The Twilight Saga

What if the Volturi decided to fight? what if Alice didnt make it in time to help? what if Alice,Rosalie, and Kate are the only ones left.
tell me if i should continue

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yes yes yes yes yes yes
Sure it sounds like a good story :)
Yes, yes, yes, yes. Keep going, please :D
ok if i get a few more comments ill write the first chapter tonight
lol yes thats enough ill start working on it

hehe they look like little mountains ehheeeeheheheheh

but ya you should continue!
Sounds good! post it plz
"Jasper hurry we have to go!" i screamed we had found Nahuel.
"Alice babe we're almost there." he said we were running faster than we had ever ran before.. but that was until i heard a scream coming from the clearing and i didnt need a vision to know who it was from.
"Esme!" i said then i started running again. we finally got to the clearing and the fight was almost over and i couldnt find any of the Cullens
"Alice stay here." Jasper said before running to fight
"Jasper." i said but he wasn't listening just then i had a vision
Rose was fighting Felix and she was loosing "Emmett!" she screamed but he never came.
"Hes dead Rosie." Felix said before ripping off her head .
~End of vision~
"Rose." i said running to where she was
"Alice help." she said and i jumped on Felix's back and ripped off his head then i lit a match and watched him burn.
"Rose are you ok?" i asked
"No Alice im scared and i want Emmett but hes gone forever." she said
"Where are the others?" i asked
"Gone." she said we sat there in silence until i realized where we were. I got up and a looked around all i saw were pieces of people and none of them belonged to the ones i loved most.
i know it was short and im sorry the next chappy will be waaay longer


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