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Hello, Ladies and A (guy) hehe. I'm over the top excited to post the Sequel! I know you all have been waiting for this for a while. ^_^ This is my first Sequel, just like my "I.W." was my first FF. All of the questions you had for "I.W." will now be answered.


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Now.... What all you wanderful ladies have been waiting on!


Abby Black, did this! Awesome mah girl. Awesome :)




Everything was going well. I was beginning to get over my father’s death. I had nice friends and a Lovely grandmother. But most of all I had him.  He was the reason why I was becoming stronger and more confident in my choices. But things were slowly becoming undone. ... More people were dieing and I was soon to be next. My life was in danger, the notes, the warnings, the threats, were all becoming real. He was toying with me. My life was a sick twisted game to him. This wasn’t right! I knew he wouldn’t stop until he finally got his hands on me.







Chapter 1: The moving Crew, and Kalon Michaels.
I awoke that morning feeling sick to my stomach. I turned over in my sheets and pulled them over my head. I felt something chunky and squishy rising in m my stomach. I sat straight up and I placed my hand over my mouth. I ran from my bed and yanked my bedroom door open. I rushed into the bathroom and hurled my guts out. I held my hair up with one hand and kept my hair from mixing with the vomit. I hurled again in the toilet and let out a small groan. Slowly I reached for the small metal flusher. I pulled my head back and leaned against the white wall of nana’s bathroom. Dad’s dream had made me sick. I dreamt of him again, but I dreamt of the day he died. The way his dark brown eyes, just seemed to stare at nothing. The smell of his blood was unsettling. I remembered when he first died I always awoke with me throwing up. Sometimes I didn’t make it to the bathroom.
“Lena? Are you up?” nana asked from downstairs. “The movers are finally here. Come on!” she yelled loud enough for me to hear.
“Okay.” I managed to get out. I pulled myself to the sink and gargled my mouth out. I splashed water on my face and moved from the bathroom. I went back into my room and grabbed Embry’s clean jacket off of my suitcase and pulled it on. I had on a peach spaghetti strapped shirt, and men bedroom pants. The long kind. Me and Nana had cleaned everything up in my room to make space for my old stuff from Florida. Finally my stuff was here and I missed it with a fierce passion. Before I left I had everything arranged and packed for me to be shipped up here. I looked over at my alarm clock and saw that it was 12 in the afternoon. I had been up most of the night worrying about, the wolf’s safety and wondering if the wolf had killed both of those guys. I shook my head, making the thoughts scatter away and slowly I made my way down the stairs and pulled on my sneakers at the door. I felt that familiar tug in my heart and I felt a smile come on my face. Embry. I missed him. Even though I saw him yesterday morning it still felt long and torturous. Before I walked outside I looked in the mirror across from the grandfather’s clock. The mirror was oval shaped and had a unique bronze frame that looped around the glass. I looked into it and saw my eyes dark and a bit red. My black hair was down and it didn’t help but make my face look even more paler. I still had the bandage on my neck. I decided to take the bandage off  of my neck and let the wound get some rainy air. I looked at the two small dark scabs that were forming in the tiny dotted holes.
“Gross.” I whispered. My neck still felt sore, and it was red and slightly puffy. I felt my anger build towards the men who had done this to me. I wish I was strong enough to whip their narrow butt’s. but I was human. They were vampires. Incredibly strong vampires at that. I still had trouble believing they existed.
“Lena! Come on!” nana yelled from outside. I snapped out of my reverie and pulled the front door open. I wiped a shaky hand across my forehead trying to shake the nauseous feeling that was coming on. Today it wasn’t so bad. The sun was still floating behind the clouds but I could see parts of the blue sky here and there. I looked out onto the road and saw the huge white moving truck sitting on the side of the road. Nana was standing on the side of it while pressing a button to make the ramp go up slowly. I walked up to nana and smiled a little.
“Morning.” I tried to say in an even tone. Nana looked at me and her deep brown eyes widened.
“Lena, you don’t look well.” she said placing her hand on my cheek. I blushed a little and looked at her. Her silver hair was still in a braid and she had on her knitted sweater with her khaki Dockers on.
