The Twilight Saga

This story takes place after Edward left Bella. They had sex which caused Bella to be pregnant with triplets. They meet again after 30 years. See what happens.

I started this story in the OFF TOPIC group but they deleted the story so I'm starting again.

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Chapter 1 ~ The Past
Bella’s POV

My life was so miserable after Edward left me. There was nothing left in me. I was just in a plain body with no soul and life. Things changed so much. He left me because he didn’t love me. He took everything with him that would remind me of him. But he forgot one thing. He forgot his body in me.

A week after he left me, I found out that I was pregnant. I was pregnant with his child. I couldn’t live in Forks because this child was not human; it was half vampire and half human. And it only made the situation worse with the werewolves. In that one week I became friends with the pack but I was afraid that if I told them, they will try kill what’s inside me because no one knew how this child was going to turn out. My best friend was Jacob. He is a werewolf as well.

I decided to tell him. He didn’t make a big fuss about it. He wanted to tell his pack but I was afraid. Nothing really happened when he told them. They just got a little worried. The pack decided to help me out, which meant that I had to stay in La Push but I couldn’t because Charlie would know then. I told Jacob that we had to go from here. So the pack decided that Jacob, Quill and Embry will go with me to Toronto, Canada

I was going to Canada. I told Charlie that I couldn’t live with him anymore. I left him and never went back neither did I go to my mom. I never saw them again. When we got to Canada we bought a little house. The small pack did some research on the baby. Since the baby was half human and half vampire, it grew very fast. It only took one month for the whole pregnancy.

The pregnancy was the worse pain in my life. It was even worse then the pain of transformation. Oh yeah, I’m a vampire. I’ll explain that later. During the pregnancy I vomited a lot. The vomit was of blood. I lost so much blood. When I gave birth to the babies – they were triplets – I lost even more blood. I had more venom – from Edward – in my body than blood, so that’s how I turned into a vampire. When I was pregnant I only had very little venom in me but when I gave birth I had more venom than blood. Right after the birth I was a vampire. It took three day for the transformation. While I was transforming, Jacob’s small pack took care of the babies. I had two boys and one girl.

When I was a full new born vampire, I had a very good self control. I was gifted. I was a mental shield, physical shield, and I could read only my children’s thoughts. My mental shield helps me when anyone tries to get something from my head, they can’t, like read my mind. My physical shield helps me when I need to protect myself and anyone else, I can spread the shield very far. Since I was a vampire, things didn’t change about me that much but I did start liking fashion and I still do.

After a year or so, I told that pack to leave me alone with my kids for a while. They were worried about me, how was I suppose to mange with three kids but I told them not to worry. Then they left.

I traveled around the world with my kids. The three perfect kids. They all were half human and half vampire. They grew fast. When they were eight years old they stop aging, although they looked like they were eighteen years old. Their names are Kimberly, Adam and Kevin. They can eat human food and drink blood. They eat human food three times a month and they hunt twice a month. About ten percent of human blood runs in their body. They cannot sleep. They have a heartbeat, which runs very slow. They’re temperature is a little bit colder then humans. Their skin is a little harder than humans. They all are very smart. Their last names are Anthony Mason Cullen but we don’t use the Mason Cullen part on papers, we only use Anthony.

Kimberly is fairly equal; she is half Edward and half of me. Her hair color is like Edward’s, bronze hair. Her eyes are chocolate brown, like my eyes when I was human. Her face is equal as well. She is 5’4 feet tall, just like me. Her power is that she can change things into anything she wants. She can change people as well. She can change what they are going to do and she can change their faces. She can also return things as they were before. She is very beautiful, nice, and fashionable.

Adam is more like Edward but he also reminds me of Emmett. He has green eyes, Edward’s eyes when he was human. I was so glad that I had his human eyes to stare at. He is very funny, that’s why he reminds me of Emmett. He is so childish. He has Edward’s hair. He is 5’11 feet tall. His power is that he can invisible anything and he can invisible himself as well with other people. His other power is that he causes you pain mentally. Something like Jane does in the Volutri. He is also very good looking.

Kevin is more like me. He has my hair. He has grey colored eyes. He is very sweet. Of course he is beautiful too. He loves to spend money. He is 6 feet tall. His power is shape-shifting. His power is like Kim’s but it has another advantage, he can change himself as well as other people and things. His other power is that he can sense if anything is wrong or if something is going to happen. He can also take away someone’s strength.

