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nope it is actually my nickname :) lol
and thanks :) i've said that to my little cousin...she NEVER lets me sleep when i'm over there...she's always like "Chelsea you need to wake uo we have to go play!" all i want to do is sleep lol
i know the feeling and i have three kids that wont let me sleep in on the weekends and i have updated on my story when u have time check it out
already did lol left you a comment to :)
i love kids :) i actually want to have four...and i think i'm going to start trying in the next two years my fiancee and i want one :)
write lik now
now post it im waiting
this story is great can u give us a spoiler
about what exactly lol :)
lol i know the feeling :)
ANOTHER GREAT CHAPTER!!!!! I'm looking 4ward to the babies arrival!!! I wonder what they will look like?!
Jake and Alice carried my bed, vanity, nightstands and dresser into mom’s old room. I moved all my clothes into the humongous walk in closet. Now all that was left in my room was my blue chair and a lot of presents. Being a vampire gave Alice an advantage. It took her half the time to paint her three walls while I was just finishing my one.

Jake was setting up the baby beds Carlisle and Esme had given us. “I think I got it.” He said, after wrestling around with it for twenty minutes.
The beautiful white cribs looked wonderful against the pale green walls. I felt like this was becoming real. We were having twins. They would be here soon, and I would be able to hold them in my arms and kiss them. I wish it would hurry up….then I remembered my vision. Maybe not.

“They look great Jake.” I stood on my tiptoes to kiss him.


We rearranged the room so that the cribs rested on opposite walls with the changing table between them and end dressers on either side. I loved it. It looked perfect. I rubbed my belly. The twins responded to my touch by kicking.

Jake looked at me and smiled. “They movin?”


Both he and Alice instinctively placed their hands on my stomach. They smiled when the babies kicked.

“Wow Nessie. this is awesome. I’m glad my brother got his head out of his butt and realized how lovely they are going to be.”

I nodded. I was glad too. I loved my father so much. It hurt me so bad when he wanted to get rid of them. But now he was on my side. He loved me and wanted me to be happy. I’m glad I had him to lean on.

“Well I got to go. Jazz is getting ready to lose a bet with Emmett. I need to stop him before he loses my favorite Monte painting!!” she said and ran out of the house. Jake and I burst out in laughter. Jasper was lucky Alice could see the future. Which reminded me, I hadn’t seen any lately. I didn’t mind that one bit. It just meant nothing bad was going to happen soon. Well, at least I hoped not.

I sighed and closed the door to our babies’ nursery. I found myself lost in my feelings. I settled down into my bed and watched as Jake moved the T.V. he turned it on to some cop show. I fell asleep to the sound of Jake’s laughter and car sirens.

I was huge. I would be having them anytime now. They were already moving down. Wow. I couldn’t believe it. The last few months were peaceful. I had filled my days hanging out with my mother, Alice and Jake. Sometimes I visited Charlie. Seth was over like all the time, just hanging out. It was fun. I loved him. He was like my big brother. I had barely seen Leah and Kale. They were already moved into their new home in La Push. I was happy for her. She was a new friendlier Leah.

Jake had wanted to get married right away. I wanted to wait. I did not want to be a cow in my wedding dress. I could tell he was concerned about me surviving the labor but I wanted to wait. I made him a deal. We were legally married Feb. 5 at 4pm. But we would have a ceremony in May. So my name was now technically Nessie Black…but I wouldn’t be called that until I really walked down the isle. I was giddy with anticipation.


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