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Okay so this is my story of what Bella's life and her family's life was like after the book Breaking Dawn. This story is owned by SM and this is all her material! I dont own twilight and never will! Lots of you may know that i posted this before but it was deleted so here it is again!!!!!




Chapter 1
A Visit
Jacob pov.

Its been about 7 years since the whole little thing with the Volturi. I don’t really think about it anymore. Its a little hard to do anything when all i can do is think about her! My love. Renesmee Carlie Cullen. ( Nessie ) Well i told her about the whole imprinting thing. She took it well. Even when I told her that she was the one I had imprinted on. We have been dating for some time now, but she keeps telling me that she wants to take our relation ship to the next level. I didn’t want her to do anything she might regret so I told her that we should just take things slow. she thought about it then agreed later.

I was at home thinking about her so i decided to go and check on her. when i walked outside it was really dark. must have been around 10:00. I was running as fast as i could through the forest. When I was a few feet from the cottage I began to check the air. The scent of Edward and Bella was here but it was hours old so my guess was that they were on a hunting trip. This was good. I phased and put my sweats on. I walked to her window then peaked inside. She was sleeping. I wanted to stay until she awoke but I figured that Edward and Bella would be back by then and there was no way I would let them catch me here! So I decided to leave. i mean it wasn’t like I couldn’t see nessie tomorrw. although it would kill me to stay away from her I think I had too. if I wanted to see her I would just have to wait.

Chapter 2
Jacob POV.

When I turned to leave I heard her waking up. She must have heard me. Why wasn’t that a surprise. " Jacob what are you doing here?" She asked. I thought it was just a regular question but then I heard the panic in her voice and saw it in her eyes. " umm well I came over to-" She cut me off. " My parents will kill us both if they-" I cut her off this time. Whoa whoa whoa. chill Nessie. your parents are gone out hunting. you didn’t think that I would risk the both of our lives to come here now did you?" I asked sarcastically. then we both laughed. " well then why did you come her again. I didn’t really let you finish the first time." she asked. " Just wanted to check on you i guess. Couldn’t stay away from you." i said with a smile. she smiled back then said. " oh well come in" Then i climbed through the window in a few seconds. Then i sat at the edge of her bed. then she said. " So have you thought any further about what i said?" i hated when she brought this up. She already new what i was going say so what was the point in her asking. " yes i did." Look Nessie you know what the answer is. I we are going do THAT anytime soon then we should at least wait until we maybe get our own place or something." She frowned then said " you know Jacob, if you don’t want to be with me in that way then you can just say so. Of course ill be pissed but i guess ill understand." What? How could she think that. She just didn’t know how much i wanted her. I wanted her more then she wanted me. That i was sure of. Maybe i should just give her what she wanted. yeah. maybe i would.

Nessie pov.

I cant believe me and jacob were actually together for the first time. After it was all over he looked as if something had just popped into his head. Like a light had just been switched on. then he got up and was getting ready to leave. I stopped him then asked. " now where do you think your going?" Then he looked at me as if i had just asked a retorical question. " now Nessie you know i have to go and im more than sure that you know why." I put on my puppy dog eyes then said. " you will come back tomorrow though right?" he looked deep into my eyes then leaned in to whisper in my ear. " of course i will." I smiled then he put on his sweats and walked to the window. I jumped up then wrapped the Sheet around me. I ran to him then put my hand on his cheek as i gave him a kiss. He gently pushed me back then said " Stop that! it already hard enough to leave. that wont really help me at all." " oops." we both laughed. " okay go on before i put more images in your head." he smiled then ducked out the window. i went to sleep then. i would need all of my rest if i want to hide this from daddy in the morning.

Chapter 3
I know that look
Bella POV.

When me and Edward arrived home last night i thought i smelled Jacobs scent. i let Edward know what i was thinking even though i was sure that i was right. * Do you smell that?* i asked in my head. " Yeah its Jacob. I guess he was just checking on Nessie. Don’t worry love." Well that made since. Jake always came over to check on Nessie- even though he thought that me and Edward didn’t know- it was nothing new.

When the morning came and Nessie was at the table reading. i noticed something in her eyes. she looked happy within them but it was as if she was trying to hide it on the outside. like she wanted no one to know. i let my shield down to let Edward know what i was thinking. * what’s up with Nessie?* i asked in my head. " i don’t know. whatever it is, she is trying to keep it from me. right now she is thinking about the family but i can tell there is something more."

At that moment i realized that i knew that look. I had seen it before. Many times before. I saw it Every time after me and Edward made love. i still do. This only meant one thing. That’s why Jake was here. it all added up now. I let Edward know what i was thinking. Then as soon as he was done reading my mind he was clenching the table with so much force that i had to stop him before he broke the table. Nessie was in her room by now. " I’m going to kill him! Edward spit through his teeth. " wait babe. lets just think about this before we handle this the wrong way." " the wrong way? the wrong way to handle this would be trying to stay calm like you are. As for the thinking part, i am thinking about it. I’m thinking about how I’m going to kill him!" I didn’t know what to do except try to calm him down. i grabbed his face between the both of my hands then kissed him passionately. he seemed to have calmed down then. i pulled back then looked into his confused eyes then said. " now look. you stay her while i go talk to Nessie. i will be back but don’t you go and do anything stupid while I’m gone. Don’t do anything until i get back. okay?" he held his head down while it was still within my hands. " okay." he said with a deep heavy sigh. " i will not do anything while your gone but who knows just what i might do as soon as your gone." he didn’t have the deep evil smile i thought he would have had when he said it. instead his face was serious. hoping to take his mind off of things again i said " be good." In a seductive voice that scared me a little.