They all are perfect. I love them so much. Our little family is the best but it is incomplete. The rest of the family is not
with us. Kim, Adam and Kevin know about the Cullens, I told them, they needed to know about their family. They are their family although the Cullens might not consider me as their family but this was their family, especially Edward’s. He didn’t even know about me being pregnant, none of them know. They just think that I’m still a human who is probably married by now, but I’m not. I’m a vampire with three children, who are half human and half vampires.

It’s been thirty years since I was a turned into a vampire, I gave birth, and thirty years since I met the Cullens, my family. And now we are going back to Forks. Forks, the place where all the memories are. The place where my dad use to live, he died after I left him, he got a heart attack. I don’t even know if they came back or not. Did they even look for me? Oh well, I can’t think of them when I have my other family to worry about. So now we are packing to go to Forks.

Chapter 2 ~ Forks High School
Bella’s POV

Forks hadn’t really changed much. It was exactly the same as before. They only thing that might have changed were the people. I had to buy a house somewhere there were less people, so I bought one a little far from the populated area of Forks. We are now setting up our own rooms.

I had to register for high school for all four of us. The same high school, that I once went in my human life. The same high school, where I met the family. The same high school, that I once met my love of life. The same high school, that changed everything about my life. This school had so many memories of them, of him. I missed them, him a lot.

“Guys, I’m back.” I announced as I came back from the school. When I enter I saw Adam and Kim arguing. They were yelling at each other. Kevin was just standing there watching them and laughing. They kept yelling and I got angrier, they knew I hated when they yelled in my house.

“Enough!!!” I said in a hard voice.

They all froze and stared at me. They all look ashamed a little. They knew I was angry and when I am angry they don’t argue with me. I didn’t want to read their thoughts so I just asked. They always told the truth to me.

“What are you guys doing?” They all started talking at once. “Hey! Stop! One at a time. Kimberly, you first.”

“Kay mom, we decided to play chess. We made the rule not to use our powers but Adam broke the rule. He made one of my pieces invisible. He cheated.” She explained.

“Your turn, Adam.”

“Well mom, actually she broke the rule to. She changed the position -” He was cut off by Kim.

“Yeah but you did it as well -” I cut her off.

“Kim, I didn’t tell you to talk. It was his turn. You had your turn.” I said angrily.

“I’m sorry, mom.”

“Now, let me get this straight. You guys decided to play chess and made a rule not to use your powers but both of you didn’t follow the rule. Both of you broke the rule. Right?” I asked. Kim raised her hand to talk.

“Mom, he actually broke the rule first so then I broke the rule after him.” She explained.

“But you broke it as well. If you knew he was cheating, you should have just stopped the game instead of cheating on your own as well. So both of you will say sorry and if this happens again then you don’t want to know about what would happen. Agreed?”

“Yes mom.” Both of them answered.

“Now apologize.” I told them.

“Sorry.” They said to each other. I turned to face Kevin. I needed to have a word with him as well.

“What were you doing there standing and laughing, instead of solving the problem?” I asked.

“Sorry mom, it won’t happen again.” He answered back

“It better not.” I told all of them. “Well I got some good news.” I said in an excited voice.

“What?” all of them at once.

“We have high school tomorrow!” They all loved high school.

“Yeah man!” Adam said in an extreme high voice.

“Awesome!” Kim said.

“Great!” Kevin said.

“But, there are some rules.”

“Yeah mom we know. We have to act like humans. We can’t run too fast in gym. When there is something connected to blood in biology class, we don’t attend. We don’t call you ‘mom’ in school, we call you Bella. We remember the rules.” Adam said in an annoying voice.

“Yes, I know you know them but just incase you forget.” I smiled. “Get ready for school for tomorrow.”

With that much said we all went to our rooms and started getting ready for school. I forgot one thing that I had to tell the kids. I walked back downstairs and called them.

“Guys, come down for a moment, please.” I said softly. They could hear me. They were in front of me within seconds.

“Yes mom?” Kim asked

“You guys know about the Cullens. If they are at school tomorrow, you don’t tell them about me being you mom. You don’t tell them about anything. Don’t tell them that Edward is your father. I’m not stopping you from talking to them but don’t share anything until I tell so. And if you want me to have my shield up then you tell me. I will try not talking to them that much. Agreed?” They all just nodded their heads. “Alright go get ready.”

They went to their room and I went to my room. I packed up my school bag. And now I was thinking about the Cullens. What if we did meet them tomorrow? What will I say to them if they talked to me? What will I do? I kept on thinking. Time did pass every fast. We only had 30 minutes left until school started. So I started getting ready.

