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Breaking Sunset: a story about Bella & Edward [PG-13 jic]

Hey everyone!!, So this story is set after Twilight, without having occured any of the other things that happen in the next books, just Jacob being a werewolf. This happen the year after Twilight happened, they are finishing their last year at forks highschool. It has sth of the next three books but with new characters and new problems. But this is just the begining, it will become much better!
This is my first fan fic, so I don't know how well it is!..
I HOPE you read it! and you like it, and please please if u have any contructive criticize let me know! Some characters and some episodes are not of my invention they belong to Stephenie Meyer.
This story is PG-13 i mean it doesn't have more "strong" content or language than SM's books had.


Chapter 1
It was snowing outside, a freezing cold and as whiter as it could be in December also so beautiful and calm just like Edward was. It was amazing how I have progressed in my skeptic position to cold, I was starting to really like the weather in Forks. I sighed thinking about what Edward could be doing now. Wondering if he would come to my room tonight; as he did most of the times.
“The pasta is very good, I can’t believe you can cook so well having half of my genes” Charlie said laughing, putting me back to dinner. Charlie really couldn’t cook. His cooking abilities were restricted to fried bacon, crumble eggs and fried fish, if only.
“Thanks dad” I smiled “I know you can do better, it’s only a matter of practice” I encouraged, so he wouldn’t feel so insignificant. He smiled back. It was really easy living with Charlie, every day I was more convinced about it. It sad that he had not a girlfriend or anything like that; he would be a really excellent partner.
We finished eating; I washed the dishes up and wished good night to Charlie. I still had to do some English homework; it was about Romeo and Juliet though, so I was going to do it in a really little time. First I got showered, washed my teeth and put on my pajamas (the good ones, just in case Edward was coming). And held to my room, familiarly absorbed in that thought, having Edward in my room tonight, kissing me, sleeping in his arms--
“Oh! Hi” I yelled, surprised, giving my room’s door a slam and suddenly breaking back to reality. And there he was… Edward was perfectly still smiling his crooked smile, my favorite one, leaned all over my bed with my English notebook?
“Sorry. It wasn’t my intention to scare you” He said grinningly, knowing I would know that was really his first plan. “I hope you don’t mind I have taken the time of doing your homework, because I know you already know Romeo and Juliet by heart, I wouldn’t interfere in your education if that would keep you off learning” He grinned dazzling me; I didn’t know how he did it but he kept on dazzling me every time he smiled.
I rolled my eyes and went to sit over my bed next to him. “Thanks, I’m glad you are here I was missing you already” I confessed flushing. And he laughed at that reaction, and stroked my reddish cheek. I stared at him, as if I were hypnotized, appreciating every one of his godlike features; I couldn’t believe this precious and amazing creature was mine. Even if he have been telling so, for a year.
“Tell me what you are thinking right now, please” He begged, brushing my hair now. I knew that in spite of all our time together he’d never get used to not hearing my thoughts.
“I was just thinking how good would do to Charlie being with a good lady” I lied. I was thinking of that before Edward came into my room, just not at that precisely moment. I just didn’t want to show him how desperately I feared he would sometime realize I wasn’t good enough for him and leave me.
He frowned. Knowing that was not what I was thinking of, he knew how a terrible actress I was. He didn’t push it though.
“Selfless Bella, always thinking of the others” He sighed, suddenly with his eyes lost in some memory and his spectacular features torn.
“What are you thinking right now?” I demanded.
“Just remembering” I think he whispered in a really low and tense voice.
I urged to him with my arms open to comfort him.
“What’s wrong? And don’t tell me ‘nothing,’ I know something has bothered you” I panicked, trying to meet his gaze so he couldn’t escaped from my question.
He sighed, and started talking really slow now. “I was remembering how selfless you were in all your past actions”. His eyes flickered fast as trying to forget about it. And now I understood what he was trying to forget; unconsciously I touched the half moon that rested in my hand, always colder than the other parts of my body.
“I’m so sorry” He chocked, reaching to touch my scarf too. The only place his touch felt as warm as my skin. It was amazing how something that gave me such an enormous pain in the past could also let me feel so well and connected with the person I love.