“Bad dream.” I whispered tapping her hand. I moved away from her hand and saw four people in the truck already. I could see my brown boxes and my dresser and other things deep within the truck. I smiled knowing I would be close to home a little. I moved back so nana could make the ramp go up and put the boxes on. I noticed a face within the four bodies and recognized Quil. Another face came into view and I saw Jared moving a box down to the edge of the truck. My heart did a little leap hoping Embry would be with them.
“Nana you asked Quil them to help us with my stuff?” I asked pushing my hair behind my shoulders. Nana gave me a look and she raised a silver eyebrow.
“I told you we needed muscle to move your stuff.” Nana said bumping my shoulder with hers. I laughed a little, and turned around. I began looking for Embry, wandering where he could be. I looked in front of the truck and didn’t see him. I walked to the other side of it and still didn’t see him. But I did see Quil’s blue Volts Wagon. I groaned a little and finally decided to help them with my stuff. I hopped up on the truck and stopped when I saw Quil carry a massive box inside my house. Without any help! I shook my head and moved to the back.
“Hey Seth, Collin, Jared, Paul” I said as they all pushed a box to the edge of the truck.
“Hey.” The all said while moving the boxes. I stopped in the middle and turned towards them.
“You guys really don’t have to do this. you’ve done enough.” I said guiltily. They had already saved my life once and now they were helping me move my stuff. This was too much. Seth stopped pushing the box and looked at me through the darkness of the truck.
“It’s fine. Besides Ms. Louise said grilled cheese sandwiches are in it for us!” Seth said excitedly. I smiled knowing the feeling and taste of nana’s grilled cheese sandwiches.
“Say no more.” I smiled while walking to the back. I pulled Embry’s jacket over my shoulder and bent down to grab one of the small boxes. I felt a warm hand wrap around my waist and jumped up and spun around on my heels. I swung my hand out to find it only for my hand to be caught in an even hotter hand.
“Damn you act fast.” said an all too familiar voice. My heartbeat didn’t even attempt to slow down when I looked into those chocolate chip speck eyes.
“Embry! You big goohooga!! You scared me.” I exclaimed. I unclenched my fist in Embry’s warm palm and laced my fingers through his. Embry’s face became serious and he brought our hands down to his side.
“I’m sorry.” he said sincerely. “You must be still edgy.” he stated. I knew he was talking about the other night and I didn’t say anything for a minute. I shook my head and smiled a little.
“Were you hiding in here the entire time?” I asked stepping up to him. I could see his hair was falling into his eyes and I smiled liking how he looked like a bad boy.
“Yeah. It wouldn’t have been any fun just waiting for you at the door.” he said.
“It would have been even better with you walking down the street shirtless in slow motion.” I said while laughing and liking that image. He laughed along with me.
“I’ll try that some day.” he whispered into my ear. His arm was wrapped around my waist and his hot breath sweeping across my ear was making me dizzy. And just like that Embry made me feel safe. I didn’t feel so nauseous like earlier, I didn’t feel so shaken by dad’s death.
“You took your bandage off.” Embry said pulling away from me. I could see the seriousness that was creeping into his face. I looked away and reached for a lock of my hair. I begin twirling my hair around my finger nervously.
“The bandage got wet when I showered, and this morning it started to smell.” I said meeting his eyes. He bent down and kissed my neck gently. I felt my heart kick into overdrive from his scent, let alone his lips touching my bare skin.
“Lena! What are you doing back there?” I heard nana ask curiously. Quickly Embry and I pulled away from each other. Even though we were completely hidden by the darkness of the truck, I still felt I needed to respect nana while she was close by.
“The box was hard to grab.” I lied nervously. Embry picked up a big box and I picked up a smaller one. Once I was out the truck nana gave me a funny look when she saw Embry come out behind.
“I can imagine you grabbing something else.” Nana said chuckling to herself. I widened my eyes at nana and nearly dropped my box.
“You bad lady!” I said while walking up to the house. She laughed and sat down in her lawn chair. I shook my head. I was about to go inside when I saw someone getting out of a car. Embry stopped behind me and I could feel him staring at me. The person came into view and I dropped my box. His black hair was cut short, and his native skin was toned nicely on him. His chest was wide and firm. He wore a white button down shirt and his jeans fitted his waist neatly.
“Dad?” I whispered taking a step forward. The dim glow of La Push’s sun shined on the man’s face. I felt my soul go hopeful and eager for my father to be alive again. I recognized his face. I moved my eyes up to the man’s and took a step back. His eyes were a light brown. My father’s own were a dark brown, and he had a blue line going around his irises. It wasn’t my father. But I knew why he looked so much like my father. It was my brother.
“Kalon?” I whispered.