I wore a white mini skirt with red strips on it. I wore a light pink tank top that said ‘babe’ on the middle. Over the tank top, I wore a red jacket which stops below my chest. It was a half jacket. I wore a simple necklace. I wore silver hoops. I straighten my hair and let them out. I did a quick glance at the mirror and was shocked. I looked like a model. I laughed to myself. Then I quickly went downstairs.

The boys were there but Kim wasn’t. She is probably taking time to get ready.

“Hurry up, Kim we will be late.” As I said this she bounced down the stairs. She wore washed out grey skinny pants with a sexy top which reveled her curves. She looked amazing.

“Wow! Mom you look awesome.” She said with excitement.

“Thanks! You look amazing as well. Now let’s go before we are late. We are taking my car.” I had a Jaguar. It is shiny black. It’s me favorite car. We got in the car. I was driving, obliviously. I speeded to school. We reached there in time.

Chapter 3 ~ Welcome Back
Edward’s POV

It’s been thirty years since I left my Bella. We never went back to Forks until now. After thirty years we are actually going back to Forks. I knew Bella wasn’t there anymore. After a month, I left Bella, Alice had a vision. The vision was about Bella being disappeared. I went back to check on her and found out that she was dead, I was back on the same day. I didn’t want to see Bella dead.

Since I left Bella, everything changed. My family changed. I changed. There was no life in my family. We were just plain. We did everything normally but we were all empty from inside. We all missed her so much, even Rosalie. Alice didn’t go shopping that much. Rosalie always thought of Bella. She thought of all the rude things she did to her and felt really bad about it. Jasper was always sad with all the emotions around him. Emmett didn’t joke around that much but he tried to make us laugh once a day and it never worked. Esme didn’t design houses much. Carlisle always went to the hospital to stay away from the house. I didn’t do anything. I did play the piano sometimes, just to remember her reactions to my music. We missed her so much. She took away our lives with herself.

And now all of us are going back to Forks. Forks the place where we met her. The place with all her memories. The place where I found my love. The place where, everything was perfect. Forks had so many memories of her. Bella. My Bella. My beautiful Bella.

I was sitting in the living room staring at the television, not even bothering to watch it. That’s what I heard Alice gasp. I quickly turned my head towards her. I froze.

In Alice’s vision I saw that there where three vampires. They were coming to Forks. They all were gifted.

“Alice, what happened?” Jasper was already at her side. The rest of the family was surrounding Alice.

“I saw three vampires coming to Forks. There is one female and two males. They all are very gifted.” Alice explained. Everyone was just staring at her. After a while Jasper talked.

“What do you mean ‘they all are VERY gifted’?” Jasper asked.

“They each have more then one power, probably three or two. But I think something is incomplete about the vision. As if I don’t see everything. Maybe there is more to it or more vampires with them.” She explained again. This time everyone’s thoughts were confused and worried.

*Three or more vampires are coming to Forks with lots of power. I hope they don’t create any problem.* Esme

*What!!! Three vampires! With so much power. Are they even vegetarian?* Carlisle

*I don’t know how this will turn out.* Rose

*If they mess up stuff, I swear, I’ll beat them up.* Emmett

*I know I’m missing something, but what?* Alice

*So much confusion!!!* Jasper

Everyone was considering about what Alice told. All the thoughts were confused and were getting more confusing.

“Are the even vegetarian? I mean if they are then we won’t have to worry so much.” Carlisle broke the silence.

“I’m not sure. Their eye colors are all different. The female has chocolate brown eyes. One of the males has green eyes and the other has grey eyes. It’s weird.” Alice answered confusing everyone more. We all just stared at each other. Carlisle broke the silence again.

“I guess we will just deal with it when they arrive. By they way when are they arriving?” he asked Alice.

“They will arrive tomorrow. I think they are planning to stay here for a while because I see them in high school.” Alice answered back.

“Well, that is ... umm … I guess weird. We have to wait for them to arrive. All of you have to deal with it since you are going to meet them first in high school. I have to go to the hospital.” With that Carlisle walked away. Everyone else went to their rooms as well
I like Jasper's thought, So much confusion!!!!!!!
Chapter 4 ~ First Day
Bella’s POV

When we reached school, everyone was staring at the car. We didn’t even step out yet.

“Guys, ready?” They all nodded. “Remember not to call me mom.” They all gave me the glare and I laughed.

“Let’s go!”

