The Twilight Saga

When eighteen year old Bella discovers something she could never forgive him for she is forces herself to leave Forks and never return knowing that only living with a cheater would bring her a life of doubt. While Bella takes her daughter Renesmee and moves them both to Mystic Falls she soon wonders will they ever be able to fit into a town that clearly looked more magical than forks did. She soon meets Elena Gilbert a vampire who is in a love triangle with two brothers Stefan and Damon. Bella and Elena start to hang out a lot and become extremely close friends. While Elena soon realizes that she has to choose between both of the brothers. Bella tries to find away to move on from her cheating husband. She soon discovers that her new friends life is now in danger while hunting she over hears some people talking about the whole town being brought to light about the monsters that live there. Bella fears for her daughter Renesmee but also fears for Elena and the Salvatore brothers knowing that she may have to risk everything she tells them and they soon try to put together a plan in which they don't have to suffer. Though the people Bella had heard were already many steps ahead of them all and the plan soon fails. When Renesmee goes missing and does does Stefan. Damon, Elena and Bella soon have to try to come up with a rescue plan the whole town starts to fear for their loved ones. Will Damon and the girls be able to save Renesmee and Stefan before it's too late? Will they be able to save the town before these new people take it over?

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Edward:is this about us????

need a chapter please sounds good 


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