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What else could possibly go wrong??  Anira’s life has been a complete disaster this past week, and obviously it’s not going to give her a break any time soon.  The local power plant almost had a meltdown, a bunch of stupid teenagers burnt down half of the forest she lives in, the government found out that she was living in an abandoned shed and threatened to move her into an orphanage, and worst of all, HER BOYFRIEND DUMPED HER.  When she wakes up on the first school day after winter break with that same sinking feeling in her stomach, she knows something else will go wrong, but never in her wildest dreams did she imagine it would lead her on a path like this.  A story of self-discovery, this anything-but-average teenager is forced to confront a past she never knew existed, survive an encounter with deadly yet somehow civilized vampires, and juggle a secret that no one can ever know, right in the middle of the worst week of her life.

            Palo, Iowa wasn’t supposed to be this unpredictable.


Chapter 1: Get me out of this mess

            I opened my eyes groggily and groaned.  My stomach was twisting and turning again, like it had almost every other day this past week.  And almost every other day this past week, something had gone wrong.  The first day had been the absolute worst though, in my opinion.

            Hey, Anira, I need to talk to you, Nick, my boyfriend, had said.  It was the last day of school before winter break, and we had just climbed off the bus to go home.  I had looked at him and smiled, trying to ignore that gut-wrenching feeling I always got when something bad was going to happen.  I… Uh, I think we should just be friends.  We just aren’t very good together, you know?  I hope you understand.  It’s nothing personal.  We can still be friends though, right?  I had agreed with a little too much enthusiasm.

            The next day, after I had cried myself to sleep, I’d barely noticed that same feeling when I woke up- I thought it was a side effect from all the sobs- until late in the night when I caught a whiff of smoke and realized that my forest was burning.  Apparently a group of teenagers had thought this was a good place for a bonfire to celebrate the week-long vacation.  Why they had wanted to be outside in December was beyond me, but there they were, burning down the only thing that hid my house from view.

            Then, of course, after the trees had been drastically thinned, the inevitable happened: I got a notice on my door saying that my house was on government property and I needed to go to court to get a real home under penalty of the law.  Of course, as soon as I showed up and they realized I was only fifteen, they threatened to send me to an orphanage or foster home until I was legally old enough to live alone.  I had two weeks to pick a foster home of my choice before they forced me into some rotten place with the other homeless kids.

            If that wasn’t enough to take in with all I had already been going through, the local power plant was in danger of having a meltdown, and I had to work there for days trying to calm everyone down and take control of the situation.  By the time all the chaos was over, I had only three days left of my break to relax.

            And of course relaxation was an impossibility with my home being threatened and my heart completely shattered in my chest.

            Now it was the first day of the new semester, and I could tell that something else was going to go wrong.  But what else could possibly go wrong?!  After everything I’d been through in the past week, what else could go wrong?!

            I sat up grudgingly and stretched my aching muscles.  I wasn’t used to sleeping so often.  Usually I only had to sleep two or three times a week, but I was so upset during the break that I had actually slept every night. It wasn’t natural.

            After going to my closet and grabbing a dull green blouse and khakis, I went into the kitchen to get some breakfast.  It wasn’t a very big room, with only the bare necessities to keep it running: a refrigerator, a sink, a stove, and a little wooden table with one chair on either side.  The refrigerator was actually pretty unnecessary at this time of year.  Since my house had no heater or air conditioner, the food just adapted to whatever temperature it was outside, and since it had just snowed… Well, my food would be plenty cool without manmade appliances.

            I knew perfectly well that not having a heater was strange and unthinkable to any of the humans around me.  It was part of the reason why I had never invited anyone to my house.  But to be perfectly honest, I liked my house without all those silly indulgences.  I could really taste the fresh air when the musty air of a machine wasn’t in the way, and besides, the thing would be unnecessary anyway.  I couldn’t feel temperatures.  Well, I could feel when the weather changed, and I could tell when it was hot or cold, but I was never actually affected by temperature.  My skin was just the same 85˚ all the time.

            I grabbed an apple from the fridge and went into the bathroom as I ate, my feet dragging a little as I walked.  The bathroom was a little smaller than the kitchen, with a bath tub, a toilet, a sink, and a mirror. I lived in an extremely small house. 

