The Twilight Saga

The people in this story are all from my life. Only first names will be used. Last names will b made up. I rate this story PG-13. Plz leave comments! Suggestions are welcomed and will most likely be used in this story, I say the more the better!




No, he will not die, not tonight, not ever. I ran through the vast forest, jumping from tree to tree, running so fast it felt like i was flying. Even though he wasnt mine he wasnt going to die and i was going to make sure of that.


Chapter 1

I awoke to searing pain coursing through my vains. My heart was beating so fast I couldnt feel it, yet I could hear it. I dont know how long I layed there, in some dark, creepy place, before the pain started to stop. It went from my fingers and soon the only pain was in my heart. Then everything stopped. Just as fast as it had started all the pain stopped, along with my heart. I sat up and opened my eyes, no wonder it was dark. I was in a bed room, that wasnt mine. The walls were black and the carpet a dark navy blue. I jumped up out of bed, moving with incredable speed I had to stop and think. What was I? I tried to remember what the last thing I did was, if it had any thing to do with what I was now. I tried my hardest to remember but nothing came to mind. I sighed and gave up. I decided to get out of the house, it gave me the creeps. I found a door and walked up to it, if you call practacly flying walking. I wiggled the door handle but it didnt open. I got frustrated and ripped the door off its hinges. A scent hit my nose then. It was the most beautiful scent I had ever smelled before in my life. My throat burned for the taste of the smell. I ran down the hall and into the living room. There on the couch was a nice body pulsing with blood. With that thought I knew what I was. A vampire. The thought made me happy. Ive always wanted a way out of my old life and this was it. I smiled and made the mistake of taking a deep breath. My throat burned even more and I couldnt hold back anymore. I lunged for the bodies throat. I didnt know who this person was or if they were helping me in anyway, all I knew was tht I was hungry and that this person was my food. My teeth sunk into the persons neck and with all the strength I had I sucked the life out of this person. All I heard was a gasp and then nothing else except their heart beat slowing. Once the body was dry I picked my head up from its neck and looked down at the person I just devoured. I didnt even reconize the face yet it was so familer. I shugged it off and took the body and hid it in the cellar. There was somthing animalistic about me and I didnt really like it but then again I did. Confusion on my face and many thoughts running through my head I exited the house and started down the road, where I didnt even know....






Plz tell me what you think! excuse the grammer and spelling im not the best. :P

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Chapter 6

I ran and tackled Emmett to the ground. He laughed.
"Well that worked out perfectly. I didnt know you were gonna be here, I woulda warned them." He said. I looked up to see everyones face. They were all frozen in shock. I laughed then. The one girl who opened the door walked up to us.
"Um emmett...wat does she mean?" She sounded nervous.
"Well Nessie, shes a newbe. Me and Rose adopted her of course." Everyone in the room then started to calm down. I looked towards the door and Tyler was still standing there looking as gorgoues as ever, smiling. He walked in and sat down on the couch while Nessie and Emmett talked more about me. I walked over to the couch and sat down next to him.
"They like you." He said. "You'll like them too. There a nice family. Open to everyone." I looked up at him.
"Yea they seem like a very nice family. Im glad im with them." I leaned a little closer to him and he turned and wraped his arms around my waist. I was shocked and a little bit more than nervous when he put his head in my neck. His breathing sent chills up and down my spine.
"You are the most beautiful girl i've ever known." He breathed. "Your perfect. From the strands of black hair on your head, to your green eyes, to your long legs, to your toes. I want you now and forever." I was in shock. I was spechless. No one had ever said that to me...ever. Just as I was about to say something when the door opened and in walked a huge wolf. I instantly got up and crouched. Hisses escaped me. This wolf smelled like danger to me, but instead of attacking the wolf stopped and stared at me. I felt a hand on my arm then. I whipped my head around to see Nessie staring at me.
"Its ok. Hes good. He wont hurt you." She said. I stopped hissing then and straighted myself. I looked around, my focus never leaving the wolf at the door, everyone was staring at me. I felt really stupid then. I sat down and the wolf walked into the kitchen. Tyler was calming me down when another person came through the door. I looked up to see a dazzing person walk through the door. She had short blonde hair, a perfect figure, and bright blue eyes. She looked up at Tyler and ran over to him.
"Nicole, my love." He said and hugged her. Then my heart stopped and my body went even colder than it usally is. I ran out of the house. I couldnt believe this.
omg!!!!! please let there be an explanation for tht!! he better not of meant it like that!

Chapter 7

I ran to the caves end. I knew I go outside so I sat in the shadows staring outside. I just couldnt believe he wouldnt tell me!! Then again I was never really his. That thought crushed me. Tears started to flow down my face and on the ground. I curled up in a ball and even though I knew I wasnt in the shadows anymore I didnt care. I hoped someone came by and killed me. I layed there for hours, days it seemed, till I heard a noise outside of the cave. I sat up and looked around. I could see a figure in the dark walking towards me.
"Are you ok?" A deep voice said. Then a face came out of the dark. I stood then, he was so beautiful it hurt to look at him.
"Um, yea I am. Just a little sad." I answered. I couldnt take my eyes off his. They were ice blue with flecks of green in them. I started to walk towards him even though I knew he was human. I hadn't eaten in what seemed like forever. He smelled good but not good enough to eat. So why was I walking towards him? Why wasnt he running away? I stopped walking. I realized I was fully outside of the cave. Exposed. I looked at him terrified, knowing that he could kill me whenever he wanted to. I stood there waiting for him to strike. Staring in his eyes with fear.
"No, theres no need to be scared. Im not like the other people here, I wont kill you. I promise." He held out his hand to me. I couldnt tell if he was lying or not, but I didnt care. I grabed his hand and we ran away into the night...

TPOV (tylers point of view)

No one could find Angels. Apparently she could mask her scent when she didnt want to be found. I know I had hurt her. I didnt mean to. Nicole means nothing to me. Shes just a woman whom im in love with... I smack myself everyday for leading Angels on. I love her to but we could never be. I wish I could tell her that now but I can't. I walked everyday trying to find even a whiff of her scent. With no luck. Today was different though I could feel it. The sense of dread and dispare was gone and I could smell her. I ran as fast as I could to where ever he scent led to. I stopped at the end of the cave. Her scent was gone past here. She couldnt have ran away...could she??? I ran to Rosalie and Emmetts house to tell them the news...they wouldnt be to happy to here.
omg!!! post more soon!! whos the guy????


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