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breaking dawn gone wrong-this story is about Renessmee when the cullens are in the clearing with the voltri and something goes teribly wrong had has to run away. this story is in Renessmee's POV (i may swich to anuther POV) the characters belong to the woman we all love Stephinie Meyer. in the first chapter i do have a fewquotes from Breaking Dawn so i want to clareafy that thoes quotes belong to Mrs.Meyer too. i hope you enjoy my story and please comment at the bottem and tell me what you think P.S sorry for the miss spellings and gramer i get a little lazy sometimes. thank yall yours truly Danielle


RPOV chapter 1 unhappy ending or beginning My mother was glaring striate ahead at something I knew I couldn’t see. I looked over to my father his arm was tightly around my mother’s waist and was glaring strait ahead as well. That’s when I saw them in the fog and snow the cloaked figures that I knew nothing about except that they were evil and scary looking. They came out in a ‘V’ formation with 3 figures in the middle that had black clocks. My grandfather turned to my father “should I speak”? “Better now than never.” My father said My grandfather took a deep breath then stepped in between us and the Voltri “welcome Aro, Caius, Marcus my old friends” “Fair words Carlisle for someone who broke the law.” A voice said from with in the Voltri. A black cloaked figure walked out of the ‘V’ formation. “Aro we never have broken the law”. Another cloaked figure came out of the middle of the ‘V’ “Don’t lie to us Carlisle we see the baby and there’s an impossible exception to this law.” “Caius please see reason.” My grandfather said “No Carlisle I think we should settle this right now don’t you think Aro?” Caius said with a stern voice. At that point I really started to get scared what were they saying? Did they really want to get rid of my family who didn’t do any thing wrong that I know of I mean what was there problem my grandfather is the sweetest man I’ve meet and my father and mother are so in love that it should be illegal and my aunts and uncles are the best. Aro turned to Caius “No Caius wait I think we should talk to our young friend Edward obviously he has something to do with this as the child clings to his new born wife.” A low hiss escaped from my mother’s lips my father squeezed her hand “its ok Bella” he mumbled. Aro turned in our direction “Edward please come here I would like to talk to you”. My father turned to me and my mother and said “ill be right back” he kissed her lips and my forehead then turned and walked towards our enemy. I looked up at my mother she was focusing really hard for some reason. Oh yeah I forgot she’s using her shield to protect my father I looked up at her again and cheered GO MOM!! In my head then I touched her cheek and thought it again she looked down at me and gave me a smile but it didn’t reach her eyes I could tell she was still worried about my father and so was I. “Yes Aro” my father said “Edward my young friend may I ask a favor of you?” Aro asked “Yes” he held out his hand as if he was going to shake Aro’s. Aro grasped it lightly and I wanted eagerly watching on the sidelines. “Interesting very interesting dear Caius I think we have made a mistake” Aro said “What do you mean Aro?” “Something you’ve never dreamed of, my long old friend the child is half mortal, half immortal,” Aro announced to him and the rest of the guard “Conceived so, and carried by this newborn wile she was still human.” “Impossible,” Caius scoffed “Do you think they’ve fooled me then, brother?” Aro’s expression was greatly amused, but Caius flinched. “Is the heart beat you hear trickery as well?” Just then Caius smiled very devilishly “Aro, Marcus may I have a word?” “certainly Caius ill be right there” he said wile turning to my father ”Edward I think you should return to your family for now” “Yes Aro” he said then turned back to us and started walking I could se my mother relaxing with every step he took on his way. When he made it back to us he whispered in my mothers ear “this is probably going to take a turn for the worst if it dose I just want you to know and you already know this but I love you so much you are my life no more than that my existence I love you so much I can’t put it in to words” My mother looked up at him staring in to his eyes. She looked like she would cry if that were possible. “I also want you to know that with out you I would be nothing my life would be nothing I love you to much for words my love for you is bigger than a thousand suns”. They looked at each other for a very long time wile they were I saw that every one ells heard because they were all saying there I love you’s and there goodbyes. My grandmother moved past us, touching our faces as she passed, to stand beside my grandfather. “If we live through this,” Garrett whispered to Kate,”ill follow you anywhere, woman.” “Now he tells me,” she muttered. Aunt Rosalie and Uncle Emmett kissed quickly but passionately. I looked back at my mother because she loosened my arms from her neck. “You remember what I told you?” she said Tears welled in my eyes but I nodded “I love you,” I whispered “I love you too,” she said and then she touched my locket. “More than my own life.” She kissed my forehead. Then she looked at Jacob and whispered in his ear “Wait until they’re totally distracted, then run with her. Get as far from this place as you possibly can. When you’ve gone as far as you can on foot, she has what you need to get you in the air.” I reached for my father, he took me in his arms and we hugged each other tightly. “This is what you kept from me?” he whispered over my head “From Aro” she breathed Then she turned to Jacob “You’re the only one we could ever trust her with. If you didn’t love her so much I could never bare this. I know you can protect her, Jacob.” He wined “I know” she whispered “I love you, too, Jake. You’ll always be my best man.” Then my father gave me one last squeeze and put me on top of Jacobs’s shoulders and said “goodbye, Jacob, my brother… son.” Just then something distracted me I looked towards the Voltri they were staring at us. “My brothers and I came to an agreement” said Caius with the same devilish grin on his face “NO!!” my father yelled with complete horror on his face “I’m sorry dear Edward but we don’t know how dangerous your daughter is and how great of a threat she has on our world” Aro said with foe sorrow. He stared at us and said “such a waist”. “But Aro she’s not a full vampire as you can see she grows swiftly” my father said with pain in his eyes. I stared at him with tears running down my face “what are they going to do to me daddy”? But he only stared at me with an expression I can’t put in to words. “That’s the point dear Edward we don’t know if this growing doesn’t even stop we can’t take any risks to see if she will or if she will turn in to something so horrible that even us can’t stop” Aro said with the same foe sorrow look. My mother stiffened up and glared at a set of twins who are about the same height as me. “Are they attacking”? My father said to my mother “Yes both Jane and Alec” she said with a strained voice That’s when I saw the mist I’ve herd about Alec’s power but I didn’t know you could actually see it. Jane hisses in frustration and turned around. She took the lighter out of Caius’s hand and took a bow-and-arrow out of another guard’s hands. She lit the end of the arrow on fire and to my amazement the flame turned green. She aimed it at my mother. “NO!! Bella watch out”! My father screamed. Jane let the arrow fly at that exact second my father jumped in front of my mother pushing her back. The arrow grazed my father’s shoulder he yelled in pain I looked down at the scene wile my mother rushed over to my father. My mother’s shield broke at that moment and the mist was slowly making its way back towards us.

