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Broken Dreams...Sad story. What if Bella had cancer, would Edward change her?

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Hi everyone! So, I have this idea for a story on top of the other one that I am now writing and I wanted an opinion on whether or not anyone would be interested in it? It may not be a very long story as I have it in my head to possibly go to at least ten or fifteen chapters for it. I do have to strongly imply that this will be a very, very, very sad short story. At times it will be difficult to read. This is for a friend of mine that sadly did not survive her fight with the same thing.

In Memory of,

                                                                Diana Harris


“I'm so sorry Isabella...”

“It's...Bella...just Bella.”

“You should probably have your father here with you. I should have waited to tell you this until you brought your father into this...”

“No...I...won't...hurt him...this...way.” I couldn't think at the moment. That one word was constant inside my head, haunting my every thought. Leukemia. Acute Leukemia.

“I'm sorry Bella, but as your doctor I have to call your father in. You are only seventeen and right now, it appears that you're in shock and cannot make the best decisions. In regards to your father Bella, there is no reason he shouldn't know about this.”

“This will...devastate him. I can't...tell him. I wouldn't even know how.” How do you tell your own parent that you will die before them? I couldn't do it and I knew it. I knew the doctor was right about my shock. I couldn't even form the onset of tears. I couldn't move a muscle and they began to ache from the stiffness. I was very sure that I couldn't blink. How long did I have? How much time did I have to say goodbye to everyone that I held dear to me? How was I supposed to tell them all? How was I supposed to tell...Edward?


Okay so just a small portion, but I thought that might be enough to get an idea if anyone would like to read any further. Please leave a comment and let me know if you would like to otherwise I may go ahead and not go any further. Thanks


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Hey Angel,


Thanks so much. I am going to attempt to write some more tonight. I just got off work. Hope to see you back again.



Awesome story!!!! can't wait to see what happen next....

Thanks Ashley,


I will post as soon as I can. Thanks for reading.



GRR. I just read the second post, and I wish I had time to read more. But I don't :(

I don't know why, but I have thought about this sernerio (I hope I spelt that right) before. If Bella had cancer, what would they do... I can't wait until I have time to read more :D

Oh my goodness! I have no expression in which to say how amazing this is!!!(: Keep writing!

Hi Dallas.


Thank you so much. I love to see new readers come on in and take a look. I am very happy that you liked it. I hope to see come back again.



this story is AWESOME cant wait til you post more

plz keep me updated

Hi Honeste,


Yey, another new reader! I am so happy to welcome you and Dallas to my story. I'm so happy that you liked it. I am writing on my other story right now and hope I can finish that tonight so I can begin with another chapter for this one. Thanks for stopping in and taking a look.


I have a link for my other story on teh first page to this story if you would like to take a look at that one too.


Thanks so much,


Love the story! Can't wait to see what happens next. Please keep me updated! :)

Hi Kali,


Thanks a bunch. I will keep you updated. Thanks for stopping by.







                                                                              Chapter Three

I knew the pain I would cause Edward and the exact moment that I put the fear into him; I wanted to take it away, but I...couldn't. When I first told Edward, I had thought, he's going to hide in the black abyss in his own shock and I wouldn't know how to bring him back from it, but that isn't what happened. Edward stood quickly, not looking at me, instead he ran up to Carlisle and in a low menacing voice, fear overlapping with grief and pain and said,

“The tests are inaccurate. You have to run them again.” Carlisle interrupted Edward to say,

“Edward...son.” Carlisle rested his hands on Edward's shoulders with sorrow for the both us plaguing his features. “I am so...sorry, but the tests are accurate. There is nothing...medically that we can do for her, son.”

Edward looked hard into Carlisle's eyes trying to read any hope that this wasn't true, but found nothing in the way of that hope. He walked away with his fists shining tightly over to the window. Carlisle and Alice and I didn't move an inch. We had to give him time to let the information settle in, but again he wasn't wavering. Edward rested his head forward almost to the point that his chin rested on his chest with a deep sigh, one hand holding himself up against the window and then he spoke so quietly that I almost couldn't hear him correctly.

