said in utter fasciation. He walked up to me and took my hand. " Let me show you who their talking about." He lifted me up and walked me out the door.
"I want her back!" Rosalie shouted. I blushed and hung my head as we took off in a dead run out the house. We quickly came up to a very big, pretty house at the very end of the cave. We slowed up and stopped at the door, still holding hands. Tyler rasied his hand and knocked at the door. There was some yelling and a lot of noise then the door opened. There at the door was a very beautiful woman with chocolate brown eyes and wavy hair that was very long.
"Hey Tyler! She said and leaned forward and gave him a hug. "Jake Tylers at the door!" She yelled. "Whos this?" She asked looking at me.
"This is Angelus, I call her Angels." Tyler told her. I nodded my head and smiled at her.
"Nice to meet you. Come in theres plenty of room." I followed Tyler inside. I stopped in the living room at the site I was seeing.
"DAD!!" I screamed.
omg!!!! post more soon!!!!
thanks for the suggestions! its a girl by the way i gues ill b a bit more descriptive now. thanks


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