The Twilight Saga


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Chapter 1

It's a week after my love, Edward left. His name made my heart ache. I am still confused of why he left. I didn't care if Jasper almost bit me. As long as we were together. As long as we would never part. But he said that I should live as if he never existed. And it wasn't going out too well.
I found a space at the end of the lot of the school's oversize lot. I looked at the space. The empty space that made my heart ache. I sighed as I got out of the truck and slung my bag into place.
"Hey Bella!" Jessica greeted me.
"Hi." i said awkwardly.
"Check out that new hot kid." she said
I looked and there was a crowd ll over the kid, he had blond hair and his nose was a tip on his face. He was a little pale and thin. Not at all very hot as Jessica had said.The crowd disappeared as soon as the bell rang. I trudged off to English.

That new kid was in English too. And to what I have heard is name was Jeff Berry. He was a transferee from California. But who could still enroll this late? He sat with the boys at English and kept glancing at me. Jessica would be so jealous if she was here. He was quiet. Sometimes holding his laughter when the boys said something to him. He glanced at me with big bulging eyes full of interest. When the bell finally rang, he slowly went to me.
"Hi" he said
"Um, hi" I said.
"So, I'm Jeff Berry"
"Hi I'm Bella Swan"
"Wanna have lunch?" He asked.
I considered this for a moment and wondered. I had to imagine as if he never existed. Right.
"Sure" I said.
A big grin swept his face.

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awesome!!!! cant wait to find out what Jeff is!!!! (Post Soon!)♥
awesome..., please keep writing.. and keep me updated.. TY!!
ok! ill try
Ok new reader and i love it!!! -Rosalie Hale
Okay guys. I made new banners, cause my computer was rebooted and I lost the code. Please readers pick what you like best. And majority wins!!

Chapter 7
Here I am at a tree thinking what is maybe Bella's new boyfriend. He had a different smell. And his skin had a little luminosity in the sun. What was he! And I smelled Bella, first she went to her room to get some things then she went back to the truck. I tracked her and ended up in Angela's house. They were inside until it was dark. Bella was the first one out. And she was beautiful. No, not beautiful, let's say beyond words. Her bond with Jessica seemed stronger, like best friends.
I went home to find Alice skipping there and here.
"What are you so happy about Alice?" I asked because she was not thinking about it.
"I shouldn't tell you, Edward." she said.
"Alice, let me guess it's about Bella." I guessed
"HOW DID YOU KNOW?" she screamed.
"Calm down Alice I only guessed, you can't be happier about something any than Bella." I placated her
"Well good. Don't worry brother it's going to happen at a short time, you'll see" she said.
She skipped into the house and started arranging the flowers. Ugh! what could she be hiding from me now.
Sorry it was short, I know but the next one is a bit long so get ready!
Write more soon!!!
keep writing please.................................
keep me posted!!!!♥
Okay guys, thanks for the wait, sorry for keeping you waiting so long. I am so sad to inform you that school is almost in here in the Philippines. So I will be posting very often already. I am so sorry. But I will try to post every weekend. So here's the most awaited chapter 8 is here. :)

Chapter 8
When Jessica was done with my make-over I didn't dare look in the mirror. For maybe, it wasn't Isabella Swan anymore. We arrived at Jeff's house at 8:30. Because we were lost in looking for his house. When we arrived almost all of Seniors of Forks high was there.
"Bella!!" a voice called.
I turned around to see Jeff, Jessica, Mike, Tyler, and Eric sitting in one circle.
"We're playing spin the bottle and the one who get's pick need's to pick in doing a dare or drinking 1 cup of beer." Jessica said.
Should I, maybe I should it's a party I should enjoy myself. I hope nothing happens.
"Er, sure." I said unsure.
I sat beside Jessica and Jeff.
"Glad you made it!" Jeff said. From the corner of my eye I saw Jessica raise her eyebrow and gritted her teeth. Woah, is he that important to him? Jeff spun the bottle first which means he get's to make a dare. It pointed to Jessica and he dared her to kiss Tyler. She refused and 1 cup of poison went into her mouth. I don't think I can do this. But then it was too late the bottle pointed at me and it was Jessica who spun it. Dammit!
"Bella I dare you to tell everyone here in this party that your a prostitute." she said and her eyes narrowed just a bit. I didn't want to do that.
And I drank one cup of the poison. I felt lighter but the taste was very bitter. Great, what am I going to do for the rest of the dares.

Chapter 9
I followed Bella to Berry's house. She looked so pretty I wished she looked in the mirror before she left. Her brown hair was curled and swept to the side. And her eyes were exited but worried. When they arrived she was hesitant to join them. But she did. For the rest of the night I cringed at the dares they made my precious Bella do. But she didn't do them, though they let her drink beer, if she didn't want to do the dare.
If Bella's gonna be drunk I can't wait to be with her on my bed.
Was the thoughts of Jeff Berry, the creature I didn't know what. HE WAS PLANNING TO DO VILE THINGS TO HER!!!! I calmed myself, Bella wouldn't stay. I kept on saying but did and I looked at my Bella drink cup after cup of the poison.
sorry if it's short. I hoped you like the chapters!!! :)
plz post more soon..
love this fan-fic.., please write more..:]]
can't wait to read the next chapter..


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