“Stop with that! This is the bazillion time you apologies” I yelled coming back to the subject. That went out a little bit stronger than I intended too. So I added trying to soften it “It’s not your fault, and you know that. You save my life there and in all the other occasions, you know that if it wasn’t for you I’d be dead right now!” He shrieked at that perspective.
“What I’m trying to say is that you need to stop blaming yourself and start being grateful that I met you, because if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here tonight” I said softer, touching his hair.
“You know that’s not how things really are—” I interrupted him sighing loudly, did he always need to be so stubborn?
“What I’m trying to say” he proceeded ignoring my reaction. “Is that neither of us is going to give up, so please let change topic and avoid me a big episode of self-hatred”
I nodded. I really didn’t want to cause him that, I hated when he hurt himself by feeling it was all his fault. And he actually was right at one point; we could be discussing this for all the eternity and still couldn’t agree in the subject.
“So, what was that about finding a lady for Charlie?” He asked playfully.
“I don’t know, It just that he has been alone since Renee left him, or at least not in a formal relationship, but I know he deeply wants so much to be with someone” I answered sadly, I hated seeing Charlie alone and knowing how much he could give to someone.
“Don’t worry love,” he said touching my lips lightly “we will find someone for him.”
He leaned over and peck my nose, then all over the path to my upper-lip to start kissing me gently and cautious as he always did.
Of course as always, I would start hyperventilating, with my heartbeats up to 500 per minute, and my hands stroking his face and hair.
His breath started going faster, and for my surprise, he pulled me closer to him putting me over his body and clutching me into his chest.
By now my hands were acting as they have a life of their own. They started squeezing even harder his delicious neck, his well formed arms and his Michael Angelo’s built like back.
Until he stiffened, snapping me back to reality, and started pulling me away gently. But I wasn’t myself anymore; my conscience couldn’t stop my body that was urging even more for his touch and lips. He tried again always cautious of not breaking any part of me with his immense force.
“Bella, please stop” He breathed hardly, trying even harder to pull me away.
“I don’t want to” I gasped; but as I was the tiniest distracted from my actions while saying this, with an incredible and calculated fast move he rolled me over so I fell on the bed, with his hands locking mines.
“Why did you do that?!” I complained with my head still spinning too fast to formulate anything more complex.
“I’m sorry Bella, I shouldn’t have pushed this so much” He regretted, looking at me with guilty eyes.
“Why not? It was getting so well!” How could he look at me like that? How could he not be happy at how well we did?
“You know how things are; you know how cautious I have to be...” He told me thoughtfully. And then seeing that I was calmer now, he relaxed a little bit and slowly let off my hands.
“I thought after all this time together it was my chose to take the risk” I mouthed sitting up.
“Bella, it will never be a risk you would have to take” He growled, more to himself than to me. My eyes turned furious, did he just say never?
“Oh, it will be! I swear you Edward, it will be” I stated firmly. “We have already talked about this, remember? You promised me that if after a year of being together you could handle my proximity well enough, we were going to try.” I smiled for my inside, I knew he couldn’t refute this; he was the one who stated it.
“Exactly,” he said with deliberate eyes “I promised you we were going to try, if I could handle your proximity well enough, and I can’t”
“But you were just—” I started saying when he shushed me with his finger in my lips.
“I wasn’t thinking straight when this happened, but you really don’t know how hard and difficult it was to control myself. I could have--” he shrieked, putting his thoughts away.
“Just go to sleep Bella,” He sighed “it’s really late. And this few hours together were too heated, you need to rest” He commanded lifting me from the bed with one hand and opening it with the other one, to then pull me down into the bed. He did this so fast I didn’t even have time to complain. Sometimes I did hate him having so much strength and me having none. Something that could change so fast as Edward’s moves were. Well it sure involved Edward’s moves or teeth. But this was something I couldn’t mention right now with all the discussions that were held today between us. One thing I was absolutely sure, I would get what I want, even if it means doing it at Edward’s back, good thing my best friend was a vampire and a psychic.