            I looked at my reflection in the mirror without interest.  Just a little over a week ago my eyes had been bright and shining with life.  Now they were just a dull forest green, similar to my shirt color, with no emotions and no light.  There were shadows under my eyelids that hadn’t been there before.  I may have been sleeping more than usual, but that certainly didn’t mean I’d been sleeping well.

My hair was an unkempt mess, knotted and tangled from the many days of neglect.  I grabbed my brush from the sink now, not wanting to look like a zombie when I got on the bus to meet Nick.  I couldn’t let him know how much his decision had affected me.  I had to suck it up and act like nothing had changed, as if it didn’t matter in the slightest that he had broken my heart.  It wasn’t really his fault, I guess.  He wasn’t trying to be mean or anything.  He just didn’t think we were right for each other.

            I sighed when I was finally done and watched the gossamer strands flow all the way down my legs, halting just below my knees.  The name Rapunzel fluttered through my mind as I glanced back in the mirror.  I was a strange sight to see, with flawless pale skin and pale hair that ran all the way down to my calves.  Maybe that was why Nick had dumped me…

            I shook the thought out of my head and checked my watch.  7:30. I still had 30 minutes before I had to be at the bus stop, and I was already set to leave.  What was I supposed to do for 30 whole minutes?

            My eyes brightened just slightly as an idea came into my head.  I ran back into the kitchen to look out the windows at the surrounding forest- at least what was left of it.  Was it safe?  Would anybody really be out and about this early in the morning?  Ordinarily I wouldn’t be too worried about getting caught, but after those stupid teenagers had burned down the woods, I couldn’t be too careful.  The coast seemed clear, and that uncomfortable feeling in my stomach had subsided, for now, so maybe I could get some exercise in before I left.

            Before I could change my mind, I reached behind me to reveal the crease in my shirt where I had installed the zipper.  Very carefully, I pulled the zipper down until the hole was completely open and exhaled in relief as my wings slipped through the flap.  I had been too preoccupied over my vacation to stretch out my wings, but now nobody was around, I could sense that it was safe, and I had 30 minutes of free time to kill.  What better way to spend that time than to fly as fast as I could and just tune out the world for a few precious moments?

            I fluttered my wings experimentally, smiling as my feet lifted off the ground.  It felt so good to finally use them again!  I shot out the back door after a short warm-up and let the world blur around me.

            I thought about my past while I flew, all the memories I had before this week that didn’t make me want to hide in bed all day.  Before I had lived on Earth, I had grown up in a small planet called Avalon.  I lived there for eight years, but then one day our Fairy Council had come to my house and asked my parents if they could send me to Earth.  They sent different fairies to Earth every year to help the humans with their natural disasters and magical infestations, but only the ones with the best talents could go.  I was honored to be a part of their program and left immediately.  I had always admired the fairies that came to this planet, and I had hoped they would pick me, but I had also thought that my talent wasn’t good enough.  While some fairies could bend the elements or turn invisible, my only unique quality was my sense of danger.  I knew when something bad would happen.  I didn’t know what it would be, but I always knew, and it had saved my people’s lives many times.  So they sent me here, to this tiny town of Palo, Iowa, where I could live safely undetected and help those in need.

            Well, that plan was in the process of being uprooted and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.  The officials had trusted me to keep our secret, and though nobody knew what I really was, the fact that they had found my house was enough to put us all in grave danger.  Nobody could know we existed, humans and other mythical creatures alike.  We could not be discovered.  It was the law.

            I slowed to a more human speed and dropped down to the ground when I heard a rustle in the bushes.  A deer jumped out of nowhere and scampered across the path to disappear into the trees once again.  That same uneasy feeling came back as I watched the creature, and I backed away on foot.  Whatever that creature was running from had to be the danger I was to face today.  I wasn’t going to let it find me here, completely vulnerable and with no witnesses.

            I opened my wings and fled back to the house.