As we stepped out, everyone froze. They all stared at us. We slowly started to walk but we froze, when we smelled something. We all turned towards the smell and froze. The Cullens. They were staring at us and we were staring at them. I quickly recovered and spreaded my mental shield, so they couldn’t hear us.

“You guys okay?” I asked while still staring at them. I was worried about them. They didn’t move. I moved to face them and my back to the Cullens. “What happened?” They recovered.

“Mom, is that daddy?” Kim asked.

“Yes it is.”

“Mom, I know you have your shield up. So it’s okay if I call you mom. But mom what do we do?” Adam asked confused.

“I don’t know. I guess we just go with the normal routine. I told you what to do. Don’t tell them who you really are. And don’t call me mom. No I’m going to let me shield down. Agreed?” I saw three nods.

With that much we walked to the main office without looking at them again. This day was going to be very hard. We got our schedules and went to class. I had English, Trig, Biology, and Gym. Kim and I had Trig together. Adam and I had English together. Kevin and I had Biology together. I just had Gym alone.

My first class was English. Adam and I entered the class room and froze. Rosalie and Emmett were in the class. They had English with us as well. I grabbed Adam’s arm and starting walk towards the teacher. Adam finally came back to the present. We handed our slips to the teacher and she signed it. She told us to take our sits which were in the same group as Emmett and Rosalie. The tables were arranged as group of four. We walked towards are sits and sat.

The class started. Adam kept his eyes at the teacher but look at Emmett after a while. I just sat there staring at the teacher as well. Emmett tried to talk to me.

“Bella, it’s nice to see you again.” He managed to say. When he said that, Adam turned his face to him. I turned slowly.

“Umm… I guess… it’s nice to see you too.” I replied. With that Emmett started talking to me.

“So… how come you’re here? I mean what happened?” He asked.

“Nothing happened. I’m just back to Forks.” I answered. I didn’t want to tell him about how I turned into a vampire.

“Who turned you into a …?” He didn’t finish. Now I was quiet. What was I suppose to tell him? Thank god the teacher called on him.

“Mr. Cullen?”

“Sorry.” With that he didn’t get a chance to talk to me again. The bell rang and I started to pack my things when Rosalie talked to me.

“Bella, can we like be friends again? I agree that we were never friends but now I want to be friends. So could you be my friend?” Rosalie asked quietly unsure. I didn’t know what to say.

“I’ll think about it. I’m getting late.” Then I walked away.

My second class was Trig. Kim and I walked to the class and saw Alice and Jasper there. We went to the teacher to give the slip, he signed and told us to take are sits. Kim had to sit behind me with Jasper and I had to sit with Alice. Class started.

“Hi, Bella!”

“Hi, Alice!”

“Bella I missed you so much. I can’t believe it that it’s you. Can we be friends again?”

“I’ll think about it.”

“Bella I’m so sorry. We didn’t want to leave but we had to. I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too, Alice.”

“Sit with us at lunch.”

“I don’t think that would be a good idea. But maybe some other time not today.” Then the bell rang. “We will talk later. I have to go.” I walked away.

Now it was lunch. I met with the triplets and we walked to the cafeteria. We entered the cafeteria and bought food. We went to sit at the table which was at the far end of the room. Then they entered. Their eyes were on us. They came to the table next us. I guess that was their table. I kept my eyes on my food, although I wasn’t eating it. Adam pulled me out of my train of thought.

“Bella, you there?” He asked making sure not to say mom.

“Huh???” I got out of my day dream. “Yeah, I’m fine.” They looked worried. So I smiled. The lunch went in silence. I didn’t know what to do, so I decided to go to my biology class early.

“Kevin, I’ll meet you at biology class.” I got up from my chair.

“Why are you going so early?”

“I don’t know. I’m bored, I guess. See ya.”

“Okay” Kevin answered. And then I walked to biology.

I was the first to be there but the teacher was there. I went to the teacher and gave him my slips, he signed it. He told me the sit at the left end corner is mine. I walk to my sit and sat there. I took a notebook out and started drawing. After a while the chair next to me moved. I looked up and was captured in those beautiful eyes of his. He sat down without breaking the eye contact. Eventually I had to break it; I looked back at my notebook.

“Bella, how are you?” That beautiful voice asked me. I looked up and answered.

“I’m fine. You?” I asked back.

“I’m fine as well. I guess.” He surged. “Anything new?”

“Nah.” I answered. “How about you?”


