The Twilight Saga

Okay this story is how i thought New Moon Should have gone. And i am writing with Silver Mcmahon!!
P.S: It starts in Feb. in New Moon.

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Chp. 1 Bella's POV

I was in the forest i knew this because i could feel it on my feet as i ran. It was Pitch black out , i saw nothing. Then i saw him..... I ran as fast as i could too reach him. But than he disappeard , just like me slipping in too a deep black hole.

"AHHHHHHH!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, as my eyes flew open. I was used too bad dreams but this was so vived! I have not completly gotten over Edward. I met Jacob Black (my new best friend.) But he doesn't fill that empty feeling i have. I was happy when i was with him but once we were apart i went back into that deep hole called depression. I didnt feel love for Jake (well not in the sense he did) but i love him as a brother..
Jacobs been ignoring me latly rejecting my phone calls , always busy, i just dont get it! And its been making me fall deeper and deeper into the darkness and i realized i only needed one thing, Edward.. So i made a decision. Edward has always told me about Carslies many friends, and since Edward left because he was a vampire and i was human thier for we were bad for eachother, so if i was a vampire he would have no need too stay away! So today im going too thier house and too hope everythings in place. And i was ready too become a vampire i was sure of it and since this dream i was for sure ready! I would have too deal with the mess after it was done , i was too sidetracked too do anything important latly.
I walked down dressed and ready for saterday. "Your up early Bells." Charlie commented while looking up from the paper. "Yeah Mike dosent need me up at the shop today so im gonna kick it up in Port Angeles , maby go for a walk," I explained while popping a Pop Tart.His eyes bugged out of his head. "Um er okay im glad your balncing things out , have fun and Bells?" "yeah?" "Be carful dont go too deep into the woods , thiers been wolf warnings." "I know dad i will." Than i grabbed my Pop Tart , kissed his forehead, and dashed out the door. "Wow," i could hear him mumbling behind me. I hopped in my truck and started the engine. I duck taped the stario it reminded me of him too much. And well i almost killed it taking it out. And now i was about too do somthing i dreaded , go too the Cullens abandond house.......
I knew i would regret going in that house but its the only way.Than i pulled up too thier house ferns drownding the path way making it look jungle like. I opened the truck door and realized, i cant do this.Tears swelling in my eyes as i reached for the door. But it wasnt open! What was i gonna do?! Wait! I searched for a rock everywhere and busted the window. But i was half blind with the tears and a shard of glass riccoched in my arm. "OW!" That hurt but i could climb threw the window now. I coverd my arms so the blood wouldnt spill and i searched for thier bathroom. I walked up stairs to find thier bathroom i searched for guze & clensed my arm with water than wrapped it up.
A Half an hour later i found my self cureld up on Edwards old couch crying my heart out. Than i saw it. The picture I took before he left. I picked it up and it had writing on the back. "My beloved Bella -> (pointing too me threw the back) i will never forgive what i did too you but i lied i do want you! all of you forever but this is for the best i can't belive i ever left a beautiful creature like her." And now i was crying tears of joy!! That letter had given me hope! And now i knew i was ready too become an immortal!

Okay guys comment & tell me if i should continue! thx!

Chp.2 Pg. 2 (Silver)
Chp.3 Pg. 3 (Sammy)=

Chp.4 Pg .4 (Sammy)
Chp.5 Pg 4. (Sammy)

Chp.6 Pg.5 (Sammy)

Chp.7 Pg.6 (Sammy)
Chp.8 Pg.7 (Sammy)

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umm hi you are missing chapter 2&3
Heck yeah!
plz write more!
yes i think you should continue keep me posted
Nice :D and yes u should continue
keep going!!!!!!! Love it
Love it!!
More Sammy! MORE!!!
awwww this is great :) Cant wait for more
loved it u shld rite more
thank you guys so much for the support! and Silver got a new account so she will be writing on here!! so she will update soon :D
soon dnt worry!


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