(W/N: Remeber whe Lola Chan and Terra were telling Kayliee about themselves? She mentioned she had a brother. Well Yeah, he's back and he's making Kayliee go insane. So what do you Ladies think of the first chapter?)


P.s. Instead of Author's note. Im putting WRITERS note. Mainly because I didnt create majority of the characters. etc etc. you all know. hehe Im shutting up now!

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loved it (:

(A/N So this couldn’t wait till the end of the Chapter. I sooo had to add this scene in here, because I wanted my story to have a little more passion and ‘revelation’ than most stories on here. Rated PG-13?)


Chapter 17- HEAT

Without hesitation I pulled myself out of my bed. I felt light headed at the motion but shook it off. I had to get to Embry. I looked at my red flashing numbers on my alarm clock. And read it was 8 o clock p.m. good, I had all night to find Embry and reason with him. I ran out of my room and down the steps of Nana’s house and into the living room. I had thrown the keys somewhere in here when I was hurt by Embry’s actions. How stupid did it sound that only hours ago I was mad at Embry. I looked under the couch, and over behind the television set but found nothing. I groaned out loud and slapped the floor.

“Come on!” I whispered running over to the small coffee table, I looked underneath it, and found the small silver keys.


I quickly grabbed them and ran towards the door. I didn’t bother putting on a coat, or my shoes. I just had to get to Embry. I pulled open the front door and slammed it shut. I didn’t even think to lock it. Outside it was still raining, and it still felt cold as ever. I ignored it and leaped down the steps quickly as my bare feet slapped the wet concrete. By the time I reached nana’s car I was entirely soaked from head to toe. Shakily I went through the keys to find the right one. As I found the car door key I noticed something move on the side of me. I turned my head and looked into the woods. A figure emerged from the thick line of trees and I felt my heart stop. His chest was bare and muscular as he walked across the street towards me. I noticed he was only wearing a pair of cut off jeans and only that. His abs flexed here and there as he took step for step towards me.

“Embry!” I shouted, shoving the keys into my pockets. I couldn’t wait any longer for him to be so far from me. so I ran. I ran towards Embry as the tears filled my eyes and I pumped my legs harder. Embry’s face came into full view as I neared him, he ran to me as well and a sad smile was on his face.

“Kayliee Michaels. If you think, you can get rid of me that easily you are wrong-” I had cut Embry off when I jumped into his arms and kissed his full sweet lips. I kissed his lips repeatedly as my legs wrapped around his waist and I brought my body closer to him. By now we had met each other in nana’s lawn, as the rain poured down harder on us.

“Stay with me. Spend the night with me Embry Call.” I breathed in between my kisses. I felt Embry wrap his strong hot arms around me and I was grateful. Never had I ever appreciated Embry’s wrapping these arms around me, more than I did right now. Embry kissed me back with a passion that was all too familiar to me. Reluctantly I unwrapped my legs from around him, and placed my feet firmly on the ground. I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the house. Without a word we walked in, and I closed the door behind him. I pulled him up the stairs with me and into my room.