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i love it! when are u posting more!?!? <3
its chapter 18! happy summer sorry it took so long please comment and tell me what u think
thanks for readding
your truly

Chapter 18
I felt it click then my anger just disappeared I could feel myself cooling and my skin turning back in to its normal color I couldn’t see it because my gaze was looked on my mother who was also looking a me in disbelief ’how is she still alive?’ I asked myself in all this I almost couldn’t feel the pain Jane was still laying on me I cringed in pain on the floor.
“stop now!” my mother screamed and the pain went away she must have used her shield
I slowly got to my feet seeming because I’m half human being that angry and having pain shoot through me for a good hour and a half takes a lot out of me. Someone snapped there fingers and the guards came and held my arms behind my back and they did the same to my mother I could see her trying to get out of her captives arms and come to me but her captive was to strong for her
“why hello Bella, so nice to see you again my dear” Aro said sinisterly
“let her go Aro she didn’t do anything, she’s innocent!” my mom yelled the last part
“oh I no my dear Bella I’m just using her to help me with a little trade I would like to have with you and your family” he said “but lets not discuss that yet lets wait for the others to return……ah here they are” Aro said cheerfully
I turn towards the door that just opened and I couldn’t believe my eyes there they stood in the door way my grandfather and my grandmother, uncle Emmett and aunt Rosalie, uncle Jasper and aunt Alice, and….my Father who was trying to get to my mother but, was held back by one of the duo, duo birds.
“ah my dear…friends” Aro sneered “glad you could make it back. I have a proposition for you all if you can behave.” he didn’t wait for an answer “so I was thinking we can do a trade off I keep Alice and Bella while all of the rest of u can go free and can keep this little one” he said and put a hand on my shoulder my mother growled “but if u do not accept then I’m afraid ill have to take Alice and Bella by force and end the rest of you” he sneered
My family was in an uproar yelling and trying to get free
yaaa my first comment....
Loved it bt how r they alive and how did alice and jasper meet them????
I love the story and m glad that at last u've updated
plz dont keep us hanging for long
update asap

love sadaf
im glad u liked it and im going to explain all that in the next two chapters im going to try to post more often i couldent be fore cause i had exames and end of the year crap so sorry about that im going to try writting more offten thanks for commentting
thanks? lol idk if thats a good wow or a bad wow
thanks so much glad ur radding!
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haha im writting right now:)
love love love love love love love it !!!!
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post mor soon please i love i


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