We didn’t talk again. Other students came into the class. I saw Kevin come in and give me and him the glares. He took his sit behind us. I turned around and smiled at him.

“How was your rest of lunch?”

“Good.” He answered back.

The teacher started the class. And none of us had another chance to talk again. All three of us just kept staring at the teacher. I was sure that, Edward was staring at me and Kevin was staring at him. Soon enough later, biology was over.

My last class was Gym which I had alone. I walked in and saw Edward and Alice. They had gym as well. I went to the teacher, he told me to change. When I was done changing, I came back. In gym, none of us got a chance to talk. Gym was over; actually the whole day was over.

I walked to the office and gave all the slips to the lady. She took them and told me that I’m all set for school. The triplets were waiting outside for me. I walked outside and saw the Cullens standing beside the triplets. I walked over to them. I had no clue what they were talking about.

“So, I guess you all have met.” They all turned their faces to me.

“Actually, Bella we don’t know them yet.” Alice.

“Why don’t we talk about this outside of school?” Kevin.

“Yes I agree. Is that okay?” Rosalie said while turning her head to face me. Then everyone was facing me even my kids. I thought about it for a minute.

“Fine but where are we meeting?” I asked.

“We can meet at your place or our place.” Jasper

“How about our house then Carlisle and Esme can meet you as well?” Emmett.

“Umm… sure. I guess we have to get going. Bye guys.” I turned around to my car. The triplets followed. I noticed that throughout the whole conversation, Edward didn’t talk. We got in the car and rode away.

Chapter 5 ~ Bella
Edward’s POV

High School. Today was the first day of high school. We had to start high school again. The high school where I met Bella. After a while I was pulled out my thoughts.

*Umm… Edward you better get ready. Remember we also have to meet with the other vampires. Hurry up.* Alice.

I went to my room and quickly changed. I was back in two minutes. I went straight to the garage where everyone was waiting. We got in to car and rode to school. Once we entered the parking lot. There was a huge group of students staring at a car, jaguar. Then the students inside the car, stepped out. We automatically froze. They were vampires. There were four of them, two females and two males. But that wasn’t the reason we froze, we froze because we was Bella as one of them.

Bella and the others turned their heads towards us and froze as well. We were staring at each other. I was staring at Bella. She was so different but the same. She is so beautiful. She looked amazing. She was wearing a mini skirt with a tank top. Over the top, she was wearing a half jacket. She had heals on. She was so different and beautiful. BUT she is a vampire!!! How??? I was getting angry. Then I heard my family.

*Wow! Bella is actually in front of my eyes after thirty years. My little sister is actually back! She changed a lot. She is a vampire. How??? That was why we left so…*

*Bella looks very beautiful. She is amazing. She is back. How did she turn into a vampire? We left so she couldn’t be one but…* Rose

*Bella! My sister is back! I can’t believe it! But a vampire??? Who did that to her?* Jasper

*Thank god Bella is back! My best friend is actually alive. Wait she is a vampire. How? And how come I didn’t see that? We should have been with her…* Alice

Everyone had the same thing in their mind. Bella being a vampire. After a while I noticed I couldn’t read any of their thoughts. They all were blank. I tried again but failed.

*Huh? How come I can’t get any emotions from them? Ahh! One of them has to be a shield.* Jasper

Then the other family unfroze. Bella stepped forward facing her family and her back at us. She was talking to them but apparently none of us could hear it because of the shield. My whole family stared at them. They all very confused.

“One of them is a shield. So we can’t get anything from them.” I explained to my family. None of them answered back.

After a moment Bella’s family walked to the main office, ignoring our stares. We were all still staring, although they already went inside. I slowly turned to my family who were staring at me now. We just stared at each other until Alice broke the silence.

“So now what?” Alice. They all stared at me, as if I knew the answer.

“Why are you all staring at me? I don’t know.” Then they dropped their eyes. I spoke again. “I guess we go to class.” They all nodded and started walking.

My first class was Trig. I walked to my desk and sat down. Then one of Bella’s family members enters the class, the female. She went to the teacher introduced herself. She had to sit beside me. Her name was Kimberly Anthony. Her hair color is like mine, bronze hair. Her eyes are chocolate brown, like my Bella’s when she was a human. She is 5’4 feet tall. She sat down with a mixed up expression. I couldn’t read it. I knew she was not a shield because I could hear her thoughts.

*Don’t even try to get in my mind. I know you can read minds. You won’t get anything from me so stay out, Edward Cullen.* Kimberly.