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Hey all.  Sorry I haven't updated lately, but 've been really busy.  First with my out-of-state vacation, then right after school started.  Then the memories from going back to school were rather... overwhelming... let's just say I wasn't really in a position to write for a while.  But I'll try to get the chapter posted by the end of the day.  Thanks for all your patience! :)



Chapter 13: Predictable Reactions

As we approached the school, I was forced to notice the real world.  I immediately looked around for the vampires, for any sign that they knew more than they should.  I couldn’t find them or their cars at first glance, though I wasn’t sure if this was good or bad.  If they weren’t at school yet, maybe they were getting home late from a certain unwanted trip...  But then again, if they weren’t here, that meant my thoughts were probably safe at the moment.  But what good did that do?  I couldn’t exactly pull my wings out with all these humans around!

Before I could contemplate and get too panicked, I saw the shiny black car and bright red Ferrari pull up into the parking lot.  The mind reader got out first, his face looking terribly irritated.  The others followed soon after, some of them nervous, a few of them angry.  I noticed with dismay that poor Renesmee was terrified.  She obviously wasn’t sure what to think of my knowledge, of how much she could trust me.  I wished I could console her, promise her that I would never do anything to hurt her or her family, but I knew that wasn’t entirely true.  My job came before my fancies, and if they did anything out of line, I had to run them out, or die trying.

Edward looked up towards the bus at the sound of my thoughts and I smiled grimly.  He probably thought I was bluffing.

I climbed out of the vehicle carefully and walked towards the school building.  I noticed Vincent climb out of his mom’s car on the way inside and sped my pace a bit.

Why did I choose Nick?

Ugh, I couldn’t think about that now!  I had to focus!  Vampires, humans, safety first, need answers, okay, I could do this.

Why’d I choose Nick?

Or not…

I stepped up to my locker and swung it open harshly, shoving my bag inside and pulling what materials I needed out of it.  I was going to have to avoid Vincent today if I was going to get any answers.  I couldn’t focus on anything else right now.

The thought of ignoring my friend left a strange pain in my chest, which I tried to reason away as guilt.  I couldn’t focus on that.

The warning bell rang and I slammed my locker, grateful for the distraction.  First up was chemistry with the potential psychic.  Would I possibly get any answers out of her?

As I entered the science room I immediately encountered the little vampire’s steely glare.  Apparently not.

Homeroom went by rather slowly, mostly because I knew Alice was glaring daggers at me half the time.  Though she hid it very well from view, she was more confused than mad.  Her aura today was just swimming with yellow.  There was only a tiny trace of red to taint the otherwise solid color, and that only meant she was upset.  The more red there was, the angrier she was, and just a few swirls of it here and there didn’t really make me worry much.  She was just concerned for her family’s safety, probably.

I packed up my things slowly when the bell finally rang, watching the vampire’s actions.  She was just as sluggish as I was, probably watching my every move as I was watching hers.  I passed her by quietly, turning at the last moment to give her a weak- but friendly- smile.  At this her angry façade dissolved and she stared at me in confusion.  I was no mind-reader, but I could see exactly what she was thinking in that moment.  Why is she smiling at me?

Next up was Pre-Calc with the painstakingly beautiful vampire who had unknown talents.  It could very well be that her only talent was her beauty, and the ability to make people jealous, but I couldn’t be sure.  It was dangerous to underestimate a vampire.

I entered the classroom to find yet another pair of vampire eyes glaring at me.  Looking at her aura, though, I could tell she was hiding nothing.  The colors of boredom, anger, and for some reason, still sadness were all warring within her.  The anger flared as she noticed me.

I sat down uncomfortably and stared straight ahead for the rest of the hour.  It wasn’t a good idea to get on a vampire’s bad side, but if I had learned anything from these immortals, it was that they wanted to stay here, and they weren’t going to do anything to give away their position.  Even if it meant not strangling me in the middle of math class.

After that awkward lesson was history with Emmett.  I wasn’t sure how I would be greeted by him; he didn’t seem like the glaring type, and his little ‘victory’ yesterday probably made him cocky.  He wouldn’t consider me as much of a threat at this point.

I entered the classroom to find the burly vampire smiling.  It wasn’t so much a friendly smile as it was a challenging smile.  An arrogant smile.

“Hey little girl,” he whispered, waggling his eyebrows at me.  “Still think you can take me on?”  I ignored him and sat down at my desk.  Changing eyelids, I glanced back and confirmed my suspicions; yes, his aura was just swimming with a bright lime color.  He was terribly confident right now, something I wished so much I could smack right out of his system.  But that was an impossibility.  So I switched back to my regular eyes and focused on my schoolwork.