The music was still playing loudly, but Maxwell’s song was on. I closed my room door too and stood behind it. Embry stood in front of me looking serious, and yet calm. I took in his muscular frame and smiled slowly. I was so glad that he was alive. That dream I had, it had shown me how to appreciate things when you had them in your hand. I walked slowly over to him, staring into those eyes of his. The water droplets on his body rolled down his well toned arms and chest. He looked glorious right at this moment.

“Kayliee we don’t have to do this.” Embry whispered as he kept his eyes on my face.

“I want this.” I said moving my hand to his arm gently. “I want to give myself to you Embry.” I pressed my body to his and I felt him shudder under me. Embry nodded quietly, as he placed his finger tips at the top of my waist. I felt him lift my shirt up slowly as his fingertips brushed along my skin. He pulled my shirt over my head gently and carefully. His hot frame felt so good against mine, that I shuddered myself. Embry moved my wet hair behind my shoulder and bent his head to kiss my neck. He kissed the bite marks on my neck and pressed me against him.


I felt his hands begin to unbutton my jeans and I took a deep breath. Embry lowered himself on his knees as he slowly slid my jeans down my long legs. He helped me out of them, and tossed them to the side. I closed my eyes as he kissed my thigh softly. His warm hands gripped the back of my calves while he continued to make his way above my hips and breast. Finally Embry stood up and placed both hands on my face and stared into my eyes. I stared back into his as I unhooked my bra and slipped out of my panties.


I reached for his pants to find a rather large surprise waiting for me. I unzipped his jeans and let them drop to the floor. I could tell he had probably just got done patrolling or something, because he wasn’t wearing any boxers. Embry kept his hands on my face as he moved us back to my disheveled bed. He laid me down slowly. As Embry laid me down on the bed I felt myself tense up. Embry was a descendant Warrior…. He was strong and wild, at times. My body could only handle so much…force.

“Be gentle Embry. Please.” I quietly whispered not wanting to ruin the mood. Embry looked me in the eyes carefully and stroked my cheek.

“I won’t hurt you.” he whispered still staring into my eyes with a passion that was so new to me. I never knew this side of Embry before, him being gentle as a feather falling from a bird’s wing. He ran his hand down my naked body and looked down at my body. I watched as a possessiveness creep into his eyes. I could only stare back at him with the same emotion.

“Mine.” He whispered possessively, as Embry reached for my face. Embry looked back at me then. A small smile played on his lips.

“Yes. I am yours.” I whispered as he gently placed himself in between my thighs………..


(W/N: Hehehe, im sooooo bad! I really wanna know what you all think about this chapter, please dont be like "MORE, MORE, MORE" Or "that was great." it kind of irks my nerves..... so lemme know what you TRULY think of this chapter. Fav. Scene? Unnecessary? Love it darling? MOOOORRRE? haha.)

I think this was needed.  I can see her decided that she needed this night, and he needed it too, in cause their worst fears come true tomorrow.  Glad you cut it off right when you did, so you dont get in trouble.  Would hate for this story to disappear

Holy my wowwz! :O 

okay... Favorite parts: "“Kayliee Michaels. If you think, you can get rid of me that easily you are wrong-” I had cut Embry off when I jumped into his arms and kissed his full sweet lips." and "I watched as a possessiveness creep into his eyes." and "“Mine.” He whispered possessively" and "“Stay with me. Spend the night with me Embry Call.”" and last one... "Never had I ever appreciated Embry’s wrapping these arms around me, more than I did right now"

Okay so maybe I like a lot of parts... pretty much all lol but I tried narrowing it down... The underlined one is totally my favorite! :D

I loved it! Not too much, it was real and not fake like most stories. Very Very heated and great! Totally necessary! You had to bring the passion back in full gear after the anger and sadness that had been there!

