The Twilight Saga

Takes place a few years after Breaking Dawn.

Bella and Edward are happily together and married with a family. Can this really last forever though? What happens when promises for being loved forever goes wrong?

Sneek peek-
The promise of being able to love you everyday of forever is true to a vampire. What if that promise gets broken? What do you do?
"Mommy, why are we at Grandpa Charlies house?" Renesmee asked.
"I'll tell you later Renesmee...go back to sleep." I said.
I walked up the walk way to charlies house with Renesmee and I's things. I didn't think I would ever have to do this but, I knocked in the door. It was 9 o'clock at night and Charlie answered.
"Dad..." I said dazed "Can we stay here...tonight?" I asked.

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Chapter 5

I woke up early In the morning two days before we were leaving and looked outside the window. My mom still had my old room set up. The only thing that was different was there was a crib. I looked over at Edward who was surprisingly still sleeping. It was also only 6:30 in the morning though which could have something to do about it. I remember being up this early and writing in my journal. I remembered that I forgot it when I left and stopped writing. Then, I thought of something.
My journal should still be here. I looked around and saw that it was still in my closet. I walked out onto the front porch and started reading it. There was a picture of me and my best friend when I was here. Her name was Jennifer. Everyone called her Jenny though. She had curly orange hair and freckles. She also had hazel eyes and was also very pale like me. I rememer her being very quiet and sort-of a bookworm. I can't believe I forgot about her. I feel so stupid for that. Suddenly, I heard someone call my name. I looked up and Jenny was there in a jogging suit.
"Jenny?" I asked.
"Oh my god Bella Swan? You're back!" She squeeled coming to hug me.
"Oh I'm only visiting. I've been here all week. I'm ony here for two more days with my husband and daughter." I explained.
She smiled. "Daughter? Husband?"
"What happened to the Bella who wouldn't even talk to a boy?" She asked giggling.
"She met the right guy." I said smiling. "How about you? Any guy in the picture?"
"Yes." Jenny said. "Hes like a Romeo." she said giggling.
I smiled. "Thats what Edward is like."
"Whats you're daughters name?" Jenny asked.
"Renesmee." I said "Like Renee and Esme mixed together. Esme is Edwards mothers name."
Jenny tilted her head. "Edward sounds familar...I don't know why." She said and looked at her watch. "I have to go acctually because I have to go to work. Why don't you come to my house later tonight? Let's say around 7ish. I live right there on the beach in the yellow house."
"Thats acctually perfect because my mom is taking Renesmee out tonight. She wanted to spoil her more before we leave." I laughed.
"Can I see a picture of her before you leave?" Jenny asked.
"Sure. I'll bring one tonight." I said "I'm sure Edward would want to meet you. He's very curious about what I was like when I lived here."
"Thats perfect because I have pictures and videos!" She said laughed.
I rolled my eyes.
"Okay well I really have to go." Jenny said hugging me. "I'll see you tonight at 7. It's the yellow beach house!" she called while running.
I waved bye and walked back inside. I went to the kitchen and poured some orange juice. I saw Edward come out of the bedroom.
"Good morning, love." He said.
"Good morning." I said and kissed him.
Edward kissed me again and I laughed.
"I love you" Edward said.
"I love you too Edwa-"
I saw my mom walk out and I blushed.
"You're married and happy Bella." She said laughing "Its fine. You guys are too cute."
"Um, mom, are you still taking out Renesmee tonight?" I asked.
"As long as it's alright with you." She said "You two should go out and enjoy yourselves."
"Well, I acctually ran into someone today who wanted to know if Edward and I would like to come over tonight so, I was wondering. It's fine if you take her out. You're a grandma now." I said.
"Well, I'm one good looking grandma." Renee laughed.
