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Broken Dreams...Sad story. What if Bella had cancer, would Edward change her?

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Hi everyone! So, I have this idea for a story on top of the other one that I am now writing and I wanted an opinion on whether or not anyone would be interested in it? It may not be a very long story as I have it in my head to possibly go to at least ten or fifteen chapters for it. I do have to strongly imply that this will be a very, very, very sad short story. At times it will be difficult to read. This is for a friend of mine that sadly did not survive her fight with the same thing.

In Memory of,

                                                                Diana Harris


“I'm so sorry Isabella...”

“It's...Bella...just Bella.”

“You should probably have your father here with you. I should have waited to tell you this until you brought your father into this...”

“No...I...won't...hurt him...this...way.” I couldn't think at the moment. That one word was constant inside my head, haunting my every thought. Leukemia. Acute Leukemia.

“I'm sorry Bella, but as your doctor I have to call your father in. You are only seventeen and right now, it appears that you're in shock and cannot make the best decisions. In regards to your father Bella, there is no reason he shouldn't know about this.”

“This will...devastate him. I can't...tell him. I wouldn't even know how.” How do you tell your own parent that you will die before them? I couldn't do it and I knew it. I knew the doctor was right about my shock. I couldn't even form the onset of tears. I couldn't move a muscle and they began to ache from the stiffness. I was very sure that I couldn't blink. How long did I have? How much time did I have to say goodbye to everyone that I held dear to me? How was I supposed to tell them all? How was I supposed to tell...Edward?


Okay so just a small portion, but I thought that might be enough to get an idea if anyone would like to read any further. Please leave a comment and let me know if you would like to otherwise I may go ahead and not go any further. Thanks


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Hi everyone,

Before reading the next chapter, I just wanted everyone to know that it is written in 3rd person which is my very first time ever writing in this way, so please be kind and I hope that you enjoy it. I would love to know what everyone thinks of it written in this manner as opposed to the 1st person.

Thanks D

                                                            Chapter five

Charlie got out of his car and walked up to the door. A nervous expression on his features; fear, hope, they all ran deep in the lines of his face. Carlisle gave the family a stern look as he went to open the door, worried of course of how this conversation would resolve itself. Carlisle motioned for Charlie to come on in as he tried his best to smile for the father of the young girl that he now considered family.

“Hello Charlie, it's nice to see you, what do we owe the pleasure?” Carlisle wasn't sure how to handle this situation.

Charlie lightly grunted knowing that Carlisle knew full well why he was here. He had high hopes that they wouldn't try denying what he knew his daughter had told him. He stood firm by the door, it being his first time there and now knowing exactly what the Cullen's were, he edged on hysteria. His already dark eyes turned into one of madness when directing his attention to the one person that stood in his daughter's way to live long and happy. This being a side of himself that he never could have conjured up on his own. The reason for him showing up at the Cullen house to begin with was for Bella. He set aside his anger for the boy they called Edward so he could get a direct answer himself from them whether or not anyone would perform this strange but comfortable task to save his little girl. Anything to save Bella from dying was his mission and he was taking it very seriously. Carlisle broke the silence and asked if Charlie wanted to sit down and talk.

“Uh, yeah thanks.” Was all Charlie could get out.

Carlisle began. He would rather not see Charlie and Edward go head to head over this, so he intervened.

“Charlie, we know...why you're here and...”

“Good then, maybe someone could tell me exactly why that one will not change her?” A single finger pointing towards Edward.

“I think...” Carlisle began but was cut off by Edward's sullen voice.

“Charlie, I simply do not want to damn her soul for the sake of my own needs.”

“What about Bella's needs? This isn't about you son and you better get that through your head now. I will not leave this house until someone agrees to do this for her. Every one of you consider her family, but no one will do anything because Edward said so. What about what her own father says? Carlisle, please understand this. Bella...she's my baby, my only baby and I can't watch her die, I can't allow it.” Charlie said as his head ached with the thought, shaking it profusely back and forth.

“Charlie, I do understand, but...”

“But what, Carlisle? Please tell me that you don't agree with him?”

“Charlie, from a medical view, I can only say that Bella's heart may not be able to stand the change. You...we, could all lose her if I or any one of us would attempt it.”

“But you're not saying that it can't work, right?”

“Charlie, are you willing to take that chance?”

“If we don't take that chance Carlisle, she will die anyways and Bella and I have discussed it. We both understand the risks and we both accept it. If it fails, Bella and I can both know that we tried the best thing we could.”

“Charlie, why isn't Bella with you now, here?” Alice asked.

“She was tired and wanted to lay down. I told her I was going to the station to finish some paperwork. Bella didn't need to know I came here. When she told me that she was already here, I knew I had to come alone. She's had enough for one day.”

“I think I will call her and make sure she's alright.” Alice said in a whisper.

“Charlie, I can't condemn her to what we are. It isn't natural.” Edward replied straightaway.

Charlie didn't want to hear that especially from the one person he didn't care all that much for. He stood and walked in front of Edward; breathing heavily with anger.

