The Twilight Saga



" When you live as a child you love as a child."





This is a story about love. A love that goes through all obsticals. The first obsitcale to go through is the life of a child.

Shuan Ruben and Shayla Tibbet have been together since the early ages of there childhood. They played together on swing sets, and there parents were great friends. Then Shayla's parents are killed one unexpected day when she and Shuan are 10. She moves away from the only home she's known and lives her life. Shuan and Shayla grow up and they change, almost forgetting the other is out there in the world.

Childhood doesn't last forever, but a love like theirs lasts forever.

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post sooon!!!
Bethany made a badddd move.. Flirting with her boyfriend.. No friendship LOL more ASAP
luvluvluvluvluvluvluv it!!!!
awesome chapter
Love it post more soon post more soon!


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