And yes darling, loved it! XD 

now can i do my more more more? hehe MORE MORE MORE! :D

I loved the "There was a big surprise waiting for me" part! sooooo funny! I really loved this, your writing style is amazing!!!! post soon please:D
Ok im a new reader, and i have been told the most judgementle reader too, but i have to tell you that this story has caught my attention. I LOVE IT , Please keep me updated, i cant believe they did it o.O


adjahfjkfhlkfn! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! Finally, gosh took them long enough! :P

I think it was really sexy. & it showed how passion they have between each other which was really sexy. & I just loved it overall. & you did choose a good place to stop. It held the attention in my opinion :)

Great Job hun :)

Woo! They made up (And more)!

I is soooo happy you put this chapter in here!

She needed to show Embry how much she loved him in someway or another.

It was definately needed.

Post soon!

That was amazing darling awesome chappie loved how she finally relized that she needs him lol loved it lol update soon and one more thing.....MOOOOOOOOREEE!!!!! jaja just had 2put that!


&& "wELCOME TO B.L.!!!"

Love having new readers! : )

Chapter 18- After burn.

I rolled off of Embry slowly as I caught my breath for the eighth time tonight. It took everything in my body to just lift the covers up and wrap the sheets around my naked, sweating body. Once I managed to wrap myself, I turned to lay my head on the pillow panting heavily as my face met the crisp cool material. Embry’s glorious face came into view as he too fell back on the pillow and stared into my eyes tenderly. I thought back on what we were just doing and felt my cheeks become warm. Embry had been absolutely amazing, and strong in bed.


We were in positions I didn’t even know existed, let alone get my body to angle that way. But overall, what had my body and mind loving every second of the intimate moment I was with Embry, was how gentle and cooperative he was with me. He had held my neck in his large hands with such care. My legs and arms were still burning from his touch. Embry pulled me into his arms, causing my thoughts to scatter away.


I rested my head underneath his chin and placed my hands on his chest, as he wrapped me in his strong hot arms. I had to say Embry’s body temperature, didn’t bother me not once while we were….you know. If anything his temperature had made my cold body, thaw out like ice, every time he touched me or kissed me. I was beginning to feel the After burn, of being with Embry Call, and I was just about to go insane. If we didn’t get back to business.

“I’m sorry.” Embry whispered into my hair softly. I sighed inwardly knowing Embry was apologizing for not telling me he was going to war sooner.  I kept my head on his chest as I spoke.

“Embry, let’s forget it.” I said, still remembering the way his hands had been on my hips. As if on cue I felt the skin over my hips tingle as if they were signaling me, to tell Embry to touch them.

“I can’t. I shouldn’t have doubted you like I did. I’m sorry.” He whispered again, while rubbing the skin over my spine. Outside, at least over the loud radio, that was cooing love songs, I could hear the rain lighting up only a little. The thundering hadn’t stopped completely, but you could hear the soft rumbling from a far ways off.


Although the lightening zapped across the sky every few minutes or so, causing me to catch a full glimpse of Embry’s face in full blown pleasure. I remembered that Embry was apologizing and felt a twinge of hurt rise in me, once again.
“I could understand me not being all there, Embry.” I said referring to my head not being entirely sane.


I shook the thoughts of my dad away and continued on. “But you have to give me some credit for getting this far. You should have told me sooner Embry. A hell of a lot sooner.” I signed, pressing my hands to his chest and smelling his sweet scent. I heard air escape Embry’s lungs, it sounded as if he sighed.


“I know.” his voice was low and crisp. Embry unwrapped me from within his arms and slid a little down the bed, so we could be eye level. “I thought maybe if I gave one of us peace at mind that you wouldn’t be so worried.”

