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Book Six of the Twilight Saga

Chapter 1- This is the Life.. or afterlife (RENESMEE POV)

When we finally arrived in Rio de Janeiro, we got on a boat to go to the island. When we got to the island I was surprised at what i saw. I have been to the island just once, we went about three years ago. It has changed so much since then. Grandpa bought the the whole space around the first island. Now there is four different islands, with four huge houses.

There is a house for everyone, so we do not have to share. We own all the land around us, so we don’t have to worried about being seen. The cleaning lady comes on Wednesday, so we need to be careful then.” Grandpa explained.

We can hunt in the forest around us, no one goes in their because of the wild animals.” Grandpa continued.

Everyone looked so happy. Emmett was smiling, but I could tell he was upset. I was thinking maybe Jake and I could stay with him for the night, just he is not alone. Jake went to change, he wanted to know if the pack was going to join is on Isle Esme.

The pack is going to stay in Port Angles for right now, just to protect everyone from La Push, they said they will call if the war moves into Port Angels. They think the war is going to be done soon, there has been a lot of fires coming from Forks forest.” Jake said, quite happily.

The was a vampire war just a few days ago. The Volturi coven broke up and started a war in our home. I had to run away with Jake because some of them wanted to kill me. Something happened, but I don't know what, made my family leave and decide to not fight in the war. Now we are all together again, well without Rose, and on vacation. I walked towards Emmett, I didn’t want him to be alone.

Hey Emmett, maybe we can hang out tonight, I didn’t get my own house, so someone needs to share.” I said smiling.

Well of course Nessie Bear, we can watch movies, or hunt, or do what you want.” he answered, sounding happy that I offered.

Okay, just me and you. Or do you want to invite Jake.”

Invite Jake, we could all have fun. You guys will probably have more fun at my place anyway, your mom and dad are a little protective.”

A little? Your funny Emmett, and we should go hunting, I don’t remember the last time I hunted.

Sounds great, its going to be a fun night. I need to talk to you about Rose anyway.” Emmett explained.

I really was anxious to hear about what happened to her. They said she was okay, so I know she is not dead. But then where is she?

When do you think we could talk. I think it should just be me, you and Jake. I can feel whatever happened is bad, things don’t usually upset. I can see it in your eyes Em, your upset.

Lets go talk Nessie, I will drive you and Jake to my house. Go say goodnight to your parents first though.” Emmett said.

I grabbed Jake’s hand and ran to my parents.

Mom, dad do you mind if I spent the night with uncle Emmett? I think he needs to be around people, considering all the couples got a house” I asked.

No problem Renesmee, just made sure Emmett knows you and Jake are there. And for you Jake, I think you should sleep on the couch.” Dad said. Mom and dad gave me a hug and then laughed when Jake hugged them.

Jake and I walked off to meet Emmett on the boat, I was nervous to hear the upcoming news.

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really good in fact so good i want to punch myself in the face i hope u continue soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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