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All human. What if Bella had lived in Forks since she was a baby with her 2 big brothers Emmet and Jasper and was the towns best singer? What if Edward, Rose and Alice moved in next door?  What if Edward was a womanizer but pretended not to be to get Bella?




Charlie: 38






Carlise: 35






Chapter One:

             I sat on the roof of our house, watching the movers come down the street. A light mist came down, feeling good on my skin. I lye back and close my eyes. I hear a door slam and a sweet girly voice break the days silence.

"If you drop my cloths.... you'll die a horribale death." Threatened a short pixie like girl with black hair that went every way. I smiled at my self, she seems dangerous..for a fairy person.

Another girl stepped out of the Volvo that the pixie came from.

"Calm down Alice! Though if they drop my laptop...kill them." 'Alice' glared at her. Then he stepped out. The guy had bronze hair and pale skin with red cheeks.

"Amazing." I breathed. I smiled.

"BELLA!" Screamed Emmet, my horribly annoying brother. I lost my footing and fell. I was clinging to the gutters. I screamed. The boy looked over and ran as quick as he could over. He jumped over my fence swiftly and stood under me.

"Let-" It was to late to tell me to, I was falling. I perpared for the impact of the cold ground but got soft warm arms instead.

"Nice way to meet some one," The boy laughed. "Hi, I'm Edward." I blushed and looked down.

"Bella." Then my horble timed brothers apeared.

"Whoa nice catch dude, if it wasn't for you, bella would have been a pancake!" Emmet laughed and helped me out of Edward arms. 'Alice' and the other girl ran over.

"Are you okay!" Alice asked, brushing me off like her child.

"Alice back off!" Edward barked, she looked at him and whisper "You too!" I didn't get it at the time.

"Anyways, hi I'm Alice this is Rosalie and I figure you know Edward."

"Yeah. Hi I'm Bella, Emmet and Jasper." I said, pointing to each of them. They waved, well Emmet drooled over Rosalie, and Alice seemed caught up in Jasper. Greeaaat, I thought. Only one with out a boy friend...again!

"Well, um, do guys want any drinks?"

"Sure!" Alice said, "But Edward should go back over, to help the movers." She staired at her and he seemed angry. Okay... strange.

"I think they have it Alice." He walked to my side and I blushed. "Let me help you." Alice shook her head at me but I still said sure. I soon realized it was a bad idea.

*Next will be in Edwards POV!*

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i like it but are the cullens human.. or vampire? :)
human!! :) I wanna know what happens!! Keep writing!!!
as it says at the top, there huans. Thank you both sooooooooo much!
wow thts great keep writing
thank you!
i'll have it up tonight!
thank you and i will
I'm working on it! i just started!
thank you! do you have any stories?


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