P.S. my real language is spanish, so im sorry if it is not that well!, just have that into count!

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Chap 4 - pg 5
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Chap 6 (part 1) - pg 9
Chap 6 (part 2) - pg 10
Chap 7 (part 1) - pg 12
Chap 7 (part 2) - pg 15
Chap 8 (part 1) - pg 17
Chap 8 (part 2) - pg 21
Chap 9 (part 1) - pg 23
Chap 9 (part 2) - pg 29
Chap 10 (part 1) - pg 36
Chap 10 (part 2) - pg 43
Chap 11 - pg 48
Chap 12 (part 1) - pg 57
Chap 12 (part 2) - pg 65
Chap 13 (part 1) - pg 73
Chap 13 (part 2) - pg 77

Tks so much for ur comments and support, if u read PLEASE COMMENT!!

If you want please check my other fanfic about Jacob and Leah. Hope you give it a try and you like it :)

UNEXPECTED: a story about Jacob & Leah


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Oh! thank you so much for you comment! :D, and your review! thanks, I'll try to improve that!
I will!, i think im posting next chapter on Thursday or Friday cuz i have to study for a lot of tests :S:S
So i'll let you know :)
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Im working on it:), next chapter sth really unexpected will happen :O
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curious keep writing
Wow! This was really good, i'd love to read what you write next, keep up the good work.
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Hey everyone!, here is chap. 2! hope u like it! sorry for the mistakes (not english-speaker)! Ask whatev. u want and i'll try to answer :)