Gym went by quickly, considering it was one of my two classes with no vampires.  Instead of confusing myself with my endless questions, however, I focused on Vincent again.  I knew I had been chastising myself about focusing on the blood-suckers all day, but really the only thing I had to do was keep them from knowing what I was right now.  I mean, it wasn’t like I could question a vampire that wasn’t there.  And what better way to keep them in the dark than by fretting over my seemingly-human high school drama?

Okay, so somehow I was going to have to avoid my friends today, while at the same time keeping an eye on the vampires.  How was I supposed to accomplish that?  Vincent had a tendency to sneak up on me in the hallways just before I entered the cafeteria, and I couldn’t really think of any way to tell him to go away without possibly hurting his feelings.  And even if I could, I wasn’t sure I wanted to tell him to go away.  I mean, after last night, I looked at Vincent in a whole different way.  The thought of talking to him at all, now that I knew how he felt, made me feel tongue-tied.  It was bound to be awkward.

            Our coach blew her whistle and we all went down to the locker rooms to change before lunch.  Just ten minutes before I had to face Vincent.

            That is, if he could catch me.

OMG i love it!! What will happen next when vincent actuallu does talk to her...or.atleast tries to anyway :)) post more soon :D
love it make more fast and keep me updated !!!
I wonder what she's going to do! Great story so far!!
I really like this story. New reader here. KEEP ME POSTED.

Another good chapter, Calody! Ah, how Emmett make my life ^__^


Keep me posted, girlie!

Hey, sorry I haven't been able to post lately.  3 AP classes really adds up on homework... (although most of it comes from 1 class). =/  I'll try to work on the chapter tonight, and hopefully get it posted in the next few days.  Thank you for your patience!
ugh, sorry all.  I've gotten farther in the chapter, but it isn't done yet.  I'll definitely have it done by Monday, and I will try as hard as I possibly can to get it done sooner, but I need to sleep, and I can't fail out of school, so I really can't help being so slow... :(  sorry all.  I blame history class.



Chapter 14: We’re Just Friends

            I crept out of the locker room carefully, peeking around the double doors before darting out into the hallway.  Vincent didn’t usually wait for me after class or anything, but I just didn’t want to take any chances.

            As soon as I decided the path was clear, I bolted out into the open, my eyes constantly flicking from one student to another.  Had he already gotten out of class?  Or was he still finishing up the day’s drawing assignment?

            Just then, I saw the familiar dark skin and braided hair I had been watching for.  I ducked into the nearest side hallway, hoping he hadn’t seen me.  I didn’t know if he would wait until I showed up, or come looking for me, or maybe just go on to lunch without a backwards glance, but whatever he did, I had to avoid him.

            Funny how I’m doing this to keep from being distracted, I thought, when the only thing I can think about is getting away from him.  I pushed the thought aside.  Okay, these precautions were completely ridiculous if I didn’t hold to my reasons for taking them.

            The vampires.  I needed to focus on the vampires.  The most vital thing I needed to know was if they had any other talents in their coven.  The thing I was most interested in was Renesmee’s backstory.  What kind of creature could she possibly be?  And why was she dating a shapeshifter?  I tried to hold back my disgust, as it was still entirely unnecessary.  I was also curious about their diet, and how hard it was to live the way they did.  I would also want to pay a visit to the town hospital, just to see Carlisle in action…

            “Hey Anira!” I heard Vincent call, waving to me from the cafeteria doorways.  I felt my heartbeat quicken and I pretended not to hear him, turning down a different hallway and walking the familiar path to my English classroom.  Unfortunately, as I approached it, I saw Vincent come out from yet another hallway, blocking my path.  I was going to have to confront him.

            “Hey Anira,” he said again, his eyebrows pushed together in concern.  “Are you alright?  I called your name by the cafeteria, but you didn’t hear me.  You seem distracted.”  I looked up at him blankly, swallowing convulsively as I tried to think of something to say.

            “Sorry Vincent,” I mumbled.  “I’m just a little out of it today.  For some reason I thought we had to go to our next class.  I forgot about lunch.”  This was a legitimate excuse; we were standing right next to my 5th hour class.

