The Twilight Saga

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Bella is a vampire hunter. Read on to see her struggle through Love, Life and Family Traditions.


My life is hell, but it's the only thing I know. My mother was killed because of what I am. My father went crazy and jumped off a cliff because of what I am. You could say that my life sucks. It wouldn't matter I already know.

And yet here I am on a plane going to the wettest place on Earth to find the thing I am supposed to kill, which instead drove my father to sucide, and my mother to be murdered. You could say I am probably walking into my death trap, I kow that, but it's not stopping me.

Being who I am I do not think I could stand to stop the maddness, it's in my blood that I keep hunting. My blood may be the very reason I die.

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ty friend request me plz if we rnt already friends.
and i will write and psot tomorrow
Sounds great! Cant wait for more!
are u going to write more? plizz do i would love to read it!!
I am writing now it will be up by tonight if idon't have any distractions.

thanks for reading,
Oooh, this sounds really good!!!

Chapter One:

Stupid family traditions. Why can’t I be a normal human being who goes to school has friends and has a stinking life! Why can’t I have parents? Why can’t I live in one place for over a week? It’s because of the stupid family traditions. My mother was murdered and my father committed suicide. You must be wondering who and what I am. My name is Isabella Swan and I am a vampire hunter. It runs in my family that we are hunters. My mother was murdered by vampires, she made a mistake and they took her out. My father was driven crazy and jumped off a cliff. I am now left without parents in this terrible life.

I am now on a plane to the wettest place in the continental U.S., Forks, Washington. I am supposed to find the vampire clan that lives there. Apparently they are ‘vegetarian’ vampires, but that doesn’t exclude them from any others of their kind. I have trapped many vampire clan’s, South America, Ireland, Romania, Alaska, and from multiple other odd places in the world. But this place, Forks, Washington, It’s different, there are now wild animals, or ancient castles, you can’t see the Aurora Borealis, but most of all, it’s nowhere close to home. My home is where the sun is. Phoenix, Arizona, that’s where I grew up.

Every time I go to Phoenix I feel the warmth that nothing but home can bring. When I am somewhere else on Earth I long for this warmth. When I am in a cold and wet place, the only thing I can ever think of besides capturing vampires is the warmth of home. I didn’t choose my life, and because of that I can’t ever stay in one place to long, which means I get a limited amount of warmth.

Now I am driving to the wettest place in the continental U.S., great. I supposedly have a house already, provided by my parents before they died. My role in this small town is to play a high school girl who has low expectations for school. I’m supposed to keep to myself and not show who or what I really am. My name in this town is Bella Masen. I am not allowed to make friends or ties to the town; I cannot socialize with elders, for they might know about me. I am also not allowed to fall in love.

The green flying past me is beautiful, the different shades remind me of the Amazon, and the hunt I had down there. You see I have not told you everything, my family works for a special clan of vampires in Italy, hence my Italian name, and they are called the Volturi. We capture large vampire clans and bring them to Aro, Caius and Marcus, the head of the Volturi. The Volturi decide what they will do with them, if a clan has special gifts, Aro hand selects them to join, with the help of Chelsea who puts a tight bond on the selected members.

The Volturi are full of highly talented vampires; first we have Aro, of course, he can read your mind by the touch of the hand. I have always been immune to his power along with many of the other Volturi powers. Aro has wanted to turn me so many times, just to see what my powers would turn out to be. Marcus is next; he can feel the strength of any relationship. Jane can inflict pain without touching you, she makes an illusion of pain in your mind, or so I’ve heard. Alec, Jane’s twin brother can relieve you of all of your senses which in return makes you defenseless in battle. Demitri is a tracker; he catches the tenor of your thoughts and can find wherever you may be hiding. Felix has super strength, every vampire is strong but Felix is stronger. Chelsea, like I said before, strengthens ties. There are more, many more talents among the Volturi, but I won’t discuss them now.

Aro sent me here to capture the Cullen Clan, who apparently are a very large coven of vampires, Aro said they have many talents among them, a mind reader, a psychic, a mood influencer, and a man with the same amount of strength as Felix. Aro wanted to send Jane with me, but I turned him down, I like being alone on missions, It helps me concentrate on the hunt.

I am now standing in front of what is going to be my home for the next couple of weeks. It’s raining; the house looks dreary and gray. Just my kind of house. I threw my bag on the couch and went upstairs, where I fell on my bed and went to sleep.
thank you guys sooo much!!!
how did u like the Volturi suprise?????? lol i hope u guys are enjoying, I will be writing and posting mroe tomorrow!!!1
kool its awsome!!
That was an awesome surprise! I love it! I cant wait to see how it plays out! Please post more soon!
thank youg uys so much, I am writing now
I just read this. Pretty good so far. I'd say keep going, I'd love to find out what happens next soon. Nice Job. Also not to sound like a critic but you have voice in your writing (that's when it seems almost like your'e talking, its' a good thing) I'm not as good at that and from reading this I can tell you have real talent. Nice Job. ~Mandy Cullen
Thank You Mandy I appreciate that.


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