She knew about me. I guess Bella told her about me. Who was she to Bella? Was she her best friend? I knew I had no right on Bella. But I can’t make conclusions when I don’t know anything. Kimberly didn’t think about anything that would give me some information. She was pretty good at keeping her thoughts to herself. Trig passed liked that.

My second class was English. The other male in Bella’s family had English with me. He had to sit beside me as well. There wasn’t any other sit. His name was Adam Anthony. He has my hair color as well. He has green eyes. He is 5’11 feet tall. I tried to read his mind but found nothing.

*I’m not going to think about anything to give you a chance to enter in my life, Edward Cullen.* Adam

He knew about me as well. Bella told all of them about us, I guess. Who was he to Bella? Her boyfriend? I felt a wave of jealousy down my spine. I was angry now. No I had to stay calm. She had a full right to have a boyfriend. She should move on. But again I wasn’t sure so I didn’t make any conclusions. English passed that way.

Lunch was finally here. I needed to see my family. As we entered the cafeteria, we saw the family sitting at the end corner beside our table. They all didn’t look at us. As we went to sit on our table, I felt that there was no shield up. I could hear all their thoughts but not Bella’s.

*Great they had to sit beside us. Now I have to think about something that I don’t want to.* Kimberly had an angry face.

*Stupid Cullen’s. I have to make sure I don’t think about something that gives away anything.* Adam

*I can’t believe this! Think about something!* The last male thought. I didn’t know his name.

I couldn’t hear Bella. She was just staring at her food. She didn’t even look up once. My family was all thinking about them but I didn’t bother to hear their thoughts. I was lost in my own. I was listening to the other table but couldn’t get anything. I could hear their normal conversation but they didn’t talk. Then Adam spoke.

“Bella, you there?” He asked.

“Huh???” Bella got out of her train of thoughts. “Yeah, I’m fine.” She smiled. I felt that jealousy again.

The rest of the lunch went in silence. After a while Bella got up.

“Kevin, I’ll meet you at biology class.” Bella told the other male whose name was Kevin. Probably, Kevin Anthony. Not sure.

“Why are you going so early?” *Wonder what’s wrong with her?* Kevin asked.

“I don’t know. I’m bored, I guess. See ya.” Bella started walking.

“Okay” *Weird* Kevin answered. Bella was out of the cafeteria.

Bella had biology with Kevin. I also had biology. This should be interesting. There was ten minutes left. I decided to go early and start talking to Bella. I left the cafeteria and went to my biology class.

I enter the class and saw her sitting. She was sitting beside me. Great. As I walked to me sit I saw her just drawing random stuff on her notebook. She always did that. I moved the chair and sat down. She looked up and we were both staring at each other. She was captured in my eyes. I tried to read her eyes but they were just blank. We didn’t stop staring. She was just so beautiful. Why did I even leave her? She is my life. I don’t how I survived all this time without her. Eventually she broke the eye contact and went back to her notebook.

“Bella, how are you?” I asked. She looked up and answered.

“I’m fine. You?”

“I’m fine as well. I guess.” I surged. “Anything new?”

“Nah.” She answered. “How about you?”


We didn’t talk again. Other students came into the class. I saw Kevin come in and give Bella and me the glares. He took his sit behind us. Bella turned around and smiled at him, again I felt that deep down jealousy.

“How was your rest of lunch?” She asked him.

“Good.” He answered back.

The teacher started the class. And none of us had another chance to talk again. All three of us just kept staring at the teacher. But I was also staring at Bella and Kevin was staring at me. Soon enough later, biology was over.

I walked to Gym and changed. I had gym with Alice. Then I saw Bella enter. She saw us as well. She walked to the teacher to introduce herself and he told her to change. In gym, none of us got a chance to talk. Then gym was over.

We walked to our car and saw the three of them waiting for Bella. Alice told us to follow her. She walked to the three of them and spoke to them.

“Hi. It’s nice to see you guys. We know Bella.” Alice.

“Yes we know about all of you as well. And it’s nice to meet you as well.” Kimberly said.

“You guys can come to our house. I mean we can know each other better.” As Alice spoke Bella came.

“So, I guess you all have met.” We all turned our faces to her.

“Actually, Bella we don’t know them yet.” Alice.

“Why don’t we talk about this outside of school?” Kevin.

“Yes I agree. Is that okay?” Rose said while turning her head to face Bella. Then everyone was facing her even her family. She thought about it for a minute.

“Fine but where are we meeting?” She asked.

