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Chapter One- When they grow to fast (BELLAS POV)

This was the time of day I wish could sleep. Edward is in the shower, Renesme is sleeping in her room and the rest of the Cullen’s are hunting near Canada. So now I am sitting in my room in the middle of the bed, staring at the wall of our cozy cabin home. Its only around 3am so my daughter will be sleeping for another 7 hours. Renesme is now 16. Edward and I have been together for 17 years, but only in our teens. How is this possible? Edward and I are both vampires. We had a child when I was still human and I was turned after I gave birth to Renesme. The rest of the Cullen’s are also vampires. Renesme however, is special. She is half human, half vampire.

Life has been almost perfect since the Volturi decided to leave us alone. The only thing that has ever made life a little difficult it Nessie’s aging. When she turned the age of two, she looked almost six. When she turned ten, she looked almost thirteen. Finally when she turned thirteen it seemed that her age caught up with her body. Since then she grows the proper amount in a year. Still, it’s hard to believe she is 16 already. However, we dont know if one day she will stop again all together.  

Now, there are all new problems we have to deal with. Having a teenager is hard enough, but try having a hybrid teenager who has a crush on a werewolf who imprinted on her. On second thought, maybe its better I don’t sleep.

“Edward don’t sneak up on me, I can hear you coming.”

“Sorry Bella, I thought you were zoned out again, what are you thinking about?”

I have learned to keep my thoughts quiet when it comes to Renesme and Jacob. Edward is a little touchy when it comes to his baby girl.

“Nothing darling, just thinking about asking Alice to help me redecorate our room. It’s been the same since she built is 15 years ago.”

“Great idea, she will just love that idea. Would you like to go for a quick hunt before Nessie gets up?”

Nessie is Renesme’s nickname, given to her by Jacob. I used to hate it, but it has grown on me.

“Sure, sounds great. But I want to be home by 8, I think we should make Nessie her favourite breakfast today.”

Edward and I snuck out of the house and locked the door. We began to run through the forest together until we picked up an appetizing scent. We both ran towards it until we found the herd of deer. I drank until I was full, but Edward always drank more than me. After all these years, the sight of Edward hunting is still one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Of course the only thing we drink is animal blood. Us Cullen’s do not drink human blood, we do not believe we have the right to kill a human. After we were done hunting we just ran. We ran until we began to smell werewolf, which means they were doing their nightly patrol. So Edward and I thought we would go home to give them some privacy.

When we arrived home I began to make Renesme her favourite breakfast. As she got older she began to like more human foods, but she is still quite picky. Today, like every Saturday, is going to be a very interesting day.



Heyy everyone :)

If you like the story tell me, because i already have some chapters done. My fan fic is a little different then everyone elses. usually people write about jake and renesme or Edward and Bella. In my story however, i will have the whole Cullen family :) And btw i have no idea what to call the book yet, so im just calling it book five for now :) If you have any suggestions email me them!

So i hope you enjoy! Thanks for giving it a try!




Chapter Two: Saturday Night Lights (RENESME POV)

I wish I could sleep. Yes, i am physically able to sleep, but I just can’t tonight. Tomorrow I get to go out with Jacob. So, every Friday night i get very little sleep. I hope Alice gets home in time to help me get ready. Alice is always there for me when I need her. Over the years she has helped me pick out toys, field trips, movies and now clothes and good hangout spots for me and Jacob. I guess I will text her, I know she will get it some time tonight.

Aunty Alice. Need help ASAP.

I have a beach date with Jacob tomorrow!

Please come home and help!

Love you!


That should get her home. Aunty Alice will do anything for me. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a vision of me texting her and started to run home then. At least I hope she did that. I can’t handle the getting ready process without Alice. Jacob has been in my life as long as I can remember. He’s my best friend. Except that I really like him. To him, I’m just his little sister. The sad part is, I don’t remember a time when I didn’t like him. That is something I couldn’t tell anyone. That’s because of just one person.


 Dad can read other people thoughts, so if I told anyone, my father would find out. And if he found out, I have a feeling Jacob wouldn’t be around a whole lot. Dads a little protective. Lately he has been really hard on Jacob. Well hes always been hard on him, but lately the simple things me and Jacob used to do are now not allowed. Almost every day of the week Jacob would wake me up and my mom would make us breakfast. Lately however, Jacob has to wait for me in the kitchen to eat. Not to mention Jacob and I can only hang out in the house on school nights. I don’t even go to real school! My grandpa is home schooling me, so that rule makes no sense to me. I heard mom and dad talk about Jacob and me the other day, and I found out that mom thinks dad is jumping to conclusions. Except I have no idea what he was jumping to conclusions about.

Nessie, I will be home by 9.

We will get you ready after

Breakfast! Oh Im so

Excited J  See you soon!

Love you too!

Thank god! I can always count on Alice. If I can fall asleep now, I can get a couple hours of sleep. Great. Now I’m going to get hell for having circle under my eyes. I need to fall asleep...

I wonder what Jake is doing right now?





Hey guys, this chapter is pretty short. It just is setting up for the next couple of chapters. If i get a few more post tonight, I will post a few more chapters because things pick up every chapter. By the way, i will always write comments to you guys, so i hope you read them.

Wanna a little sneak peak for the chapters i have done now?

Well i wont tell you much: A beach/movie date with Nessie and Jake, visits from an unwanted guest, and thats it for now!


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