“This isn't the way it should be. You were supposed to live a long and happy life. Children and a white picket fence...a husband that cherished you always. This...this is unacceptable.” And with that last statement, his other fists went through the thick paned window that once held a beautiful picturesque view of the woods outside, but now only held shards of glass barely hanging on to the frame, the center ripped out just heart. How could I do this to him, why did I tell him? Why didn't I just keep this to myself?

I just sat there horrified by what I had just done to him internally. Edward was falling apart and it was all my...fault. I couldn't stop staring at him. Alice instantly sat next to me and wrapped her arms around me and said,

“Bella, please try to relax. You shouldn't get so worked up. I know it's hard, but you need to save what strength you have left.”

By the time Alice had finished her sentence Edward turned his head to look at me for the first time and I almost dropped my head, not wanting to see the despair in his eyes, but at the same time, I wanted to see him and what I saw was a rage that quickly, like lightening flashing, turned into an apology and then he was there in front of me resting on his knees, his hands with mine.

“You're shaking Bella.” Concern filtered his entire body. I didn't notice that I was shaking, I really didn't. Edward grabbed the afghan and covered me in it as Alice moved off of the couch and Edward took her place. He gently drew his right hand up to my face and caressed my temple and said,

“You're so lovely. You do not deserve this. No one ever said it would be easy, but no one ever said it would be this let go...” Alice shouted loudly before Edward could finish.

“NO! Edward, please just...change her.” Edward in his quick agility stood in front of Alice and was about to say something, but his beautiful form slumped and he slowly made his way back to me and again sat down. My heart rate intensified with the aspiration of what he might say. Edward pulled me to him, wrapping his love around me and then kissed me on my forehead and in a whisper said,

“I'm so sorry Bella, but...I...cannot give you what you want. I love you. I just cannot turn you into...”

“Edward, I'm begging you please. You can't do this. It isn't your decision and your decision alone. Bella has the right to make her own decision. I will do it myself if I have too...”

Again, Edward was in front of Alice, but this time he didn't hold back. They argued while I sat there slowly slipping into disbelief that he said no. He truly didn't want me to be like him, but Alice was right, it was my decision not his. As they argued over it, somehow I found some inner strength and spoke,

“Edward.” He stood solid once he turned to me to see if something was wrong with my health. Everyone was silent waiting to hear what I had to say. “If I chose to be changed...” Edward was fast in his ability to get back to me and interrupt.

“No Bella, you don't know what you're asking...” My turn to interrupt him. “No Edward, this is where you're wrong. If anyone should know what they are asking, it would be me.” I held onto his hands softly and looked into those amber eyes of his with everything that I had and finished, “Edward, I'm dying as I sit here in front of you. I don't have much time left and I certainly don't want what I have left to be listening to the both of you arguing about how my life should end. In the end, it is my decision...I can't believe that I am gifted enough to have a decision still. No one else in my situation would have a decision at all. I just need to know one thing from you right now and that is; if I chose to defy fate and be changed so that I could stay with you always, would you accept my decision? Would you afterward because of my decision or would you accept me?” the question was simple and so should the answer, but instead it posed a raging fiery war inside of him. I could see it in his eyes. I was thinking about going against everything that he believed, this wasn't so simple for him.

“Bella, I will not answer that because it will not happen. I'm sorry. I want you...forever, but...”

I raised my hands to the sides of his perfect face and said, “Then...change me Edward so it can be forever.” I waited...we(Carlisle and Alice and I)waited. I waited so long that I thought I stopped breathing with anticipation and then,

“No, I will not do this to you...”

“So that's it then? We are all just supposed to sit back and watch her diminish until her last breath at the ripe old age of...SEVENTEEN? How could you do this, Edward? You love her...I love her...we all love her.” Alice stood her ground against her brother but I knew it was a loss cause so I intervened slowly. I had to come to terms with his decision and fast.

“Alice...” she smiled at first but then I could see that she saw what I was going to say, but she didn't interrupt me. “Let it go. He will not change his mind and if he truly doesn't want me to be what he is than how can I choose against it with a clear conscious? With the little time I have left, can we please get past this. I don't want to leave this world with everyone fighting and unhappy.” I will be the only one unhappy, I wanted to make sure of that.