“It's not natural for the person that supposedly loves her to allow her to die. You don't own my daughter and you have no right to choose her destiny.” Vampire or not standing in front of Charlie, he wasn't going down without a fight. His fists rolled tightly, the muscles in his shoulders bearing down almost in a crouch. You could almost see the smoke spewing from his nostrils.

Quickly the fire was out of both of them when Alice's screech brought them to a halt. Everyone feared the worst and all eyes were on her as she stood motionless, staring off into space. Before any member of the Cullen's or Charlie could ask what was wrong; Edward flew out the door and into his car. It was Jasper that asked Alice what was wrong.


The tone of her voice let Charlie know that something was wrong and so he ran out and back into his car by instinct alone to get back to Bella. Carlisle pressed Alice for more information, wondering if he too should leave to go to the Swan's home.

“Carlisle, she can't even scream from the pain in her abdomen because it's so painful. What's wrong with her?” Alice begged with the sorrow written on her face.

Carlisle knew then that he had to get there and relieve as much pain as he could for Bella. Everyone left to meet Edward and Charlie there, not only for Bella, but to stop any difficult situation that would ensue with only the two of them there.


Bella's frail and weakened body lie on the bed. Her breathing labored. She woke from the slight pain in her abdomen, holding onto her stomach to help relieve it, but it was a futile attempt because the pain quickly became unbearable to handle. Bella's eyes bulged in terror of what this was. It hadn't been so strong before. She tried to move off the bed to grab her cell phone off the desk and she ridiculed herself for not having it next to her in the bed knowing that she was alone. Bella couldn't quite make it off the bed standing straight, the pain overwhelmed her body so she gradually and painstakingly walked at a very slow pace hunched over trying to keep her breathing as steady as possible, but it was hard.

Finally Bella was able to reach to the phone. Before it would have taken her only seconds to get to it, but now it took more than five minutes. Bella began dialing the Cullen's house hoping that Carlisle was there, but never got to that point.

Her brain became fuzzy almost like when she stupidly agreed to go to a house party and try her hand at drinking and found out that drinking made her feel the same way she did now. She tried to get back to the bed quickly in fear that she may fall. Her abdomen wouldn't let up though and the sharpness to that pain began to take her breath away so much so that she hadn't realized that she began holding her breath for too long. Blackness began closing in on her and she knew that she didn't have the strength to see enough to dial on the cell phone. She could only hope that Alice had seen this coming and that help was on the way. Soon after that thought, Bella crumbled to her bedroom floor. The pain lessening as she went into a deep dark corner of her mind, her breathing becoming shallow.


Edward pulled up to the Swan house ready to help Bella, but he didn't know what he could do. The one thing that he didn't want to do he knew Bella would beg him for. He knew he could only be there for her even if that meant that it became difficult for everyone around him even Bella. He opened the locked door with just one strong push and ran upstairs into her room only to find her just falling to the floor, but he couldn't catch her in time. Edward's voice escaped him as he ran to pick her up and put her back on her bed.

He didn't know what to do. He did the only thing that had worked in the past; he grabbed both sides of her face and pleaded for her to wake up more than once. He wanted to cry, his eyes showed all the signs of tears wanting to form, but none ever came. Edward heard Charlie pull up and he knew that he would want Edward's spot, but he couldn't perform the simple task of moving at that moment. Charlie came into the room breathing heavily; frantic and demanded to know what was wrong.

“She's fainted, she was having severe pain in her stomach.”

Charlie walked over and told Edward to move, but Edward was knelt beside the bed like a cement block. “I'm not going to ask you again Edward. Move now. You have no right to be here with her. You don't want to save my little girl so leave.”

Edward's last nerve had been reached and he stood...indecisive on whether or not he should raise his voice.

love it make more n fast and keep me updated please !!!

Thanks Isabella, I will update you soon.


cant wait to know what happens :) great writing!

Hi MC,


Thanks, you will soon know what happens. I hope everyone will be interested in how it goes. Thanks for reading.



The tension is so thick and I am hanging out to find out what they are all going to do. Great story telling Delilah. Noone should have to go through this pain and it makes it so sad to know that people do everyday. At least in stories we can make them live happily ever after - I hope that is what you intend Delilah because I don't think my heart will take it if you let Bella die.

Until next chappy.....



Hi Michelle,


I honestly can't say much about whether or not this story will end up with a happy ending or not. I know everyone really wants to know that, but I really cannot say. Oh boy...I better not say much more. Yepp, leaving it at that for now, lol. Love your comments so much. Thanks for reading this story too.



It's gonna end sadly, I just know it. :'(

Hey Jesse,


If I say one way or the other, than no one will want to finish the rest because they know how it ends, so I just don't want to say, lol. It will be okay Jesse, don't be sad.



still really awesome keep updating PLZ PLZ

Hi Bella loves Edward,


thank you for the compliment. Thanks for reading.



amazing as always. This is the best chapter yet, I'm anticipating more!!!


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