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I trudged down the ally where I had last seen my creator, my father. The soot covered bricks were proof of his fate. I sank to my knees next to the few remaining ashes of my master and friend Augustine. If I could cry I would have.

The anger rose in my chest. Jacob. The name disgusted me. I had lost the two most important people in my life. And he was the one who had killed them. He had taken to only two things I loved the most in the world. Now all I had left was my sister.

I laid Gabrielle’s lifeless body next to me. Somehow she was gone. Not burned, but gone. No life filled her eyes. They were empty, hallow, holes. I cursed at the sky. It all was his fault.

“Damn you Wolf!!! I will make you pay!” I screamed. It was no use. Nothing was going to bring them back. And nothing was going to bring him to me. I was lost in my sorrow when a hooded figure approached me. I didn’t care who it was or what they wanted. A hand rested on my shoulder. I looked up into her red eyes.

“Hello Gregory.” She said.

“Who are you?”

She smiled. “I’m your prayers being answered.”

“Oh really?”

“I know all about the Cullen’s and their friends. I offer you aid if you wish to take it. You help me kill the mother, and I’ll help you kill their wolf.”

I didn’t know who this strange vampire was but I didn’t care. I wanted that wolf to pay. I wanted him to suffer a fate far worse than death. She offered me her hand. “You got yourself a deal.”
wow love it write more it is too short
p s keep me updated
I know lol
It's Gregory's POV. His will always be short in this book :D
Jacob and Edward are coming up next
when do you post them????
hopefully in a little bit. :D
i'm working on it right now
okay i love to read it :D
thanks :D
you're welcome :D
OMG!!! I wouldnt of thought of that... ever! hm well i hope they dont DIE!!! Do they????

OMG this is goood!!! i thoght that you woulden write more, for a secund there i started to cry when i reead the word THE END!!!!
I sceeammmm all over the hause ad my parents got i little mad:) I dont care your story is worth it!!!
Cant wait to reeead more!!!!!

Please can you update meee!!??
Love you as always Chelsea honey!!!<33
lol wow i didn't know it was that good lol
i will try to post more laptop got a virus so i have to go to the store and pick up some software....and my story is saved on my laptop not this might be a while before i can update...and i'm introducing Edward's POV in this book :D for all the Edward fans reading. lol Although Nessie and Jacob are still the main POV :D
And sorry about you cumputer!!!:(

Love yaaa


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