The Twilight Saga

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Bella is a vampire hunter. Read on to see her struggle through Love, Life and Family Traditions.


My life is hell, but it's the only thing I know. My mother was killed because of what I am. My father went crazy and jumped off a cliff because of what I am. You could say that my life sucks. It wouldn't matter I already know.

And yet here I am on a plane going to the wettest place on Earth to find the thing I am supposed to kill, which instead drove my father to sucide, and my mother to be murdered. You could say I am probably walking into my death trap, I kow that, but it's not stopping me.

Being who I am I do not think I could stand to stop the maddness, it's in my blood that I keep hunting. My blood may be the very reason I die.

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are you gona update soon ? if ya do keep me updated
I love this story!!!!
love it!
please post soon and update me!
this is wikd,if u evr upd8 agen den plz keep me upd8d,thnx


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