The Twilight Saga


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Chapter 1

It's a week after my love, Edward left. His name made my heart ache. I am still confused of why he left. I didn't care if Jasper almost bit me. As long as we were together. As long as we would never part. But he said that I should live as if he never existed. And it wasn't going out too well.
I found a space at the end of the lot of the school's oversize lot. I looked at the space. The empty space that made my heart ache. I sighed as I got out of the truck and slung my bag into place.
"Hey Bella!" Jessica greeted me.
"Hi." i said awkwardly.
"Check out that new hot kid." she said
I looked and there was a crowd ll over the kid, he had blond hair and his nose was a tip on his face. He was a little pale and thin. Not at all very hot as Jessica had said.The crowd disappeared as soon as the bell rang. I trudged off to English.

That new kid was in English too. And to what I have heard is name was Jeff Berry. He was a transferee from California. But who could still enroll this late? He sat with the boys at English and kept glancing at me. Jessica would be so jealous if she was here. He was quiet. Sometimes holding his laughter when the boys said something to him. He glanced at me with big bulging eyes full of interest. When the bell finally rang, he slowly went to me.
"Hi" he said
"Um, hi" I said.
"So, I'm Jeff Berry"
"Hi I'm Bella Swan"
"Wanna have lunch?" He asked.
I considered this for a moment and wondered. I had to imagine as if he never existed. Right.
"Sure" I said.
A big grin swept his face.

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omg!!! finally an updatee!! i love it!! i wonder how drunk bella is!!!!♥
niiiiiice ! knt w8 4 more !!
post asap <3<3
omg post asap!
ur awsome u know that?=]
Hey guys. Here's the Chapter. Hope you like it.
May Contain disturbing or mature material that would be disgusting or disturbing to young readers.

Chapter 10
I woke up groggy at a unfamiliar room. There was a digital clock that said 12:00 am. Damn! Oh no, Charlie will ground me for life! I got up and suddenly my stomach churned and ran to the bathroom. I vomited and remembered everything. I got drunk. Ugh. I got up and saw Jeff and he was smiling an evil way.
"Jeff, I have to go." I said
"No you don't" he said.
"I have to Jeff now let me pass!"
"You can stay for the night." he said darkly.
He dragged me to the bed and pushed me down, he covered my mouth while unzipping my jeans. Then he started kissing me furiously. And a hard lump was rubbing in front of my unzipped jeans Tears started streaming down my face. Then suddenly a familiar velvet voice spoke in the darkness.
"Let her go." he growled
Then the voice was processed in my mind. Edward? Edward! . I noticed Jeff wasn't on me anymore. There was a thud in the bathroom and I saw Jake leaning against the tile wall unconscious. Then a pair of ice cold hands carried me, flying past the window and ran to my truck. It was too much and everything went black.
Sorry it was short but I hope you like it. =D
omgg updatee me pleaseee! (:
finally edward..
edward to the rescue..
plz update more
OMG!!!! Can't wait for more!!!!
YAY Edward helped her!!!! I hate Jeff he can burn in HELL!!!
Yay!!! edward is back!!!! ♥
finally eddie boy came back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
yepz.., edward is back..:]]
umm its rly nice and am happy edward came back but its short !!!!


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