“If….if Leah hadn’t told me that you guys were going to war, would you have li….lied about where you were going?” I asked not having the courage to meet his eyes. I felt him press his large warm hand to my cheek and stroke it gently.
“I don’t know. I probably would have said I was going on vacation? Or maybe to boot camp, or something.” he replied hesitantly.


I stayed quiet for a moment as my thoughts filled my heads. Boot camp? Embry wasn’t a bad guy, so why would his mother send him there? His mom. I still hadn’t met her yet and wandered if I would meet her.

“What does your mom think your going?” I asked still not looking at him. Instead my eyes focused on the small radio that was on the floor. The CD had stopped playing completely. Seeing as in how someone needed to restart it. But we were too busy at the moment.


“She knows. Everything.” Embry said wrapping his arms tighter around me. I flinched when he said that. She had known before I did. Everyone had known before I did. I shook my head a little to get the thoughts out.

“Why do you have to go?” I asked now meeting his eyes. His brown and green eyes stared into mine as I lifted up from the bed and sat up. I kept my sheet wrapped around me, when Embry sat up along with me. I could feel the tears gathering in my eyes, and I sniffed a little trying not to let them fall. Embry’s eyes were still on mine when he placed his warm hands once again on my either side of my face.


“I have to Kayliee.” he whispered into the dark. I shook my head and held the sheets tighter to me.
“But why you? You could stay with me.” I whispered back, with the tears still gathered into my eyes. Embry’s fingertips pressed softly into my cheeks and jaw line. He brought himself closer to me as I watched a fierceness seep into his eyes.
“My people. My mother. My brothers. You. I have to protect you all from these vampires.” he said staring into my eyes. “It’s my duty and the packs duty to protect this land. Our lands. It’s our home, we cant let them take that away from us Kayliee. So as me being a Warrior of the Descendants I must protect it, with everything. Even with my life.” he finished. I flinched slightly when he said ‘even with his life.’ I could see the determination and pride that was gathering behind his eyes as he said those words.


“But, I cant loose you.” I whispered trying to keep the tears from falling. So far it was working.


“Kayliee. Would you honestly be proud of me if I stayed behind with you and let my pack go into a war zone?” Embry asked pointedly. I looked at him and saw that he was serious. Too serious for my liking. I stayed quiet for a few moments realizing I was once again being selfish.


“No.” I finally whispered knowing Embry would never forgive me nor himself for that matter, because he allowed himself to stay behind. Embry kissed my forehead gently and leaned back from me. I placed my hands on his arms and leaned closer to him. I stayed silent for a moment longer trying to get myself to become more stronger and understanding.


“Alright.” I replied shaking my head and leaning back on my bed. “I understand.” And just like that my tears had dried on their own. I could say I truly did understand him. When he spoke of his lands like that, he reminded me of my father. The way my father would get that desire and fierce protectiveness in his eyes when he spoke about me, or my mother sometimes. Embry towered over me as he held his weight up on his elbow that was leaning on the bed. He ran a hand through my hair and let it slowly glide through his fingers.


“Under one condition, I wont worry so much about you.” I said raising my chin and staring him straight in the eyes. Embry looked back at me then.


“What’s that.” He whispered still stroking my hair.


“Your heart does not stop beating, until mine does.” I whispered slowly. I raised my hand and placed it over his rapidly beating heart. I knew this was a bold and sort of a lopsided negotiation. But it was the best I had. Embry stopped stroking my hair and moved his hands to the side of my neck. He stroked the small bite wounds, and I watched a glimmer of sadness cross his beautiful face.


“Agreed.” he whispered back. I watched as his face smooth over with another emotion I wasn’t quite used to. “But if mine does, you live on.” he whispered. I felt my face frown at that. But before I could get a word out Embry’s lips were back on mine. He gently unwrapped the sheets from around me and hitched my leg over his waist………..


(W/N: Hehehe, I fell in love with This Chapter, I kept rereading it, over & over! COMMENT & RATE!.) HAHA.


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