The Twilight Saga

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What if when Edward found out Bella was pregnant, he fled due to fright with the Cullens? What if she only had Jacob, the rest of the wolves, and Tayna, from the coven in Alaska, that had wanted to visit the Cullens but then realized they weren't there, but decided to stay to help Bella?
What if she was the one who turned Bella into a vampire when she needed to be turned after Renesmee was born?
What if Renesmee then got accepted to Hogwarts, but has no idea why? What if there were many secrets that neither Bella nor Renesmee knew about Edward's family and their own?
What if this all had a part of Harry Potter and his secret past as well?
What if Edward was always watching over Nessie and Bella, but was too terrified in what they would do if he came back?
Many secrets are revealed in Broken Hearts, Broken Souls, And Hogwarts to fix it All...

Tell me what u think! Should i write it or just 4get about it?:-)

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Plz tell me wut u think about my idea 4 a story, and no lying 2 make me feel better if u don't think it'll b good!

plz comment and tell me wut u think of my idea:-)
i like it!!!
There is already a story about The Cullens, Hogwarts & Harry Potter. It also has Tanya & Jacob - and the rest of the wolf pack............ so maybe it would be better for you to come up with a completely original idea all of your own, rather than do something that's already been done so well by Erica Bailey
there r a lot of hogwarts stories, u no. and i'm not trying to copy anybody.

Chapter 1
Nessie's POV-
I sat next to my mom, totally bored. I mean, come on. what else are ou supposed to do when your best friend werewolf is at a pack meeting and your vampire dad left before you were even born and you vampire mom's so depressed that she barely even talks to you? Ugh, simply the thought of my father made me wanna strangle something. I knew that he would never come back, and even if he tried, he would totally pay the price. I'm five right now, and i look like i'm fifteen. My super fast aging process is so slow now, that i won't look sixteen until i'm six. My mom was ever so desperate for the Cullens, and i was desperate to see her happy again, just not with a monster like Dad.

Tanya is super sweet and usually comes here three times a month. She says that it would be too much work for the whole coven to come and move with us, so we simply stay here.
In the Cullen's house.
The thing is, my mom found a piece of parchment saying that technically, since all the Cullens are gone, this house belongs to her now.

I looked at the magazine my mom was staring at blankly. It was saying something about how some famous person was having an affair and was getting a divorce with her famous husband. Ugh, i hate those stupid rumors.

I got up from the table, and my mom looked up, surprised from the sudden movement. I went towards the kitchen an got some orange juice from the fridge. We had loads of food in our cabinets, closets, and fridge; due to the fact that junk food is really good to me and the wolf pack sometimes comes here to eat.

I gulped some down, and then grabbed a bag of chips and went towards the couch. I would have rather gone hunting, but i only felt comfty hunting with Jake's adorable wolf form right next to me. Most people would think it's downright creepy to have the awesomest best friend as a werewolf, but i think it's even cooler than usual.

I started watching What Not To Wear, but out of nowhere, an owl flew into our house from one of our open windows. He crshed into our wall, and then fell to the floor, unconcious.

My mom and i simply stared, completely startled by the bird, at the owl. Then i notice a piece of parchment was tied to it's leg. I was too frekaed out to untie it from the owl's leg.

Then Jacob burst through the door, and was about to speak, but then he noticed the bird, to, and simply stared.

Finally, Mom said, "What the heck was that?" and walked over towards the bird and took the parchment off his foot.

"It's for you, Nessie," she said, still completely shocked. I got up and snatched the letter out of her hands, Jake right behind me, reading it, too (his head on my shoulder made me feel very comftorable around him) and i began to read.

It said i was invited to Hogwarts, the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
i love it write more soon and keep me updated
thx and i will:-)
awsome!MORE MORE!!
You have got to finish this, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
It's absolutely crazy, Ilove it


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