I turned to Edward. He wrapped his arms around me. I blushed again and Edward smiled. "How would you like to meet my old best friend Jenny Mr. Curious about Bellas flordia past?"
"I would love that." Edward said laughing.
That night I looked for something to wear. Settled on jeans and a white cami with a light blue, short-sleeve Button up shirt. I also left my hair down. Edward was wearing jeans and a white button up shirt. I bought him some jeans since Alice doesnt like him wearing them. I got a great phone call from her for that. It went along the lines of a threat but, that's Alice. We said bye to Renesmee and I went to the car. Edward put his arm around my waist.
"Why don't we walk?" Edward asked.
"That sounds like a good idea." I said and kissed him. I could feel my heart thumping but, this time, he couldn't hear it. I held his hand and we walked towards Jenny's house. When we got there we went up the white staircase and I knocked on the door. She opened it a few seconds later.
"Bella!" She squeeled and hugged me.
"Hi Jenny!" I said.
"This must be Edward?" Jenny asked.
"Yes." I said "This is my husband, Edward."
Jenny put her hand out. "Its nice to meet you Edward." she said.
"Its nice to meet you too." Edward said.
"Edward, Bella this is my husband, Ryan." Jenny said.
I shook his hand and Edward did the same. "it's nice to meet you." We said.
"Its nice to meet you both." Ryan said.
"Well, come on in!" Jenny said.
We walked in and I looked at her entryway.
"Your house is beautiful!" I commented.
"Thank you." Jenny said. "Ryan designed it."
"This is really nice." Edward said.
"Thank you." Ryan said.
They took us around thier house and Edward and Ryan were really followig us. We went onto a porch over the garage and Edward pointed out the cars to Ryan.
"Want to see them?" Ryan asked excitedly.
"Please." Edward said. He hugged me and left. I laughed.
"Edward loves cars." I said.
"Ryan does too." Jenny said. "He likes piano too?"
"Yes he loves music. He made me a lullaby a while ago." I said.
Jenny and I walked over to the pictures of her and Ryan on thier wedding day.
"You looked beautiful." I said.
Then, I realized something. Her eyes her hazel in the picture. Ryans too. Right now her eyes her greenish. I looked at her.
"Are you....fully human all the time Jenny?" I asked.
"What do you mean?" She asked nervously.
"Youre a half vampire." I said.
"oh Bella you're crazy-"
"Jenny, I'm a vampire too. My daughter is a half vampire and Edward is also full." I explained.
"Youre one of us now too?" Jenny asked excited.
I put my shield out to Edward. "Jenny and Ryan are vampires." I said.
write more asap
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Vamps living in Cool
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i mean wow that was a wallup and mouthful. what is coming next.
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Chapter 9
Ryan and Edward came inside and into the living room.
"So you're a half vampire?" I asked Jenny.
"Yes." She said. "I'm sorry I never told you but as you can tell..."
"I understand but, does Aro know about you?" I asked.
Jenny smiled. "Oh he knows me alright....I'm Aro's name here is Jennifer Layne Smith but, my real name is Jennifer Jane Volturi."
"Why aren't you apart of the Volturi then?" Edward asked.
"I don't like my uncle. I don't agree with him in anything the only law I agree with is don't reveal the secret." Jenny said. "I'll never see him again."
"Do you know Carlisle Cullen?" Edward asked.
"Of course! Who doesn't?" She asked.
"Im Edward Cullen. Carlisle Cullen is my father...well, not rreally but you get the idea I'm sure." Edward said.
Jenny laughed. "Yes I do. That's interesting though to know that my best friend is related to a Cullen....wait married to a Cullen is more like it."
I smiled. "You wanted to see a picture of our daughter right?"
"Oh yes please!" Jenny said.
I took out the picture I had of her, Edward and I and gave it to her and Ryan. They both had shocked looks on their faces.
"She looks exactly like you both..." Ryan said astonished. "Thats not possible. Bella shouldn't be alive!"
"I was very close to dying..." I said.
"Tell us what happened!" Jenny said.