“We can meet at your place or our place.” Jasper

“How about our house then Carlisle and Esme can meet you as well?” Emmett.

“Umm… sure. I guess we have to get going. Bye guys.” She turned around to her car. The others followed her. I noticed that throughout the whole conversation, I didn’t talk. We walked to our car and drove away.

Chapter 6 ~ The Talk
Bella’s POV

We reached our house and just went straight to our rooms. We had one hour before we had to go to meet them. I took this moment to think about him. He looked exactly same, of course. He didn’t look happy. I thought he would look happy because he left me because I was just a distraction but he was sad. Why??? Why was he sad? The whole family was sad. Why?

We had five minutes until we had to meet them. I called everyone and rushed to our car. We were going to be late or may be not. Not with my driving. I love speeding. Another thing that changed about me when I turned into a vampire. We reached there in time. We got out and went straight to the door. I was about to ring the bell when Alice came. I should have known that she saw.

“Hey Bella and friends!” She said in a high voice.

“Hey” Kim.

“Hi” Adam.

“Hello” Kevin.

“I guess I’m left. Hi.” I answered. Alice chuckled.

“Come in.” Alice

We entered in and saw all of them waiting for us in the living room. This evening should be very interesting. We went to them. Alice introduced all of them to my family.

“As you already know; Rose, Emmett, Jasper, Edward and myself. These are our parents; Carlisle and Esme.”

“Nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Cullen.” Kim said

“Oh please call me Esme. Nice to meet you too.” Shaking her hand with Kim and the boys.

“And you call me Carlisle.” Stepping up and shaking their hands. “Nice to see you again, Bella.” I smiled back. “We should be sited.” Everyone went and sat down.

“So where do we begin from?” Esme asked.

“I – We believe you have some questions for us?” Adam asked looking at all of them.

“So why don’t you explain yourselves. I mean tell us about what you…” Jasper trailed off.

I knew this had nothing to do with me. Actually it had everything to do with me but I won’t talk about my children until they ask me something. Kevin started to talk. They knew very well about what to tell them.

“Well we are half humans and half vampires. Our mom was human and our dad was a vampire. They loved each other so much but apparently something didn’t work out. My father left my mom. After he left, my mom found out she was pregnant. We are triplets. When my mom gave birth to us, she died. So that’s what we are.” Kevin.

“What’s with your eyes? Are you guy’s vegetarian?” Rosalie asked.

“All of us have different eye color because of our parents. Kim – Kimberly has chocolate brown eyes like our mom did. I have green eyes like our father did. Kevin has grey eyes. We don’t really know why he has them. Maybe because we are half humans. And yes, we are vegetarians. Bella helped us with that.” Adam.

“How do we believe that? I mean we can’t tell because of your eye color. How do you explain yourselves?” Jasper asked again.

“I don’t know. I can’t do anything to make you believe us. We have been here for two weeks so we would be thirsty. We didn’t hunt any human yet.” Kim surged.

“Speaking of hunting, how do you feed yourselves? Since you’re half human.” Emmett.

“We have to hunt and eat food. We hunt twice a month and we eat human food three times a month.” Adam.

“Okay, well what about the other stuff? What about your body?” Edward talked for the first time in the evening.

“About ten percent of human blood runs in our body. We cannot sleep. We have a heartbeat, which runs slower then humans. Our temperature is a little bit colder then humans. Our skin is a little harder than humans.” Kevin.

“Do you shine in the sun?” Alice.

“Well not really, our skin shines but not in a rainbow form, it’s just plain shining. We don’t know why.” Kim.

Everyone was silent. They all were thinking about the information they were provided with. Then Esme spoke.

“How did you guys meet Bella?” Everyone looked at me. Kevin, Adam and Kim looked at me. They didn’t have a story. So I had to make one up.

“I met their mother in Canada. I was there when they were born. After their mother died, I took care of them.” Wow where did that come from? Weird.

“What happened with their father?” Emmett asked me.

“Emmett remember, he left their mother. She was alone when she gave birth to them. I was her friend and she knew I was a vampire. So she didn’t mind me as a friend.” I answered back. I had to admit, I’m better at lying now.

“Who turned you?” Alice asked quietly.

“Laurent.” I answered back normally so they won’t know that I was lying. Seriously, where is this information coming from? I heard everyone gasp. I looked up and saw all of them angry. It was silent for a moment.

“When were you turned into a vampire?” Edward asked in an angry voice.