I was surprised by what Edward asked next. “Carlisle, how much time does Bella have...left?” His question came with guilt and it showed in his eyes.

“I'm sorry Edward, but it looks as though Bella may have only a month or two, possibly less than that. Her organs are shutting down quickly. The only thing I can do for her is give her medication that will ease her pain...her suffering.” Edward shuttered at the thought of me suffering and Alice must have thought something rudely because Edward's head snapped in her direction and then his face changed into something that I couldn't make out. Alice buried her head as the thought left her when she realized that Edward heard it. Then I knew without either of them speaking a word what just took place, Alice was blaming him for the said...suffering.

Although all of my expectations had deteriorated in a matter of minutes, I had to be strong enough to get through this ordeal one more time. I had to tell my dad, so I stood on shaken knees and proceeded to let everyone know that I had to go home.

“No, Bella, I won't let you leave my sight. You are staying here for the...duration.” Edward said sternly, but he wasn't winning this one.

“Edward, say it as it is, don't use terms to get around it. You meant to say until my last breath. And...I have to go and tell my dad now. I won't tell him that his daughter is dying and then leave him there. I will live what I have left in his house, he deserves that much. I...have to go.”

Edward asked if he could go with me and I told him no. I had to do this alone and my dad didn't need an audience when he broke which I knew he would. I asked that Carlisle take me home instead of Edward or Alice because Carlisle would allow me to just sit in the car and think about how I was going to do this. I didn't need a barrage of questions or verbal abuse being directed towards Edward from Alice or Edward begging me not to do it. I needed to concentrate on my dad and only my dad. Carlisle and I left just shortly after I spoke with Edward.

Why is it when you want a drive to seem to take forever, it usually only seems like a minute or two? Carlisle wished me the best and told me to call him if my dad had any health problems arise such as a heart attack and I agreed. A heart attack? This was going to be...very hard. I stepped out of the car that had a light distinctive smell of rubbing alcohol, no doubt a product from his job at the emergency room and shut the door behind me. I could see the television on from the bay window and the porch light on leading me to the second worst thing that I will ever have to do.

I couldn't fathom what I was about to do and my limbs felt..jerky as if I were freezing and couldn't stop the involuntary reflex. With shaken hands, I twisted the knob open and took a deep, deep breath. I wanted to get in and calm myself before having to destroy my dad's life with one sentence, but he heard me come in as quiet as I tried to be, he heard me.

“Hey Bells, over at the Cullen's huh?” He said as he sat staring at the television. This was going to be much harder than I could have imagined. I needed all of my strength right now to tell him. Edward had his family to help him through this. My dad, only had me and even I would be gone. He would have know one. I had to be strong. I walked into the living room and sat down. I must have been white as a ghost because dad grabbed the remote and turned it off then looking at me confused, mad, worried and said,

“Bells, what happened? Did someone hurt you? You don't look too good Bells. What happened?” his voice already on the verge of hysteria. My god. Maybe I should of had Carlisle wait outside. This was going to...kill him.

“Dad, no one hurt me...”

“Oh good, I swear if that Cullen kid harmed you in any way I...”

“Dad, I wasn't hurt by Edward okay.” Maybe not physically, but emotionally I was.

“Alright then what is wrong, you look like you saw a you look like you are a ghost.”

I sat there contemplating what my next words should be and I came up empty. My mind literally paralyzed itself. He was waiting and I couldn't just sit here and say nothing so I began with, “Dad, there is something I have to tell you and I really need for you to stay in your seat while I tell you okay.”

“Please tell me that you aren't...pregnant, I'll kill him.”

I had to raise my hand in a stop sign sort of gesture to get him to calm down. “Dad, no it isn't that, I wish it were that simple, but it's not.” Oh, how do I say this?

“Okay Bells, now you're scaring me. Come out with it already, would'ya?”


Okay everyone, please let me know what you thought of this chapter. I wanted it to be longer, but this is the way it played out and I thought that this was a good part to stop for now. Thanks so much. D

This is really good Delilah! I'm so glad you let me make a banner for this wonderful story, it's funny you asked me because my friend Dallas Loraine~ recommended this story to me to read literally the day before you asked me to create the banner. ^___^ Any way, please keep updated!


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