The Twilight Saga

Breakaway (a Seth and Lily imprint story)




I never thought I could love anybody this much, I always knew there was one person for me, and its working out surprisingly well.


I looked at her, lying in the bed, sleeping. I can hear her heart beating, her breath’s still heavy.


CHAPTER ONE: Paul’s cousin

Seth’s P.O.V


I’m so bored. Paul starts to talk, “Guys, my cousin Lily is coming down to La Push, to visit me. I want you guys to meet her.”


            We all start to chatter, I get them to stop talking and say “Sweet I’d love to meet her, is she a hot-head like you?”


            He starts to snarl and then his clothes rip and he’s in wolf form, god not again. Here it goes. I go in the bush next to the road took off my clothes and put them in the bush. I phased and went to mess around with the guys. They’re all in wolf form. Why did you have to mess with him again, god we do this like every day. Jacob thought, now Sam was talking Paul, calm down. I’m sure we’d all love to meet her. Then everyone phased back and went to Emily’s house.


“You boys hungry? Of coarse you are what’s the point in asking?” she said.


Then she had muffins on the table, with eggs, and bacon! We all but Sam, who’s kissing his Emily, crowd the table eating hella fast. Then we all look at them and say, “We’re eating, Dude.”


“You guys really need to get used to this, it’s something we do very often..”  Sam stated, and whispered in her ear.


Then Emily’s phone rang, she answered “Hello?”


            Then she said “yeah he’s here. Oh she’s here already? Yeah okay, I’ll tell him.

Okay. Bye… Paul?”


            “Yeah?” he says.


“Lily’s here.”


“Come on guys.”




            We all follow him to his house and we walk in. there’s nobody in the living room, so we all sit on the couch and Paul goes and gets her from the guest room. She comes out and “Oh my god…” she’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. And just like that, I love her. I imprinted!!


            “Uh, Paul?”


            “Yeah, Seth?”


            “Can I talk to you for a second, now?”


            “Can it wait?”


            “No I need you now."


            “Okay, fine”


            We walk in the kitchen and I spurt it out, “I imprinted.” Then I look at my feet.


            “On who?” he asks.


            “On Lily…”


            “Oh, come on bro I’ll help you tell her.”


            Then we walk back out and Paul introduces everyone but me to her, I feel like an idiot just staring at her. I walk up to her and say “Hi, I’m Seth.”


            She says “Hi, nice to meet you.” And I grab her hand and kiss it. She blush’s bright pink, god, she’s so beautiful…

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Replies to This Discussion sweet...i like what you started..please post more soon..i can feel that your story will be great...and i like it i love it...
so sweet! love it..keep writing!!
:") yay! this is gooood
thank you all... i'm sorry, but i will only be posting on weekends, but when i do post i'll post a lot, so keep reading as i write more every week...... thank you!

~ bailey hemphill

Sorry I haven't written I had to take a loooooonggg trip to visit my grandparents. My grandfather died, I'm going to start writing again..... Soon!

Mmmkaay! :D I'll write more and post it soon!

Now!!! :D Sorry I kept you waiting!



She blushes bright pink, god, she's so beautiful... I asked her to come outside with me, she excitedly said yes.

     We were outside now, I looked deep in her eyes, she looked back at me. I could tell she liked me.. I slowly walked towards her, I didn't know what I was doing it just felt right. I was kissing her! and she was kissing back! I couldn't believe it.. She stopped me, and said "We should go back inside.."


     "Wait.. I need to tell you something,"


     She asked "What is it, Seth?"


    I reluctantly told her "I really like you."


   She replied, " I noticed that when we were sucking face a couple of seconds ago.."


   I laughed and followed her inside as she walked in. All the guys were looking at us when we walked in. I looked at Paul and shook my head......












I have writers block and I suck, you guys can finish the storyy!


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