            “I can see that,” he chuckled, glancing at the darkened room.  “Come on, let’s go get some lunch.”  He grabbed my hand before I could protest and led me back towards the lunch room.  My heart lurched forward, the strangest sensation shooting through my arm at his touch.  It didn’t feel awkward, as I had expected it to.  It felt… electric.

            “Um, I’m not really hungry right now,” I said as we approached the shortening line to the kitchen.  “I’ll just go sit down and save you a chair, okay?”  He gave me another worried glance before nodding his head and returning his attention to the food.  My mind was strangely numb as I walked away.

            Why did I choose Nick?

            I glanced over at my ex-boyfriend and noticed that, for the first time since he broke up with me, I didn’t feel like bursting into tears.  Not to say that my heart didn’t hurt anymore; I was far from that stage.  More that, with every time I thought of that question, I had a harder and harder time thinking of an answer.  I had chosen Nick because he was nice to me when I first came to this planet.  But what did I really know about him?  His favorite color, his birthday, his taste in video games.  He was violent, while I was intent on saving human-kind.  He was social, while I had only two friends.  He knew exactly what to say and exactly when to say it, and apparently I had fallen under his spell.  The thing I missed most about us wasn’t that I could confide in him.  It wasn’t that I connected with him in that special way every time our eyes met.  It was our little rendezvous, the times we went to his house when his parents were gone just to be alone together, to share kisses and curl up on his couch together.  I was finally starting to realize that what I had felt for Nick wasn’t love, but lust.  All those other things that you should have in a relationship, the trust, the connection, the communication, hadn’t been very strong for us.

            Those were the things I relied on Vincent for.

            “Hi Anira,” Nick said as I sat down, breaking me out of my reverie.  I smiled genuinely up at him.  My heart still lurched when he said my name, but it wasn’t nearly as painful as it was yesterday.  “I heard you had a bonfire last night and didn’t invite me.”  I raised an eyebrow and glanced across the table at Chris, who was smiling slyly into his Coke.

            “And where did you hear that from?” I asked, rolling my eyes.  “The millions of guests I did invite?”

            “Well, no,” he admitted.  “But Chris told me you invited Frenchy over there.”  He nodded his head towards Vincent, a slight scowl on his lips.  I didn’t like his attitude.

            “There was no bonfire Nick,” I sighed.  “Vincent came over to help me plant some tree seeds, and then he went home.  There was no fire, there was no party, there were absolutely no people purposely invited to my house.” Vincent’s arrival had been a complete surprise, and any other ‘visitors’ I may have had were less than welcome.

            “You two seem to be getting quite close.”  He continued as if I hadn’t spoken.  “Anything I should know about that?”

            “No, there is not,” I snipped, hardly able to believe my ears.  Was Nick actually jealous of Vincent?  He was the one who broke up with me!  “We’re just friends.”  He nodded his head vaguely, eyes slightly narrowed.  He was unconvinced.

            “I got you an apple, Anira,” Vincent said as he approached the table, “just in case you changed your mind about the food.”  I took the fruit daintily, smiling in embarrassment.  From the corner of my eye, I saw Nick stab at one of his meatballs.

            The conversation migrated after a few minutes, the spotlight no longer on me, and I gratefully turned my attention back to the vampires.  Now that my love life was slightly less chaotic, it would be easier to focus on my job.

            I turned my head casually, as if to look at the clock, and snuck a glance at the Cullens.  They were all sitting there at their table, none of them talking, none of them eating.  All of their lips were moving, though, so I knew they were having some sort of inaudible conversation.  I wished I could get closer to them, so I could hear what they were saying, but obviously the mind-reader would notice my approach and tell them all that I was eavesdropping.  How was I supposed to get any of my answers with him around?

            Maybe I could make a compromise with them, a truce of sorts.  Perhaps there was a way to prove myself trustworthy that would make them more willing to answer my questions.  Obviously there were certain things I couldn’t do, such as revealing my secret, but maybe there was something else I could do?

            As I pondered with this idea, Edward looked up from his tray and gave me a big, devious smile.  I had a feeling he knew exactly what to ask for.

love it make more fast and updated soon !!!



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