Chapter 2
A few minutes after being cuddle by Edward’s arms; unconscious started drawning me, I was actually really tired. The reality faded and a different scenario surrounded me. I was in a dark and wet place, some horripilate smell was guiding me to somewhere unknown and I felt really scared. But that was not the worst part. This nightmare wasn’t as any other nightmare I ever had.
This time, I felt like something was being taken out from me. It was not physical, but the pain was really deep and merciless. That thing was ripping my soul out from me and everything that was in it, but I couldn’t help but give in. I didn’t try to stop it; I was, as well as dying from that strange and enormous pain, also willing to give what it wanted.
It had no sense at all.
When I woke up all covered in sweat because of the horrible nightmare, the dawn had merely started and Edward was already gone. I got out of bed to have a warm shower; maybe the hot water could help me to shake the dream of.
When the water started relaxing my muscles I convinced myself no to tell Edward about what have I dreamt, I didn’t know why but something inside me tell me it was better if I didn’t.
When I finished dressing up I went downstairs to have breakfast and greet Charlie but he was already gone. On Tuesdays he started working early I remembered.
While eating cereal I remembered today a boy and his sister were coming to school for first time. The boy, Liam I think, was the one in our grade so everyone had been talking about it since last month. His mother was a chef and was opening a restaurant here in Forks -the second one that was held here-. I suddenly felt sorry for him; I knew how it was like being the new one and having everyone talking about you.
When I looked at the window I saw that it was light now, and my watch marked 7:45, I was late! I crammed my cereal, took my jacket and held quickly to my trunk. It was freezing outside all the floor covert in snow.
I turned the heat up and waited for it to warm in; it was too old to be instantaneous. I pressed the accelerator hard and drove as fast as this century truck let me.
When I arrived, I parked the car as I could and ran to the entrance.
But while doing this, with my clumsiness, I ran into a stone-like figure. And was about to fall until his big and unfamiliar hands catch me.
“I’m sorry” I mumbled ashamed. And when I looked up, I was left breathless.
This new face was held with strange and unique features. Deep blue eyes, prominent cheekbones and well formed lips were the features that stunned the most. He had wavy black hair, and white skin, not as pale as Edward one but still noticeable, with some little moles in it. He was about six feet tall and he had a well formed body. I had to admit he was really handsome.
“Don’t worry everything is fine,” he answered with a really deep and fluid voice. “Are you alright though?” He asked teasing; I had to smile.
“Yes, you catch me just in time” I admitted shamefully. “You must be Liam” I realized, you couldn’t bump into many new people here in Forks.
“Yes, I suppose everybody knows about our arrival” he sighed a little bit upset.
“Uhu, that’s the bad thing about tiny towns, it is also a good thing if you like being in the spot for a while” I admitted, shrugging.
He reached out for my bag that was still in the floor and put it slightly on my back, I bit my lip with a little bit of self-conscious, I wasn’t used to having much physical contact with humans.
“Yeah, that could work for somebody who actually like that, but it’s not my case” He said with a grim, he obviously didn’t enjoy at all being in the spot.
“Trust me, I know what you mean. I’ve been the new one last year, and I can tell you, I don’t wish it to anybody” I explained a little bit theatrically to make my point clear.
He smiled, and when he did two dimples appeared there one in each side, giving him a childish and innocent look.
He opened the door of the school to let me in first and then said curiously “So, you haven’t told me your name yet. I thought that as we feel the same about being the center of attention, we could treat each other as equals” He grinned; exposing his white and perfect teeth, ones that even a dentist would feel jealous about.
And as I was about to answer, I remembered I was running really late. So I turned over without any explanation and at all, and started running to class, leaving him disoriented and with what I think it was a sad look. Maybe he thought I didn’t want to tell him my name or anything.
While entering to English class, for trying to be sneaky, I ended falling over a pile of books that I swear weren’t there before –unless that everyone there was insane and I was the only one who didn’t imagine things- something I found hard to believed specially regarding my senseless for surroundings.
Mrs. Poetry stopped writing in the board and looked at me with sharp eyes, she really hated when anyone arrived late at her class -especially me, who I think she felt as competition for how much I loved literature and classics-.
“Ms. Swan” she squeaked; bringing me back from my thoughts. “Class started 10 minutes ago, what do you think was more important to you than attending my interesting class?” She asked rhetorically. But when I was about to answer with my eyes filled of rage because of her petulant attitude; someone broke through the door and said; “I’m sorry Mrs. Poetry, my name is Liam and I believe I was the one who delayed—her” he said pointing me – he still didn’t know my name- and smile apologetic.
“Oh,” Mrs. Poetry gasp bewildered. “Well, welcome Liam.” She greeted with a charm I’d never think she had; and then eyed again at me with the same piercing look “Please, Ms. Swan procure this to be your last time you arrived late, not always would come a prince to rescue you” she sighed at Liam. So we have finally found her weak point! She couldn’t resist to new, appealing, dark haired teenage boys.
When I went to sit down, I mouthed a ‘thanks’ at him, and he gave me back a ‘no prob. Ms. Swan’ with a grin in response. I had to smile back. I don’t know why, but I was always smiling around him, it was odd.
A few minutes later, when the class had returned to normal Jessica, whom sat next to me, commented under her voice “Wow, he is gorgeous” she peeked on him through her shoulder. “He is unbelievable stunning, my ideal man!” she breathed absorbed in her statement.
“Chill out Jess. You’ve just seen him for like 5 minutes” I snapped back, surprised for my reaction, that she surely didn’t feel as I did.
“I know…” she sighed “I’m just saying I would ike to meet him a lot, he seems to be a really cool guy” she sighted him bewildered. “Would you help me? For what he just said, you’ve talked with him” She continued without letting me talk.
“I don’t really know him—” I was starting to say when she looked at me with really pleading eyes.
I sighed loudly. “OK, OK. I’ll try to alright?” I told defeated. “But I still don’t know anything about him” I warned her. But she didn’t care and just mouthed a low ‘hurrah!’ I rolled my eyes a little bit upset. I didn’t know why, but something just bothered me of keeping my promise, but I just shook it off my head, it was stupid.
The day passed really quickly, I hadn’t seen Edward yet because on Thursdays he entered later, so we just seen at lunch.
When he saw me, he smiled my favorite crooked smile and reached to meet me. “Hi, love” he saluted me with ghost-like kiss in my cheek. “Hey” I breathed bewildered and started to tell him everything that happened to me today until the moment I saw him. As I always did -while sitting in our regular table which sometimes was also joined by Alice-. But when I was about to tell him about Liam –though something told me I didn’t need to tell everything about it- he entered to the cafeteria, and started walking toward us.
Edward stiffened, his gaze held at an invisible point as trying to concentrate really hard at something. I stared at him with questioning eyes, preoccupied. He was like that when something wrong was happening.
“Hi Ms. Swan” he teased peeking on Edward who was trying really hard to compose his features. “That English teacher really doesn’t like you, what did you do to her?” he asked theatrically. “That is same thing I wonder” I shrugged, trying to take off the attention from Edward. But he realized quickly something was wrong, so he headed away, with a ‘see you later’, to where his sister was sat, I believed. I couldn’t realize well, my mind was too focused in Edward’s situation.
“What was that about?” I asked as soon as he was far enough to hear, “What’s wrong?!” He had a very torn looking as having to realize something he didn’t want to.
“I don’t like that guy” he said nodding to Liam. Was he jealous? Have Liam intended something I didn’t catch?
“Oh Edward, he was really just talking in a friendly--” I started explaining when he cut me off. “No, it’s not that...” He said too absentminded to go on with the explanation. I was really starting to have an anxious episode, I hated when he kept everything to himself.
“So, what is it?!” I asked impatiently. “Have you heard something bad in him?”
“No,” he mouthed really low. “That’s the problem; I cannot hear anything from his mind at all. Just like with you.”

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