The Twilight Saga

This is my first story about my favorite couple Bella and Edward. I hope you all guys would try to read this. I’m not an expert writer so please bear with me and I always wanted to post this but I still don’t have the
guts. So well, now I guess I want to give it a try. Uhm more characters will be added in the next chapters. So please tell me. Should I continue??


For Edward Cullen, girls, money and popularity are the things that make life. He seemed to love this way of life. Of course all the rich girls fancied him for his tantalizing green eyes that would surely melt every girl’s heart, an untidy bronze hair and the god-like face.Everything in his life is perfect but everything has to change when he faced his biggest problem. 

  For Bella Swan, money and popularity are the things that took her family’s life. She no longer believes in love. She had walked the earth with darkness at her side. She had been blind for a year now. Although money was not really a problem to her she refused to be healed. Everything in her life was pointless and if being a blind for a lifetime will make her forget the past then she’s ready to face it.

  So this is a story of desperate man willing to give everything for money and a hopeless woman willing to give her money just to have her everything once again. 

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I really think you should try yo write this.
Thank you Breyle. That meant a lot. I really want to continue this. I'll send you my updates

Thank you so much rebekkah. I'll be posting my first chapter later

Thank you Ashle, i definitely will

Chapter 1  Bella
I remember lying on a cold damp street, a small red spot of warm going cold, surrounded by strangers I cannot recognize. My whole body ached but nothing could be compared to the burning sensation I had in my eyes. I tried to blink to see a clearer view but everything was a blur. I heard screaming, women voices and some were running towards the scene. My mind started to process everything we were in an accident.

“Dad”, I whispered while I searched for him.
One man caught my searching hands and I hold on to the warm touch.
“Somebody called for help”, he yelled. I tried to focus on his face but all I could see is his squared jaw and green eyes.
“You’ll be alright miss, just hold on”, he whispered to me.
I could have screamed for the pain I felt but I didn’t. I just laying there believing whatever he said.
“Please … my father, help”, I said hoping he could still hear me.
“Don’t worry, the paramedics are attending him now”, he said.

Then he was gone, other people close in. Something seemed to flutter in my chest.
There was no him, there was no light. I was dying. I could not remember what life looks like.
But I didn’t die. I was lost to a sea of cold and reborn into the land of warmth.

I remember this: green eyes.
I wish I will see them again
oh my. can't wait to see what happens to her father. please keep me posted. thanks
.. You'll learn soon about that.. Ur always welcome
Thank you for reading Ғαяωα Ɔʋℓℓɛи, Yep I'll be posting now.
Thanks The lovers family - S.B.J.A.I, that meant a lot
that is really great
Thanks melissa for reading it.
., We'll see in the next chapters XxgansitoxX. Thank you so much for reading it. I appreciate it much


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