Why are they making me lie? I hate lying. “After a month you left me, Laurent visited Forks. He was surprised to see me and see your family not being there. He changed me because he was thirsty; apparently we met when he was hunting.” I answered in a soft voice. I saw everyone’s shocking faces. They were all thinking very deeply. I waited silently for them to recover or at least talk to me.

“So after a month we left you were changed. Then when and how did you meet their mother?” Alice.

Please stop making me lie. I can’t even think of a story anymore. “Umm… we just… umm… bump into each other. And she knew that I was a vegetarian vampire so she asked me to help her with her pregnancy. So I did help her.”

“Well the past is past but I believe we have something to apologize for.” Esme said that while looking around to her family. I just stared in confusion.

“Yes, we do.” Carlisle answered her and then turned to me. “We are all so sorry for leaving you, Bella.” Only then I understood what they were talking about. I just stared at them like a dumb ass.

After a long while of silence, I heard Kim sigh. I quickly turned to her. I saw in her eyes that she wanted me to read her mind. I immediately turned my mind reading on.

*Mom what are you going to do?* She kept repeating this in her mind. I took this advantage to read Adam and Kevin’s thoughts as well.

*Mom I know you are reading my mind right now. So what are you going to do? Are you going to forgive them that easily?* Adam was slightly annoyed.

*What are you going to do?* Kevin.

Then I turned my mind reading off and turned back to the Cullens. They all were staring in between me and my family. They all then moved their eyes to Edward for an explanation. They knew we were having a conversation somehow. Edward had the same expression as they did.

“I don’t know what they were talking about. I couldn’t understand. I can’t read any of their minds.” Edward answered their gaze. They all turned to us.

“One of you is a shield but whom?” Jasper asked. My family all turned to face me.

“I’m the shield.” I answered him. Now everyone was looking at me.

“Do you have other powers? And we know all of you are gifted. So what are your powers?” Alice asked. Kim answered her first.

“I can change things into anything I want. I can change people as well. I can change what they are going to do and I can change their faces. I can also return things as they were before.” Kim.

“I can invisible anything and I can invisible myself as well with other people. I can also causes you pain mentally. Something like Jane does in the Volutri.” Adam.

“My power is like Kim’s but it has another advantage, I can change myself as well as other people and things. I can also sense if anything is wrong or if something is going to happen. My last power is to take away someone’s strength.” Kevin.

Now it was my turn.

“I am a mental shield, physical shield, and I could read their thoughts. My mental shield helps me when anyone tries to get something from my head, they can’t, like read my mind. My physical shield helps me when I need to protect myself and anyone else, I can spread the shield very far.” I answered.

They all stared at us. It took them a while to come back from wherever they were. Alice spoke.

“You’re saying you can read their thoughts?”

“Yes but I can turn it off. Mostly I keep it off.” I answered back honestly.

“But why can you only read their thoughts?” Emmett asked.

I immediately froze. I wasn’t supposed to tell them that. I couldn’t tell them that they were my children. Edward and mine. What was I going to tell them? I saw that everyone was staring at me with curiosity but only my family looked at me with worry deep in their eyes. They knew what I was thinking. I unfroze and answered Emmett.

“I don’t know why.” I answered in a soft voice. They all kept on staring at me. Before they could ask anything more, Kevin spoke.

“Umm… Bella we have to go.” I knew he just came up with that but I was so thankful that he saved me. I turned to the Cullens.

“I guess we have to go.”

“Don’t go please.” Alice said in a soft depressed voice.

“Alice, I have to go.”

“Are you going to come back?” Alice.

“Sure. We will meet in school. Right?” I asked.

“Of course.” She came running to me.

After a second, Alice was hugging my tightly. I just stood there. I didn’t hug back, I was still angry. Alice noticed and unwrapped her hands around me. She stared at me with sad eyes. I knew she felt bad about this.

“We better get going.” I told her. I started to walk and my family followed me. Alice came in front of me.

“You explained your part of the story. Now we will like to explain our part of the story. When could we do that?” Alice asked.

I thought about that for a moment. I knew they had something to tell me but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know. I stayed quiet, thinking deeply. I finally answer her.

“We can meet again. Maybe. But not now.”

“How about tomorrow?” Alice asked.

I was thinking again. Did I want to know it that soon? I don’t know. Oh well. Might as well get it done with it.

“Sure tomorrow will be fine. Now if you can excuse us. We really have to go. We do have plans.” Answering her and turning around to the door.

“Bye.” Alice called out to us. We all answered back
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