Bella POV.

I left Edward in our room. hoping, no praying, that he would just stay in one place until i came back. as i walked down to Nessie's room i realized that i had no idea how i was going to start our conversation off. i was already at the door by the time i really started to think about it. i knocked on the door then i heard a sweat soft voice from the inside say. " Come in mom." Of course she knew it was me. just like the rest of us, she was able to identify us from our footsteps alone. how great our talents were. i walked in the room and hesitated before i walked to her bed and then sat at the edge of her bed. Jacob's scent was stronger in here. this proved my theory of what happened last night even more. she was lounged across her bed looking up at the ceiling. i could guess what she was thinking about but i was praying that i was wrong. i knew she wasn’t going just start so i did. " well Nessie i don’t know how to tell you this or even how to start it but i more than sure that i know that Jacob was here last night and i know why." I waited to see the look of embarrassment or guilt that i was expecting but it wasn’t there. instead there was a look of innocence, and bravery in its place. then she said. " look mom, i know you and dad- him the most- might think that i made a mistake but the truth is that i didn’t. i don’t regret a thing. in fact i can show you if you want?" " what? no. Hell no! Oops sorry but you caught me off guard." she chuckled then said. " well me and Jacob both knew what we were doing. i had just as much to do with this as he did so i wont accept any kind of punishment you or dad are trying to ditch out." okay she really needed tto watch it. " okay first, i know i look your age but don’t forget that I’m still your mother. watch it. Secondly, i never said anything about punishing you. i don’t want to. i understand it. i jus wanted to make sure you were okay with what happened." "umm really? Well yeah i am.? i was so relieved for what reason i did not know. " well that’s all i needed to know. i need to go talk to tour dad now." Then i headed back to me and Edward's room feeling pretty good.

Chapter 5
Where is Edward
Bella POV.

It took me no time at all to get back to the room. when i got there i realized something. something in my head clicked. there was something missing. something that would make this room look complete the way i had left it. something that belonged. then it hit me. it was Edward!

I knew where he was going. That was just more than easy to figure out. his scent was still fresh in the room so i knew he had to have just left when i walked in. that must have been why i heard the wind whooshing. i hadn’t paid any attention to it at first. i didn’t know what it meant at first. i hurried and jumped out of the window. running as fast as i could. There was no need for me to have to follow his scent. It was more then obvious where he was going. As i headed down to La Push i replayed the scene in my head where Edward had told me, "okay.......i will not do anything while your gone but who knows just what i might do as soon as your gone." He meant exactly what he had said. I should have know. When was there ever a time when he didn’t mean what he said. He must have just left when i walked in. He could not have been listening to me and Nessie conversation. instead he must have been getting images of Jake in her head. I extended my shield about a good 50 feet. hoping to feel his light within it. i didn’t. I let my shield down and began to think. * Edward! Edward come back! You have it all wrong. Let me explain!* The thought came across as more of a plea then a demand. i still didn’t feel I’m coming back or even within my shield for that matter. so either he wasn’t listening or he was just to far away which wasn’t likely because i should be the head that he knew the most. as much as he knew my voice and as much as he was in my head from me always keeping my shield down. i was at La Push in 2 minutes. it was amazing how much i could think about in so little time. how much i could get did. i stopped dead in my tracks when i saw Edward crouched, ready to spring and Jake in his wolf form. there was no time to stop though. that made me run in between them. there was no way either of them would fight with ME being the only force that was stopping them. as i was explaining it all in my head to Edward i waved Jake off. he moved back one step reluctantly then one more. he stopped and huffed as if that was enough moving. when i was done telling Edward the whole story he then straightened up looked at me then at Jake. then he put his head down and walked away. once i was by his side he started to run. he didn’t stop until we were at the house. when we were in the room i yelled. " you have to apolo-" he cut me off. " i know. ill do it tomorrow. i just don’t have the strength." that was weird. we hade strength to do any and everything but i understood what he meant. i went and sat by his side. "its okay. will work it out with them. Together." then he looked at me and started to kiss me. we had a great nigh in which i didn’t think about Jake or Nessie at all.


This is only th first 5 but the next 5 will be up later today!

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lol thanks and i wont let him die...or will i......?
wow.., love this story..:]]
do you really.....thankx
I was so sad I could not read your story again, since it was deleted. I really liked it, and I am so happy I can read it once more. Hope to see more from you soon!!!
thanks alot
ok not sure i dont think i got it but if i catch you on Yahoo ill talk to you
ms bella...wut can i say!....sorry its taken me so long to read it...jus been busy with work and kids and other things round here...but i can say that the wait was def well worth it...i c u changed some of the things and it was jus a few lil things lol...yeah i noticed lol...i should as much as i read the other always soooooo awesome....i'm so glad ur getting ur story back up....have u changed the story much r is it jus lil details?...u always amaze me ms bella.....THANX SO MUCH I REALLY NEEDED THIS!! ya chic and i hope everything is goin good for u and hope ur enjoying ur summer!!!!!
wow i can always expect amazing comments from you!!! well of course you would notice the changes...i expect that from my #1 FAN!!!! um i would say its just minor changes but we'll see...
keep me updated
i will thankx 4 reading


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