I told them about everything from the time we got to the cullens house to the time I spilt the cup of blood. Then, Edward told the rest.
"That's phenominal." Ryan said "You had a lot of bravery and dedication to have done that in the first place."
"There was." Edward said "It took a lot to change her to."
"Jenny...." I said "Why are you not fully grown and frozen at 18?"
She smiled. "Ryan turned me and I turned into a full vampire."
"Really?" I asked.
Then my phone rang. It was 8:30. "Excuse me." I said and walked outside.
"Hello?" I asked.
"Hi honey." My mom said "Renesmee wanted to call you and say goodnight. Here she is."
"Night night mommy." She said.
"Goodnight baby." I said.
"I want Daddy!" She said.
"Okay one second." I told her.
I walked back into the house. "Edward, Renesmee wants to say goodnight." I said.
Edward took the phone. "Goodnight sweetie." He said. I saw him smile. He handed me the phone.
"Hello?" I asked.
"Hi Bella it's mom." Renee said.
"Hi mom." I laughed.
"Okay, I'll let you get back to you're night. I might be asleep when you get home if not ill see you later. Stay out as long as you like. Renesmee's crib is in my room just in case." She said.
"Thank you mom. Goodnight." I said and hung up. I walked back into the living room and Jenny came up to me.
"Can I talk to you Bella?" she asked.
"Sure." I said.
We went out to the porch and walked outside onto the beach.
"Bella...I'm sorry I lost touch with you. If yoU told me you were dating a Cullen...I wouldve moved up near you. I wouldve told you my secret. You were my best friend Bella. You don't know how happy It makes me to see you with Edward and happy. If anythig ever happens with anything or anyone
know that I'm always here for you Bella. If the volturi ever decide to bother you or anythig call me. I will be there in a flash. You're like a siste to me Bella. I wanted you to know that." Jenny explained.
I hugged her tighty. "Thank you Jenny. I mean the same right back at you. I will always be there for you."
She hugged me back. We went back to her house and Edward and Ryan were on the porch waiting for us. Jenny showed pictures and home videos of us from when I lived here. By time that was all over, it was 11.
"We should probably get going." I said "Tomorrows our last day here."
"It is?" Jenny asked.
"Yes but, next time you should come visit us in Forks. It hardly is ever sunny." I said. "It was really good seeing you."
"You too." Jenny said.
"Goodbye Ryan. Take care of her." I said.
He laughed. "I will. It nice meeting you both."
"You too." Edward and I said.
"It was nice meeting an old piece of human Bella." Edward told Jenny.
"It was nice meeting the new part of her." Jenny said "Goodbye. See you soon."
I took Edwards hand and we started to walk home. We got to the porch and Edward put his arms around me and kissed me. I kissed him back. My heart was thumping unevenly like it used to. I pulled away.
"You can't hear my heart this time but, it feels like when you kissed me before." I said.
Edward smiled and I kissed him again. He pulled away.
"We should probably head inside." He said.
"Probably...but, we don't have to." I said.
Edward smiled and opened the door. "Let's go little teenager." He said.
We walked in and my mom was in the kitchen getting a drink.
"Oh hi you two!" My mom greeted.
I blushed. She couldve heard us. "Hi mom...." I said.
Edward smirked. We went to our room and I looked at Edward.
"Did she hear us?" I asked.
"Yes." He said "And she wants to know why you're so embaressed."
I smiled. "I guess it's kind of silly but, I am."
Edward pecked my lips. "Youre just getting your silly teen thoughts back."
"And you aren't?" I asked.
He laughed. "We are both silly teenagers on the outside and on the inside but there's also that voice that we both listen to that tells us we're adults. But, in the end we're both silly little teenagers on the inside." Edward said.
I kissed him again. "This is why I love you." I said "You always love me no matter what."
Edward put his arms around me. "I always will." He said and kissed me.
write more asap plz!
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