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Broken Dreams...Sad story. What if Bella had cancer, would Edward change her?

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Hi everyone! So, I have this idea for a story on top of the other one that I am now writing and I wanted an opinion on whether or not anyone would be interested in it? It may not be a very long story as I have it in my head to possibly go to at least ten or fifteen chapters for it. I do have to strongly imply that this will be a very, very, very sad short story. At times it will be difficult to read. This is for a friend of mine that sadly did not survive her fight with the same thing.

In Memory of,

                                                                Diana Harris


“I'm so sorry Isabella...”

“It's...Bella...just Bella.”

“You should probably have your father here with you. I should have waited to tell you this until you brought your father into this...”

“No...I...won't...hurt him...this...way.” I couldn't think at the moment. That one word was constant inside my head, haunting my every thought. Leukemia. Acute Leukemia.

“I'm sorry Bella, but as your doctor I have to call your father in. You are only seventeen and right now, it appears that you're in shock and cannot make the best decisions. In regards to your father Bella, there is no reason he shouldn't know about this.”

“This will...devastate him. I can't...tell him. I wouldn't even know how.” How do you tell your own parent that you will die before them? I couldn't do it and I knew it. I knew the doctor was right about my shock. I couldn't even form the onset of tears. I couldn't move a muscle and they began to ache from the stiffness. I was very sure that I couldn't blink. How long did I have? How much time did I have to say goodbye to everyone that I held dear to me? How was I supposed to tell them all? How was I supposed to tell...Edward?


Okay so just a small portion, but I thought that might be enough to get an idea if anyone would like to read any further. Please leave a comment and let me know if you would like to otherwise I may go ahead and not go any further. Thanks


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I just started reading this and it is so freaking good! Unbelievably sad but good I am so sad that Edward said no and I am hoping that Charlie can change his mind about changing Bella and I love that he took the news of the Cullens so well. I cant wait till later when I can catch up on the rest of what you have already written. for now I have to get some stuff done. Since reading your stories I am slacking hahaha SO WORTH IT!!! lol Cant wait for more!

Hi Danei,


It is sad. Any news like this is very sad for anyone and I am sure we all would love to have the option that Bella would have. Oh Charlie has a lot to say in this one, lol. To me, I believe Charlie is smart enough to know that something was off with them, so the news really didn't surprise him all that much. LOL do what you need to do. I can wait, but not sure if you can, LOL. Thanks for reading this as well.



You made Charlie cry!  I can feel the genuine emotion in this chapter. Now everything is on the line. Please update as soon as you can.

Yes Seuqnet,


Charlie had to cry in this. Thank you so much...I was so worried that the emotions weren't right. Oh yes everything is on the line. Will Charlie want her to be changes? If so will Edward change her just because Charlie wants him to? Or will Charlie say no to Bella? So mmany different ways this can go. I will update soon.



Liar. You said you were struggling getting this chapter right! It was perfect! But so, so sad. I really hope Bella doesn't die...

Please tell me she doesn't die?

Molz :P

Hi Molly,


I did not lie, LOL. I really was worried if it came out right. Sorry sweetie, I cannot say a word about this story except for...does she or doesn't she? LOL...




Update now!! I must see what Charlie decides and how he deals with things... Man I hope Edward changes her...

Hi Jesse,


I will try and update soon, but I am due to write a chapter for Familiar Strangers, lol. I will write another one to this soon. I promise.



That was so. . . Emotional!! Charlie, I can only imagine how he feels! Hearing that your only daughter is dying, but that she can be saved, only by her vampire boyfriend, whom he didn't trust in the first place! A small decision that can change a whole situation! That was amazing Delilah!

Hi Lauren,


Oh thank you for saying that first, lol. I was worried about that. It would be the worst news a parent could get, but I tried to mix the sadness in with a tiny fragment of hope so we will see how that pans out. You are absolutely right; one tiny thing can change everything. Awe, thanks Lauren.



Can't wait and see what Charlie says... update soon!!!

I know, I Thanks Ashley for reading.




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