The Twilight Saga

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What if when Edward found out Bella was pregnant, he fled due to fright with the Cullens? What if she only had Jacob, the rest of the wolves, and Tayna, from the coven in Alaska, that had wanted to visit the Cullens but then realized they weren't there, but decided to stay to help Bella?
What if she was the one who turned Bella into a vampire when she needed to be turned after Renesmee was born?
What if Renesmee then got accepted to Hogwarts, but has no idea why? What if there were many secrets that neither Bella nor Renesmee knew about Edward's family and their own?
What if this all had a part of Harry Potter and his secret past as well?
What if Edward was always watching over Nessie and Bella, but was too terrified in what they would do if he came back?
Many secrets are revealed in Broken Hearts, Broken Souls, And Hogwarts to fix it All...

Tell me what u think! Should i write it or just 4get about it?:-)

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write more! i love it!
Please update me
bah!!!! more!:) that was great!

brillant work

Omg you really should write more it's really great <3

I heart it.plzz keep me posted.Best of wishes.


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